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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ringworm

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/26/04

                    #   # #   #   #   # ##### ####   ###
                    ## ##  # #    #   # #     #   # #   #
                    # # #   #     ##### ####  ####  #   #
                    #   #   #     #   # #     #  #  #   #
                    #   #   #     #   # ##### #   #  ###
A comprehensive guide to the scrolling fighter for the Sega Master System.
By Matthew Stephenson (Ringworm)
Version 1.0, 26 September 2004
Next update: Not sure. If I find the manual for the game, I may include some 
more information, otherwise this will probably be the only version, except for 
possible format changes.

Table of Contents:

See the 5 character code next to each entry below? It's there to make 
navigating this FAQ much simpler. Press CTRL+F together, type the 5 character 
code next to the entry you are looking for, and press enter twice. You'll be at 
the appropriate section. Awesome. This method works in many programs I have 
tested it in, such as Notepad and Microsoft Word. I'm sure it's similar in most 
programs though.  

 1. MHWNV ....... What's New in this Version?
 2. MHLCE ....... Legal Info/ Contact details etc.
 3. MHINT ....... Introduction
 4. MHCON ....... Controls
 5. MHENE ....... Enemies
 6. MHWTH ....... Walkthrough
    6.1. MHLV1 .. Level 1
    6.2. MHLV2 .. Level 2
    6.3. MHLV3 .. Level 3
 7. MHFAQ ....... Frequently Asked Questions
 8. MHCRM ....... Concluding Remarks
 9. MHVEH ....... Version History


   1. What's New in this Version?           (MHWNV)


As this is the initial release, this section is pointless. I'm just adding it, 
as I'm trying to keep my FAQs consistent, and so I remember if there's another 


   2. Legal Info/ Contact details etc.      (MHLCE)


This FAQ is Copyright of Matthew Stephenson (Ringworm), 2004. It can be found 
on the following websites ONLY:


Want to host this FAQ? Found it on another site not listed above? Let me know:


I may let you host it. Ask. The only requirement is you post the ENTIRE FAQ, 
UNEDITED. No changing any of it, and it has to be all there. Try to keep it 
updated as well; the most recent version will always be found at GameFAQs.

of the law. Obviously, you can not make profit from this guide by selling it or 
anything similar. Once again this is illegal. You can make a copy for personal 
usage though if you're that way inclined. I got no problems with that. It's 
your printer ink and paper you are wasting. 

Got a question or got some info you feel should be included? Again the best way 
to contact me is by emailing:


I may take a while to respond, just letting you know. Also, make sure what you 
want to ask is not covered already. Generally, I respond to anybody that needs 
help. If I feel the FAQ makes it perfectly clear, and you just haven't read it 
properly though, I may not. 

IF YOU DO EMAIL ME: Include the game name, or something which makes it obvious 
what it's about. I will NOT read ANY emails with attachments, or ones with no 
subject line.

I'd like to take some time to thank the people that have helped with this 
guide. Firstly, I'd like to thank Coreland and Sega for making the game. The 
webmasters that host this FAQ should get a bit of credit too I guess, as you 
wouldn't be reading this otherwise. Thanks also to the other FAQers on the FAQ 
contributors board at GameFAQs, and especially Masamune3 and Joni Philips for 
running the SMS Completion Project. Without you, I never would have got the 
urge to write this guide. I'd also like to thank you, the reader, for choosing 
this guide, and I hope I helped in some way.

All names, characters, games and related material are Copyright of Coreland, 
1985 and Sega, 1986.


   3. Introduction                          (MHINT)


Firstly, this game is quite tough. I used to own it on the original Master 
System, and couldn't get past level 2. I still find it fairly tough with an 
emulator and multiple save states. Just letting you know.

The story of My Hero is reasonably simple. You are walking in the park with 
your girlfriend when some guy (forgive me, don't have the manual, so can't 
remember his name) kidnaps her. What do you do? Hide in a corner and cry your 
eyes out? That's no fun. You're going to get her back, and have some fun 
beating up numerous enemies along the way. After all, you are her hero, as the 
name suggests.


   4. Controls                              (MHCON)


This game can be played by either one or two people. If you want to play one 
player, start the game with the controller 1 button. If you want to play two 
player, use the start button on controller 2. Simple. You will alternate turns 
- after losing a life, it is the other players turn.

Directional pad: Left/right - move the hero left or right. Down - crouch.

Button 1/Start Button: Press this button, and the hero will do a flying kick.

Button 2: This is a combo button. Pressing this button by itself will make the 
hero punch. Hold down and press button 2 to trip an enemy. Hold up and press 
the button for a high kick.


   5. Enemies                               (MHENE)


There are numerous types of enemy in the game. Some will make you lose a life 
if you touch them, others you can attack for points. They are as follows (in 
order of first appearance):

Thug (500 points): Walks along the ground towards you, and if you don't attack 
in time, he'll punch you. They attack in groups and from both sides, and you 
can easily be surrounded if you aren't careful. The most common enemy.

Thug in building (NA): You'll see them looking out of windows. When you walk 
nearby, they will drop bottles at you.

Bottle (100 points): Thrown vertically downwards from buildings, can knock you 
out if you aren't careful. When attacked by you, they fly horizontally away 
from you, and any enemies hit this way will be sent flying. Enemies are NOT 
normally hurt by falling bottles though.

Knife Thrower (1000 points): Stands in the one spot and throws knives 
horizontally at you. You have to be careful when attacking them, as sometimes 
it will make you lose a life if they have JUST thrown a knife.

Knife (avoid): Thrown horizontally by a knife thrower. Jump over it with button 

Shuriken (avoid): Appears from behind a hedge or wall, and bounces along the 
ground a few times, then rolls. Normally you can jump them, although sometimes 
you need to duck under them.

Bomb (avoid): Thrown from top right of screen, these land on the ground, and 
then explode. Wait for the explosion to completely disappear before continuing 

Fire (avoid): It's a small camp fire, normally in a pit between blocks. They 
are very easy to avoid really.

Flame (avoid): These come from the fires, and go vertically upwards. Generally 
wait for one, then continue on, but they are not that tough to avoid.

Jumping thug (500 points): Identical in appearance to a normal thug, but they 
attack by doing large jumps. Either flying kick them, or just walk underneath 
(sometimes works) to get past.

Bulldogs(500 points each): Trip these (down and button 2 repeatedly) to get 
past. They always appear in a line of four. In later levels, you may need to 
trip the first two and jump the last two, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

Boss (10000 points and an extra life): You fight the boss at the end of each 
level. Hit him 10 times before he hits you 10 times to win.

Pig (avoid): It's a pig, need I say more? Runs at you, just jump over it.

Pig rider (1000 points): Basically a knife thrower standing on a pig. Except 
they don't throw anything.

Cannonball thrower(1000 points): Identical to a knife thrower, except they 
throw cannonballs instead. They can also throw them diagonally if not on the 
same level as you.

Cannonball (avoid): Flies horizontally at you, thrown by cannonball throwers. 
Can fly diagonally.

Moving fires (avoid): Annoying, these have a set space that they will patrol. 
They move left to right, and the ones on top of blocks are tough to avoid. 
Timing is crucial.

Frog (avoid): Jumps and spits a bubble that flies horizontally. Both the bubble 
and the frog will cause you to lose a life if you touch them.

Bubble (avoid): Spat by frogs. See above.

Falling thug (500 points): Identical to normal thugs, except they appear from 
the top of screen.

Cannonball Bouncer (1000 points): Throws cannonballs that bounce. The 
cannonballs bounce a lot higher than the shurikens, and don't lose height.

Bouncing Cannonball (Avoid): Bounces in a reasonably large arc, quite easy to 
avoid, as you can normally walk under them.

Remote Controlled Car (Avoid): Not hard to avoid, but it shoots arrows 
vertically upwards, as well as moving left and right (it follows you over a 
small section of level 3). The arrows are the difficult bit to avoid.

Arrow (Avoid): Shot vertically upwards by remote controlled car. Avoid them or 
try jumping them.

Rock (Avoid): Falls from the sky, then rolls along the ground. Jump them, or 
wait for a gap between rocks.

You will also score points continuously as you move forwards.


   6. Walkthrough                           (MHWTH)


The game involves three levels, repeated. After finishing level 3, level 4 will 
be identical to level 1, just a little bit faster I believe. In each level, you 
will walk through a town section, a park section, then another town. After 
making it there, you will fight the boss on a beach. If you win this, you move 
to the next level.

I'm not sure if this game has an ending, or continues forever. I've made it to 
level 11 so far, and it's still going. I'll let you know if it ever does 
finish, or if the levels just keep repeating.

I only use button 2 for one point in the game, where you need to trip some 
dogs. The rest of the time, I use jumping kicks (button 1) exclusively. The 
other attacks require close range, and are therefore quite useless in 

                       +  6.1. Level 1 (MHLV1)  +

Watch your girlfriend get kidnapped, then it's on with the game. The level 
begins with thugs attacking you, and the occasional thug dropping bottles at 
you. Progress right and when you get to a building by itself, just past 5 trees 
close together, the enemies should stop appearing. Continue right, and you 
should see your first knife thrower, as well as some thugs dropping bottles. 
It's easier than the first part of the level, which is one of the hardest parts 
of all. Once you see the second knife thrower, the thugs reappear. Continue 
onwards until you see a building by itself again (looks remarkably similar to 
where thugs stopped appearing the first time...), and they will stop coming 
(again). One more knife thrower, a few shurikens and you are at the park.

The park section starts with a pyramid of blocks. There is a knife thrower at 
the top, and shurikens bouncing down the side at you. I suggest the following: 
Jump to the first step, and wait for a shuriken to bounce over, jump to the 
second and duck under the next one. Quickly jump and kill the knife thrower, 
and go back to the second top step. Duck under the shuriken and quickly 
continue. Bombs are your next worry, but they are not too tough to avoid. Keep 
walking, and wait for a bomb explosion to completely disappear before 
continuing on. The section with bombs is not very long - when you see the fire 
you know they are about to stop coming. Jump a few fires, avoiding the flames, 
and then you will see a line of four fires. Carefully jump between the blocks 
here to get past, and you are at the end of the park.

At the end of the park, and start of the second town, watch out for the 
shurikens again. As you are jumping them, thugs will start attacking you. This 
section is quite tough, and fairly long. There are a lot of bottle throwers and 
a knife thrower to watch out for, thugs for the first half, and then a new 
enemy - jumping thugs for the second half. The section ends at a building 
similar to where all the thug sections end, except this one isn't on its own. 
Look for two bottle throwers close together in a green building. One bottle 
thrower, and a line of bulldogs to go, then you are up to the boss.

                              Boss fight - Beach.

Get used to this - you'll be doing it fairly frequently. In the middle of 
screen, you will see two bars: TAKE and BOSS. Every hit you (TAKE) score on the 
boss will add a heart icon to the bar. Every hit your opponent gets adds a 
skull to his. The first to 10 icons wins the fight. Again, I just use flying 
kicks, and moving left and right. You shouldn't get hit too often, but if you 
do, the boss can hit you numerous times in a row. It's very easy to win with 

                       +  6.2. Level 2 (MHLV2)  +

The level start identically to level 1 - thugs and bottle throwers, except this 
time there are a few more. It stops once you get past the isolated building 
(again). The next section has pigs (and a few bottle throwers). Just jump them 
and hold right (should be four pigs). A few thugs will attack in the next 
section, just keep going right and attack them when you are about to be hit. 
You'll soon get to the next lot of enemies, I laughed the first time I saw them 
- pig riders. There's about four of these to worry about, and then you are out 
of the town.

In the park, you'll see a row of four fires. Jump to the blocks above them, and 
a cannonball thrower will appear. Time your jumps well, as you need to avoid 
both flames and cannonballs. Once past this section, you will see one of the 
most annoying obstacles of all - moving fires. There are three to avoid, and 
the ones on top of the blocks are VERY tough to avoid in later levels (level 8, 
11 etc). Timing is the key. You will see another pyramid just past the third 
fire. Quickly go onto the first block and duck, or you will be hit by a 
cannonball. As soon as it is past you, kill the first cannonball thrower. 
Another one will appear on the right side of the top step, so be careful. Kill 
him ASAP, and then a third one will appear at the bottom of the pyramid. Wait 
for him to throw a cannonball, jump it and kill him before he can throw a 
second. The next section of the park features two frogs. You'll learn to hate 
these. Wait for a frog to land from its jump then move. When you are in the 
middle of the two frogs, remember that bubbles will come from both directions. 
It can be quite hard to avoid them too.

Finally, you have got through one of the hardest bits of the level. The second 
town section begins with pigs, bottle throwers thugs and jumping thugs. Not too 
tough and it stops once you get to the pizza shop this time. There is a knife 
thrower to avoid, and then two more frogs. These are harder to avoid than the 
ones in the park (especially in later levels). A few jumping thugs later (a 
very short section), a short walk, then you will fight the boss. The strategy 
is identical to the one shown for level 1.

                       +  6.3. Level 3 (MHLV3)  +

The level starts with no enemies attacking you - hooray. Walk forwards a bit 
though, and thugs will start to fall from the sky. Continue forwards and, yah, 
you got it - it starts the same as levels 1 and 2. Once you get to just past 
the building on its own, the enemies stop coming. Walk right and you'll see a 
cannonball bouncer. Keep walking until you are a few steps away, wait for him 
to throw another cannonball and kill him (watch for bottles). Two more frogs 
are your next worry. As soon as you jump the second one, you will be attacked 
by falling thugs (again). This is a fairly short section luckily. Another 
cannonball bouncer, a few bottle throwers and you are up to the park section.

There's a cannonball bouncer to start the park, then frogs. The frogs are quite 
annoying here. You need to time your jump from the top of the blocks (don't 
stop half way or you'll be hit by a bubble!) to land in between the two. You 
may need to drop a level and jump from there to avoid hitting the first frog. 
Time your jump over the second one, avoiding the bubbles, then jump to the top 
of the blocks when you can. At the next pyramid structure, a remote controlled 
car will appear. This follows you for a reasonably long distance. Avoiding the 
arrows it shoots is the tough bit. Once you see the rocks on screen, it'll 
drive off. The rocks have a fixed pattern. They fall down along the edges of 
the gaps, and then roll to the other side. Wait for the one on the left to 
fall, jump to the middle, then jump the right hand rock. Do this for both gaps. 
Be careful in between gaps that the rocks don't hit you, as there is not much 
space to stand there. Back to the second town!

The town starts with falling thugs. These will be around until you get to a 
cannonball bouncer near the pizza shop. You will then be facing jumping thugs 
(and one more cannonball bouncer) until you get to some glass doors near a 
green building. There's good news and bad news with this section. There are no 
bottle throwers, but to make up for it, it's quite tough. You are often 
surrounded by three thugs, and the cannonball bouncers are in annoying 
positions. After this, there is only one more cannonball bouncer to face, and 
then it's time to fight the boss again! Strategy is identical to the other 
times you fought him.


   7. Frequently Asked Questions            (MHFAQ)


None yet. Got a question? Ask me via email, and I'll be glad to help.


   8. Concluding Remarks                    (MHCRM)


This is not really the easiest style of game to write a FAQ for so it's 
probably not the best FAQ I've ever written. I'm sure it's good enough that you 
can follow it, and I'm reasonably happy with the end result.

I was never very good at this game as a kid, I guess the fact I was maybe 9 
years old when playing it had something to do with it. I enjoyed it though, and 
it was one of my first choices of games to write a FAQ for, on this system.

If anybody can confirm the game does have an ending, let me know how many 
levels there are in the game. I know there are at least 11 levels anyway. 

I hope this FAQ was of some help to you. It's doubtful more than 10 people will 
ever read it, but I still think it was worth the effort. I'm sure somebody will 
find something useful in this document one day.


   9. Version History                       (MHVEH)


1.0 (26/9/04): Initial Release. Complete. Probably the final update.

Copyright Matthew Stephenson (Ringworm) 2004.

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