• Level Select

    At the Sega logo, hold down 1 and 2 and rotate the D-Pad in an clockwise direction, in a circle about 20 times. You will hear a bell if you have done this correctly. After selecting the difficulty level, press left or right to select the level you wish to start on and press 2 to confirm.

    Contributed By: Crazyreyn.

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  • Fun Difficulty Passwords

    Enter these passwords to skip ahead to the desired level.

    Level 10VKVLWMZS
    Level 11FLXPGGGG
    Level 12GFECXPGF
    Level 13DZSEJSFK
    Level 14UIQAABCE
    Level 15JSEJTGMY
    Level 16QABDGNBU
    Level 17IRCEIQAA
    Level 18BCFLWMZT
    Level 19GMZSFLWM
    Level 2TGNBVLWM
    Level 20ZSEIRCFK
    Level 21UJSFKVKU
    Level 22JSEJSEIR
    Level 23DGNCWMYR
    Level 24DHPFDYQA
    Level 25AABDHODY
    Level 26QBDHPGFE
    Level 27CXODYQBD
    Level 28HPGGFECX
    Level 29ODZSEJTH
    Level 3ZTGNBUIQ
    Level 30PFECXODY
    Level 4BDGMZSEJ
    Level 5TGMZSFKU
    Level 6JSFKVLWN
    Level 7BUIQBCFK
    Level 8UJTGMYRD
    Level 9HODYRCFK

    Contributed By: AWing Pilot.

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  • Tricky, Taxing, and Mayhem Difficulty Passwords

    The following are passwords to skip to specific levels at either the "Tricky," "Taxing," or "Mayhem" difficulty.

    "Mayhem" Level 01GGFDYQBC
    "Mayhem" Level 02FLWNCXPG
    "Mayhem" Level 03FECWMYRD
    "Mayhem" Level 04HOEBVKUI
    "Mayhem" Level 05QBCEJSEI
    "Mayhem" Level 06RDHPGGFE
    "Mayhem" Level 07CXOEBVKU
    "Mayhem" Level 08IQABDHPF
    "Mayhem" Level 09DYRCEJTG
    "Mayhem" Level 10NCXOEBUJ
    "Mayhem" Level 11THOECXPF
    "Mayhem" Level 12DYRCEIRD
    "Mayhem" Level 13GNBUJTHO
    "Mayhem" Level 14DZSFLXPF
    "Mayhem" Level 15DZTHODZS
    "Mayhem" Level 16EJTHPFDZ
    "Mayhem" Level 17SFKVLWNC
    "Mayhem" Level 18XPFDYQBD
    "Mayhem" Level 19GNCWMZTH
    "Mayhem" Level 20ODYQBCFL
    "Mayhem" Level 21XOECWMYQ
    "Mayhem" Level 22BCFLXPGF
    "Mayhem" Level 23EBVKVLWM
    "Mayhem" Level 24YRDGNBVK
    "Mayhem" Level 25VKUJSFLX
    "Mayhem" Level 26PFDZTHPF
    "Mayhem" Level 27DZTHPGFD
    "Mayhem" Level 28YRCFKVLW
    "Mayhem" Level 29NCWNCWNC
    "Mayhem" Level 30WMZTHPFE
    "Taxing" Level 01ECWMZTGM
    "Taxing" Level 02ZSFKUJSF
    "Taxing" Level 03LXPGFDYR
    "Taxing" Level 04CFKVKUJT
    "Taxing" Level 05GMYRCFKU
    "Taxing" Level 06JTHPFECX
    "Taxing" Level 07PFDZSFLX
    "Taxing" Level 08OECWMZTG
    "Taxing" Level 09NBUJSFLW
    "Taxing" Level 10MZSFLWMY
    "Taxing" Level 11RCFKUJSE
    "Taxing" Level 12IRCEJSEJ
    "Taxing" Level 13SEJTHOEC
    "Taxing" Level 14WMYQBDGM
    "Taxing" Level 15YQAAAAAB
    "Taxing" Level 16DHODYROG
    "Taxing" Level 17NCWNCWMY
    "Taxing" Level 18QAABDHPG
    "Taxing" Level 19GGGFDYQA
    "Taxing" Level 20AABDGMYR
    "Taxing" Level 21DHODYQAB
    "Taxing" Level 22DHODYQBD
    "Taxing" Level 23GNCXPGGG
    "Taxing" Level 24GFDZTHPG
    "Taxing" Level 25GFECWMYR
    "Taxing" Level 26CEIQABDG
    "Taxing" Level 27NCWMYRCE
    "Taxing" Level 28IRDHODZS
    "Taxing" Level 29EJTGMYQB
    "Taxing" Level 30DHODZTHP
    "Tricky" Level 01RCEJTHOD
    "Tricky" Level 02YQBDGNBU
    "Tricky" Level 03JTHPGFDY
    "Tricky" Level 04RDHPGFEC
    "Tricky" Level 05WMZSEJTG
    "Tricky" Level 06MZTHPGGF
    "Tricky" Level 07DZSEIRCE
    "Tricky" Level 08IQBCFKVL
    "Tricky" Level 09WMYRDGMY
    "Tricky" Level 10RDGMZSFK
    "Tricky" Level 11VLXODZTH
    "Tricky" Level 12PFECXPFE
    "Tricky" Level 13BUJTHOEC
    "Tricky" Level 14XOECWNBU
    "Tricky" Level 15JSFKVKUJ
    "Tricky" Level 16THODZTGM
    "Tricky" Level 17YQBCEIRD
    "Tricky" Level 18HPFDZTHP
    "Tricky" Level 19FEBVLWNB
    "Tricky" Level 20UJTHPFEC
    "Tricky" Level 21WNCWNBVL
    "Tricky" Level 22WMYRCEJT
    "Tricky" Level 23GNBUIQAA
    "Tricky" Level 24ABDGMZTH
    "Tricky" Level 25ODYRCEJS
    "Tricky" Level 26FKUIQBDG
    "Tricky" Level 27NBVLXPGG
    "Tricky" Level 28FDYQBDGN
    "Tricky" Level 29BVLWMZTG
    "Tricky" Level 30NBUIRDHO

    Contributed By: Captain Doormat and rr a ven.

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