Review by Damon Plus

Reviewed: 11/11/03

Best puzzle game in the system!

When I saw this game in a flea market I didn´t want to lost the opportunity to play one of the greatest puzzles of all time on the SMS, so I bought it. I played another versions of the game (Genesis, Lynx), but I didn´t know this version was so GOOD!

Well, you have to save the Lemmings, adorable but stupid creatures that walk on the fire or drop like rocks in pools of water. You are like a God that helps them to dig, build and make another tasks to reach his way to the safety. At least is not your ''Save the Earth'' plot.

Graphics 8/10
Lemmings has very good graphics. You won´t find great effects, but you can see clearly what is every thing on the screen, and sure that sometimes you´ll laugh at a Lemming that is falling off a cliff or exploding. Most part of the screens will repeat themselves, but I won´t complain for it, because there´s enough variety to keep you interested in the game. There´s little or no slowdown, even with 20 Lemmings on the screen.

Audio 9/10
Very catchy songs! Although there are only about 8 songs, they are very well composed and fit perfectly with the game. Sometimes you´ll even start to humming them! About the sound effects... they are perfect!
They are only a few, but are all perfect. The best effect in the game, without a doubt is the ''Oh,no!'' the Lemmings do when they are about to explode. It´s hilarious, and you´ll love to hear it!

Gameplay 10/10
This is where the game really shines. You must know how to play Lemmings because it was released in every home system, but anyway I´ll try to explain it. The screen is divided in two parts: the scenery and the controls (black screen on the bottom). In the main/scenery screen are two doors: One will start to let go a number of Lemmings (between 2 and 20) and you must guide them to the other door(the exit door), that normally will be on the other side of the screen (or maybe hidden) before the timer runs out.You don´t need to save them all, the game gives you a number to be saved. To do that, you have 8 ''works'' on the control panel (climb, an umbrella-parachute, an explosion, a stop, a bridge, and different digs:horizontally, diagonally and downwards) to use on the Lemmings. If a wall stops Lemmings for getting home, you can use the dig order to make a hole to pass through. If there´s a hole on the ground, you can build a bridge to pass safely to the other side.If you get stuck you can blow all your lemmings at once with an icon and restart the level. It may seem difficult and boring, but it´s not. There are 120 levels to complete each increasing the difficulty a bit. In the first 10 levels or so, you´ll learn how to use the controls and the works, but soon the levels will be more and more difficult,giving you less time and less works to use until you start to think that some levels are impossible. You can save your progress with the password system.

Fun Factor 10/10
This game is VERY addictive. Once you learn the controls (and that will take little time) you won´t stop until you finish the game.You will be playing a level saying yourself: this will be the last level before I go to bed, but you´ll stay 2 or 3 levels more to see only how are they. If you find a difficult level, you´ll be thinking how to solve it even after turning the power off, and when you finally find the way to solve it, you´ll feel happy.This is maybe one of the most fun games on the system

Replayability 10/10
Puzzle game+ 120 levels= Lots of replayability... This game will last for ages, and when you finish it, you won´t remember how to solve all the levels, so you´ll continue coming back for more. You can also play your favorite levels with the password system.

Overall rating 10/10
One of the best puzzles in the system, if not the best. Good graphics and sounds, an easy gameplay, lots of fun and an high replayability make this game worth all the search you can do to get it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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