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Guide and Walkthrough by CardigansFan

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/15/2006

___     ___  _                       _
|  \   /  | |_|  _  _   __/\   ___  | |  ___
|   \_/   |  _  | |/ | / _  | | __| | | | __|
| |\   /| | | | | |_/ | |_| | | |_  | | | __|
|_| \_/ |_| |_| |_|    \/ \_| |___| |_| |___|
__         __   _/\   _  _   _  _ |_|  ___   _  _  ____
\ \  ___  / / / _  | | |/ | | |/ | _  | _ | | |/ || ___|
 \ \/ _ \/ / | |_| | | |_/  | |_/ | | ||_|| | |_/ |___ |
  \__/ \__/   \/ \_| |_|    |_|   |_| |___| |_|   |____|

Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord
Sega Master System
Version 1.01
by CardigansFan

  /~/ * * * * * * * *|_|* * * 
 /~/Table of Contents\ \______
/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ \~~~~~
-----------------------\ \----

1. Copyright
2. Version History
3. Introduction
4. Controls
5. Gameplay/Plot
6. Walkthrough
7. Items
8. Weapons
9. Your Party and the Bestiary
10. Hints and Tips
11. Credits
12. Contact/Random Stuff

1. Copyright

This FAQ is Copyright 2006 by CardigansFan

This FAQ may only be posted anywhere else if none of the FAQ is altered and all
credit is given to the creator of the FAQ and GameFAQs for posting the FAQ.
This FAQ may not be used for profit or for posting without giving credit to the
creator of the FAQ.

2. Version History

Most chances are that this FAQ won't be changed unless I find something new
in the game or somebody e-mails me to change something because it is wrong
or add something I don't have

1.0 - First, full version of the FAQ
1.01 - Added some stuff in Hints/Tips section, corrected 1 spelling mistake.

3. Introduction

Well, this is my 2nd real FAQ (my two Worms FAQs are basically the same because
the games are 99.9% identical), and I'm typing it because I saw this on the FAQ
Bounty list, and after playing it a while, I liked it, so I started writing
a FAQ. So here it is. A lot of the information can be found the instruction
booklet for the game, but many things are missing, such as the walkthrough
and bestiary, and I am here to fill that in. Hope you enjoy my walkthrough.

4. Controls

The controls are very simple;

-Moves white map square north, south east or west.
-Moves menu selection cursor up or down.

Button 1: 
-To enter or leave a menu, to delete selection or to leave a village or town.

Button 2: 
-To confirm menu item selection.

5. Gameplay/Plot

Here the gist of the plot (taken straight from the game instructions):


"If thou be strong and noble, a mighty quest awaits thee! After a millennium
of peace, the Dark Lord Terarin hast freed herself and stolen the Golden Seal,
opening Pandora's Passage to the evil dimension. Now, hoards of fearsome
monsters roam the land. Come! Follow in the footsteps of the mighty Iason and
defeat the Dark Lord. Only you, the Miracle Warrior, can retrun the Seal to
its rightful place.

The Legend of Iason

Long ago in a land of swords and sorcery, a stumbling sheperd lad named Iason
unknowingly opened the Pandora Passage. Through this gateway all manner of
evil creatures were let loose upon the Five Lands under the claws of the
Dark Lord Terarin. As Iason grew into a man, he watched Terarin's nightmare
army devastate the Five Lands. Since it was he who had unleashed this evil, he
took a vow to defeat Terarin and restore peace to his world.Iason trained with
the White Monks, learning the ways of the King's sword... and the magical
dangers of Terarin's evil hoard. To help him on his quest, the monks gave him
magical arms and armor. After a long and valiant battle, Iason defeated
Terarin and drove her into another dimension. Then, his armor glowing gold,
Iason resealed the Pandora Passage. The people of the Five Lands made him a 
legend. Before he went back to the life of a sheperd, Iason made a prophecy
that one day Terarin would return, and that four brave warriors would awake
to meet her evil challenge!

Art Thou The Miracle Warrior?

There was a time not long ago when Terarin escaped from her entrapment and, 
with a howl of rage that shook the world, once again unleashed her terror 
upon the land. You watched the Five Lands suffer under her ruthless campaign
of evil as you wandered from country to country. Then, one fine, cloudless
day, you wanderings led you to a castle...where you learned of your true
destiny. The blood of Iason flowed in your veins. But were you the one fated
to bring an end to Terarin's evil? Only time would tell as you learned
the ways of magic and the sword!"


Basically, you have to roam the world finding 3 friends while fighting enemies,
talking to people, getting items, and eventually,
killing the Dark Lord Terarin. Sounds easy, right? Right, because the game is
somewhat short (considering it was one of the first RPG's in America)
and easy to understand and beat. I won't go into much detail because most
of the stuff in the game is self-explanatory, and everything can be found
in the instruction booklet.

For easy training in the beginning, just kill Evil Merchants mainly. They are
easy to kill and provide 2000 guilders, and after a couple of kills, you can
full arm your main character and buy some herbs too.

And also, don't sell fangs unless you are in dire need of money, because you
will need them later to buy more important items.

Don't try to battle liphants at the early stages of the game. The sacred nuts
may be tempting, but if you do win, it will most likely be a pyrrhic victory.

6. Walkthrough

Finally, the part we've all been waiting for - the walkthrough. At each town,
you should (but don't have to) to raise your character(s) up
1-2 levels (unless it is just directions on how to get somewhere), and the more
experience the better. Don't run from battles unless you really have to or
you know the monster you're facing is too strong. In the beginning, just go to
Garia and train around there, and once you have less than half HP, just get
healed. You can probably manage to kill 2 enemies at a time at this rate,
at least in the beginning.

You start off in Arasia, and King of Arukas (in the castle in the starting
square on the map) sends you to begin your quest. You must go to Garia, which
is south of the start point.

Once at Garia, you will be told about a person named Kosama in the northern

Now go northwest to the Austrel province, cross the bridge,
and Kosama's village will be northwest of the bridge.

Kosama will tell you about the Legendary Armor, and the three companions that
must accompany you to the Gelkis Shrine to complete your quest. He gives
you the spell "Awake, Giant" to make the companions party members (when you
find them). Now you must find your first companion, Guy.

Head southeast now until you find another bridge. After crossing it, go south
again, slightly east. You will find yourself in the town of Oruk. This is the
best place to train. Once you get 12,000 guilders, buy the blacksmith, and then
start buying arms from there on. Once you have a sword, armor, a shield,
5 herbs, and the mask, you are ready to head on.

Also, if you should have 300 fangs. South of Oruk is Marula castle, and the king
offers Iris' Axe for 300 fangs, just for you. And for 60,000 guilders,
there is a blacksmith that will upgrade your weapon, and he is located south
in Hierax, before the desert.

[Sidequest 1]

[Sidequest 2]

Go north, the west until the Penteus Mountians, then south of the Kokalos
Forest, and west to the town of Kadia. In the healer's shop, you will find
your target: Guy. Choose "SPELL" and use "Awake, Giant", and he will join you
quest. He will also give you a piece of Iason's Scroll.

From here, go northwest in the Dirke Mountians to reach the castle of
Apheidas. The Apheidan king will present Guy with Turo's Sword for 300 fangs.
From there, go back to the blacksmith in Hierax to updgrade Guy's weapon.

Now you must get the Armor of Kronos to enlist Medi. Go back to Oruk, but now
head west and north between Minos and Menos (towns) to the western shore of
Kallipolis. Go in the cavern and beat Senpi, who won't be that easy.

Now return back to Kadia and head east and south to the Kolalos Forest. Here
you will fight the skeleton to gain passage to the south.

After you beat him, go south to the region of Kadmos. In the center of the
region, there will be a small town where you can purchase the Argo ship for
30,000 guilders.

Now head south to the region of Eratos to the town of Torif. Not much to
do here but heal and stock up on herbs.

Go south across the river to the village of Karme, where you can buy
a Staff of Earthquakes for 10,000 guilders.

Then go east across the desert to the town of Doris. Medi will be a dancer
at a pub in the town. Use the "Awake, Giant" spell again, and she will
become a party member and give you another piece of Iason's scroll. She
also tells you about Treo, the 3rd and last companion.

Now go west of Torif to the southern tip of the Molos forest, and the
King of Elatos will give Eros' Sword to Medi for 300 fangs.

Go north of the town where you bought Argo, fight the Senpi in the mountain
cave, and you will get the Armor of Titan.

[Sidequest 3]

From Silvuis, go northeast to the Phrixos Mountains. In the cave here, there
will be another Senpi, guarding the Armor of Athena.

Go southeast to the island of Ikaros and go find Hanj in the cave. He is
guarding the Ulysses Shield. From here you can go to the village of
Iphis and buy Stones of Protection for 50 fangs/piece.

Go northwest until you find a island cave. Find Treo in the cave and use
"Awake, Giant" to lift his curse, get him in your party, and get the
last part of the scroll.

North from the island cave towards Arukas, on the northern tip of the
Eratos Mountains, you will find the Iphis Monument. Use "Treo Has Come"
to gain entry. Inside is the Halberd of Babel, the Armor of Kaos, the
Shield of Kimaira, (all for Treo), and some Sacred Nuts.

Go to Garia, then west to mountain cave of Koryki to get the Shield of
Celene for Medi, guarded by a Hanj.

Go west to the blacksmith in Hierax to upgrade the weapons.

Go north to a cave with the Shield of Hector, also guarded by a Hanj.

Go west to the island village, where Treo will get the Agronaut for free
to cross the Stormy Seas of Anteia.

On the seas, you will encounter Sea Dragons that drop resurrection potions

Once land is reached, go in the center and look for the plains Tegea.

From there, you can go north in the Kithairon Desert and buy a white orb
for 1000 fangs.

Then go back to Tegea. Go 8 spaces south. Then 8 spaces west. Then 5 spaces
north. Then finally 3 spaces west to get to a monument where you fight a

Now go back to Tegea. Go 16 spaces south. Search and you will find Rokhod's
Catacombs. Use "Come, Iason" to enter. You will get the Key of Heaven after
killing Rokhod.

Now go back to Tegea. Go 6 spaces south. Then go 16 spaces west. You will
arrive at Sehod's Catacombs, and after killing Sehod, you will get the Key
of Earth.

Go back to Tegea. Go 16 spaces south. Then go 16 spaces west. Then go 10
spaces north. You will arrive at Ohod's Catacombs, and you will get the Key
of Hell after killing Ohod.

Go back to Tegea. Go 16 spaces south. Then go 16 spaces west. Then go 10
spaces north. Finally, go 6 spaces west. You will arrive at the Gelkis
Monument. After the maze here, you will be in Terarin's Lair, to battle
the final boss. Everybody should be at very high levels (if not max) with
these items:

-11 Sacred nuts
-3 to 6 Stones of Protection
-3 to 4 Staffs of Earthquakes
-1 White Sphere
-3 Potions of Resurrection

Just use up all of the items, strongest first, and use the potions only
when you are in dire need. You will probably end up with 1 or 2 of your
characters dead by the end, unless you didn't pack items before or 
didn't level up enough. If you do beat her, then enjoy the ending.

Sidequests (mainly just optional items, but will help you a lot):

1. The best place to get sacred nuts is in the forests by Oruk.

2. At the Julus Monument, east of Marula Castle, you can get 100 fangs
and the helm.

3. South of Eratos, in the northern part of the desert, you can get the mantle
and crystal (hidden in one of the walls) in the Silvuis Monument.


7. Items

Here is a list of the items and their uses:
(the max # is how many you can carry)

Boat - One is used for regular seas, and the other, later found, is used
        to cross the Sea of Areos

Crystal - Same as mask, but lets you see even further, and requires Helm

Feather - Teleport to town where you have purchased feather

Helm - Decipher unreadble writing in caves

Herbs - Restore health (max 24)

Mantle - Most weak monsters won't bother you.

Mask of Beasts - See further in the underground passages

Potion of Resurrection - Replenishes all health of one character, but the 
			 item can revive dead characters (max 3)
			 Dropped randomly by Sea Dragons

Sacred Nuts - Can be thrown at enemies to damage them (max 11)

Scroll - Assembled as you collect companions, you can follow the directions
         written on it

Staff of Earthquakes - Causes damage to enemies (max 4)
		       Found in village of Karme

Stone of Protection - Most of the time, stops enemy spells (max 6)
		      Found in village of Iphis

The Key of Earth - required to beat game

The Key of Heaven - same as above

The Key of Hell - same as above

Weaponsmith - Weapons are in constant repair

White Sphere - More powerful item than Staff of Earthquakes (max 1)

8. Weapons

Here is a list of the weapons in the game. ATTACK is how much higher the
character's attack strength will be by equipping this. DEFENSE is how much
higher the character's defense strength will be by equiping this. Damage is how
much damage it can take before it breaks.

Knife                  +1                0          50       All
Armor                   0               +5          80       All
Shield                  0               +5          60       All
Sword                  +3                0          70       All

Iris' Axe              +6                0          90       You
Kronos Armor            0              +10         100       You 
Ulysses Shield          0              +10         100       You

Turo's Sword           +6                0          90       Guy 
Armor Of Titan          0              +10         100       Guy 
Shield Of Hector        0              +10         100       Guy 

Eros' Sword            +6                0          90      Medi 
Armor Of Athena         0              +10         100      Medi 
Shield Of Celene        0              +10         100      Medi 

Halberd Of Babel       +6                0          90      Treo 
Armor Of Kaos           0              +10         100      Treo 
Shield Of Kimaira       0              +10         100      Treo 

9. Your party and the Bestiary

Here is a list of characters and enemies you will find in the game.

MAIN PARTY: (quotes from instruction booklet)

You (the main character) - "Thou art the leader of this quest. Your vow is to
defeat Terarin and use Golden Seal to close the Pandora Passage...as Iason
did over a millenium ago."

Guy (1st character found) - "He is the first of thy companions. A brave and
hearty fighter, curses will fail when he wields a special blade. Learn a spell
and wake him from a long slumber."

Medi (2nd character found) - "The legendary woman warrior. She can spear
through the enemy in a CRUSHING ATTACK with grace and speed beyond
compare...when she possesses a certain weapon. Awaken her from slumber
across the seas."

Treo (3rd and last character found) - "A fearsome pikeman with the blood of
pirates in his veins. A duel with the black monks brought him to his fate.
Search for him in the deep, dark caverns, and...take care which
beasts you slay!"


Blacksmith - Repair weapons to their maximum use. For 12,000 guilders, you can
buy one that will go with you and automatically repair your weapons for free.

Elder - Gives advice on what to do in quest for 500 guilders.

Fang Merchant - Offers 50 guilders/fang. Remember that some items can only be
                bought with fangs.

Healer - Refills health for price. Sells 5 herbs for 2000 guilders.

King - Offers advice and sells Iason's Arms of Legend for 300 fangs/piece.

Kosama - Tells you about three companions and Scroll of Iason, and teaches
         You "Awake, Giant" to make the three companions yours. Located
         northwest of Oruk.

Medi (Dancer) - If you have the Armor of Kronos, use "Awake, Giant" on her
                and she will become Medi and join your party. Located
                in town of Doris.

Ship Merchant - Sells the ship "Argo" for 30,000 guilders. Located south of
                skeleton guardian in woods southwest of Oruk.

Ship Owner - Gives you the ship "Argonaut" once you have Treo is
             in your party. Located in middle of bay in far northwest
             part of the Five Lands, in center of desert.

Staff Merchant - Sells Staff of Earthquakes for 10,000 guilders/piece. Loacted
                 south and west of Torif.

Stone Merchant - Sells Stone of Protection for 50 fangs/piece. Located
                 north and east of Doris.

Treo (Zombie) - Use "Awake, Giant" on him to turn him back to normal and
                join your party.

Sphere Merchant - Sells White Spheres at 1000 fangs/piece. Located in desert
                  northwest of Tegea.

Weapon Merchant - Sells knives, swords, armor, and shields.

(* mean that you can talk to them)
(the numbers are what you get after killing the said enemy/ally)
(magic means that the enemy/ally can use magic)

Abzal = 46 fangs, 45 charisma

Agama = Magic, 5000 guilders, 34 fangs, 35 charisma

Azitot = 52 fangs, 50 charisma

Barbeela = Easy to kill, 28 fangs, 50 charisma

Basailz = 1000 charisma

Barune = 50 fangs, 50 charisma

Beastie = 8 fangs, 20 charisma

Black Monk* = 200 charisma

Bokrag = 2 fangs, 30 charisma

Cavern Mantis = 16 fangs, 20 charisma

Chatagua = 25 fangs, 35 charisma

Crawler = 30 fangs, 40 charisma

Dagon = 20 fangs, 30 charisma

Desert Mammoth = 35 fangs, 80 charisma

Desert Wanderer Magic, 60 fangs, 50 charisma

Desert Worm = Magic, 25 fangs, 60 charisma

Esgara = 3000 guilders, 20 fangs, 25 charisma

Evil Merchant* = 2000 guilders, 10 charisma

Ganatow = 38 fangs, 35 charisma

Gamira = 16 fangs, 30 charisma

Gelfis = 3 fangs, 5 charisma

Giant Lobster = 58 fangs, 50 charisma

Giant Snail = 6 fangs, 20 charisma

Gijim = 32 fangs, 90 charisma

Gizaila = 1 fang, 15 charisma

Great Lion = 3000 guilders, 5 fangs, 15 charisma

Gurol = 6000 guilders, 24 fangs, 25 charisma

Hard-shelled Bidz = 28 fangs, 30 charisma

Heap = 2 fangs, 40 charisma

Hanj = Boss, reward is whatever it guards, -1000 charisma

Heash = 8 fangs, -100 charisma

Hirias = 35 fangs, 45 charisma

Hydra = 3000 guilders, 40 fangs, 40 charisma

Inutas = 15 fangs, 40 charisma

Itak = 18 fangs, 25 charisma

Jaral = 25 fangs, 50 charisma

Kinsai = 45 fangs, 45 charisma

Kokin = 8000 guilders, 25 fangs, 25 charisma

Kyosen = 14 fangs, 30 charisma

Ladour = Magic, 40 fangs, 70 charisma

Liphant = Found in Arukas and Marula forests, give you Sacred Nuts
          for killing them

Merchant* = 1500 guilders, -80 charisma

Mesmer = Magic, 6000 guilders, 4 fangs, 50 charisma

Mordow = 4000 guilders, 42 fangs, 50 charisma

Nag = 20 fangs, 30 charisma

Noguda = 8000 guilders, -1000 charisma

Ogek = 32 fangs, 30 charisma

Ohod = Boss, The Key of Hell, 58 fangs, -1000 charisma

Orin = 8 fangs, 15 charisma

Rohay = 38 fangs, 60 charisma

Rokenk = 4 fangs, 10 charisma

Rokhod = Boss, The Key of Heaven, -1000 charisma

Roksaig = Magic, 80 fangs, 40 charisma

Ruogek = 48 fangs, 45 charisma

Sea Dragon = Magic, 56 fangs, -100 charisma, sometimes gives
             Potion of Resurrection for killing it

Sea Serpent = Magic, 52 fangs, 70 charisma

Sehod = Boss, The Key of Earth, 54 fangs, -1000 charisma

Sekisaig = 6 fangs, 15 charisma

Senpi = Boss, reward is whatever it guards, -500 charisma

Sesaig = Magic, 20 fangs, 25 charisma

Skeleton = Boss (and later a normal enemy), 4 fangs, 100 charisma

Smag = 14 fangs, 20 charisma

Snatcher = Magic, 18 fangs, 10 charisma

Terarin = Final boss, final battle of game

Theif* = 300 guilders, 5 charisma

Traveler* = 500 guilders, -500 charisma

Tzuar = 10 fangs, 15 charisma

Unmutak = 100 guilders, 1 fang, 5 charisma

Vome = Magic, 4000 guilders, 45 fangs, 40 charisma

Weasly Wimp = 2 fangs, 10 charisma

White Monk* = -5000 charisma

Ybe = 20 fangs, 35 charisma

Yojuho = 25 fangs, 30 charisma

Yoriksen = 16 fangs, 20 charisma

Zirod = 4 fangs, 10 charisma

Zorgamoira = 30 fangs, 35 charisma

10. Hints and Tips

-Write down the hints and advice people give you in the game
-Use my maps of the dungeons to save time/energy
-Save often
-Use magic items when fighting strong items
-Retreat can sometimes be better than fighting
-Mark places on the world that aren't on the map
-Value your charisma, for it will come in handy eventually
-Train your characters and much as you can
-Use and collect Sacred Nuts often for quick experience for all characters
-To get a lot of experience, you can battle a monk, but right before you kill
him, use "Talk", and the battle should end (sometimes even with a healing),
and you should have gotten a lot of experience without losing charisma.

Get more potions/sacred nuts:
-To get 11 sacred nuts, get nine from a liphant, then use one, and then you
will be able to get 11, the max.
-To get 24 potions, buy 20, then use one, and then buy 5 more, and you should
have 24, the max.

11. Credits

-Kogado, Ascii, and Sega for creating the game and informative instruction book.

-The Miracle Warriors Shrine, for filling in some of the bestiary for me,
along with some region/village/city names.

-Tim Rowe, for giving me the tip to put in the sacred nut/potion maxing.

-GameFaqs, for the FAQ Bounty that gave me the urge to buy this awesome game
and write a walkthrough for it, and for letting me post it on their website
for others to learn how to beat the game.

12. Contact/Random Stuff

If you have any suggestions on how to write FAQs better, any questions you
still may have, or any cheats or anything I may have missed in this FAQ,
then send me a private message.

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