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Guide and Walkthrough by hundley4ever

Version: 1.75 | Updated: 12/09/2007
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2002

               (    \.____
             /          __--
            (  /    \  )###############
        ###(   0    0  )################
       ####(     U      )          ######
      #####(            )     ############
     ######(     O      )--   ######  #####
      #####/              ######      #####
---_____/             ######    \__ -_####
 --               #######     \       __)
  _     ###     #######       / __   /####
    - ######  #######        ( /   \_)####    
    __##########                     #####
      ######                        #####
       #######                     #####
         ########                 #####
                G H O S T B U S T E R S
                  for the Sega Master System (tm)
           FAQ/Walkthrough by hundley4ever
                              jtalledo at gmail . com
          Version:                               1.75
          This FAQ is licensed the Berkeley Software
          Distribution License. It may be distributed
          freely, but any reproductions must include
          the following copyright notice:
          Copyright (c) 2007, hundley4ever
          All rights reserved

          Further info regarding this license is
          available at:
          Ghostbusters and the "No-Ghost Logo" are (tm)
          Columbia/Sony Pictures.
          I am not affiliated with Columbia/Sony.

          I.    Game Info
          II.   Questions
          III.  The Ghostbusters
          IV.   Tobin's Spirit Guide
          V.    The Shop
          VI.   Gameplay
            A.  Zap and Trap
             1. The Map Screen
             2. Driving
             3. Busting
            B.  Marshmallow Man 
            C.  Shandor Ascent
            D.  Gozer
            E.  Scoring
          VII.  Endings
          VIII. Cheats/Tips
          IX.   The Ghostbuster Movies/Cartoons
          X.    Other Ghostbusters games
          XI.   Trivial Things
          XII.  Credits, Web Links
         What's New?
         12. 8 . 2007 (v. 1.75) 
         - updated with info regarding newer games in "Other games"
         - corrected license
         - some typo/grammar fixes
         8. 25 . 2002 (v. 1.7A) 
         - some updates to several questions in section II.
         - added several movies to the recommended movies
         - thanks to Lucky for submitting some info
           for this update.
         3. 1 . 2002 (v. 1.6) 
         - one quote correction in the game info section.
         3. 1 . 2002 (v. 1.5) 
         - one correction in the game info section.
         2. 27 . 2002 (v. 1.4) 
         - bad habits are hard to break :).
         - added several "XGB" games to the other games section.
         - added some info about Ghostbusters II (Game Boy)
         - altered the title of this document.
         - seriously, this is the real last version of this faq. ;)
         2. 26 . 2002 (v. 1.3) 
         - added the missing link to Proton Charging (whoops :))
         - all the endings have been transcribed.
         - number of endings corrected.
         - added a little info to the game info section.
         - corrected some info in the map section.
         - added some more tips to the stairway walkthrough.
         - hopefully v1.3 is the final version of this faq.
         2. 24 . 2002 (v. 1.0) 
         - this faq is what's new!
"What about the packs? 
 What about the packs?" 
       -- Winston (Ghostbusters II)
 Who ya gonna call? With those simple words, a cultural
 phenomenon was born. Ghostbusters, a paranormal comedy
 starring comics Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis, 
 became one of the biggest surprise box office hits in 1984.         
 The movie quickly found success internationally as well, with
 dedicated following, and of course, lucrative merchandise.
 Games for many video game platforms were released for those
 gamers wanting to be just like the super-cool spook busters
 in the movie.
 Ghostbusters for the Master System was originally based on a
 game designed by Activision programmer David Crane. The game
 was published on several computer platforms, including the
 spectrum and the Amstrad, in 1986. It eventually made its
 way to other formats, even the Atari 2600, published by
 Several years after its first release, Crane's Ghostbusters
 game found new life in 1988 on Sega's Master System. Sega
 took the game and reprogrammed it a bit - tweaking the 
 gameplay and utilizing the Master System's superior sound
 and graphical capabilities. What resulted was arguably the
 definitive version of the Crane's Ghostbusters game.
 Gozer: Are you a God?
 Ray: No...
 Gozer: THEN DIE!!
 Q: What is "Ghostbusters" exactly?
 A: What rock have you been hiding under for the past decade
    or so? Seriously, though, it's a classic comedy about
    four guys who go into the paranormal removal business
    and save New York City from an array of creepy spooks.
    The first movie was extremely popular, and spawned 
    multiple cartoon series, a sequel and a mountain of
    action figures and related merchandise. See Section I for
    more information.
 Q: What is this Filmations' Ghostbusters?
    Apparently Filmations had a cartoon in the 1970's
    featuring Larry Storch called "Ghostbusters", resulting
    in a little trademark trouble for Columbia when their
    film went into production.
    After the movie became a huge success, Filmations
    released an updated version of the cartoon called
    simply "Ghostbusters" while Columbia spun the movie
    off into a cartoon called "The Real Ghostbusters".

 Q: Haven't I seen this game before, on another system?
 A: Chances are you have seen it before. It was released for
    almost every major gaming platform from the mid-late 
    1980's. See Section X for more info.
 Q: What's the difference between the Master System version
    and other versions of the game?
 A: Besides the obvious graphical and sonic enhancements,
    the game has more items to choose from at the start of 
    the game and a few gameplay tweaks. The game is a bit
    easier than some of the versions of the game.
 Q: Why don't people like this game too much?
 A: Some people call the game "repetitive" and "tedious".
    The difficulty level may have also turned some people
    off - the busting parts are easy, but the later levels
    are quite hard, particularly the ascent of the Shandor
    Still others may not like the "multi-tiered" nature of
    the gameplay - which essentially is "4 games in one".
 Q: What's this Genesis Ghostbusters game?
 A: The Genesis game is completed unrelated to David Crane's
    Ghostbuster games. See section X for more info.
 Q: Who sings the Ghostbusters theme song?
 A: That catchy song which plays over and over in the game
    and became a pop hit along with the movie was written
    and performed by Ray Parker, Jr.
 Q: Why does that song sound so familiar?
 A: If you think that song sounds oddly similar to another
    song you've heard, you're not alone. Singer Huey Lewis
    noted that it bore a strange similarity to his late
    1980's pop hit, "I Want A New Drug" and sued Ray
    Parker, Jr. They settled the case. So there's your 
    connection for you.
 Q: Why are things in the game different from their
    spellings in the movie (ie Gozer is Gorza, etc.)?
 A: The answer is probably some bad translation
    by the programmers.
    See section XI for more info on all the 
    inconsistencies between the movie and the game.

 Q: Why doesn't the password I received work when I try to
    enter it? I know I wrote it down correctly.
 A: Be sure you entered the same initials that you entered
    for the game where the got the password. It's good idea
    to write the initials down to accompany the password
    you receive. 
 Q: What the heck is that thing bouncing on the lyrics on the
    "Press Start" screen in the game?
 A: I have no idea as to what it really is. Personally, it 
    reminds me of one of those blobs from the Japanese puzzle
    game "Puyo Puyo", but that's probably not what is is. It's
    probably just a little blob-like thing the programmers
    threw in there to bounce on the lyrics.
 Q: Will there be a third Ghostbusters movie?
 A: Highly unlikely. Co-creator Dan Ackroyd had lobbied hard
    to get a new film made, but Columbia pictures, the
    producer of the first two movies refused to do the movie
    on Ackroyd's terms. In addition, many of the principal
    members of the first two movies (Bill Murray, Harold Ramis
    and director Ivan Reitman to name a few) expressed little
    to no interest in being involved in a third film. 

    According to ign.com, Dan Ackroyd actually had a working
    draft of the script in place entitled: "Ghostbusters 3:
    Hellbent", but the project wasn't picked up.
    In November 2007, the announcement of a new Ghostbusters
    game that is set after the Ghostbusters II film was
    accompanied with a declaration from Ackroyd in Game 
    Informer magazine that the game will probably serve as
    a sort of "third film". See the video game section
    for more info.
 "We're ready to believe you."
      -- Ray , Venkman, Egon
 > After getting kicked out of a prestigious university in
   New York City, Doctors Stantz, Venkman and Spengler 
   decide to go into business for themselves as paranormal
   investigators and removers. Dubbing themselves the
   "Ghostbusters" they rid New York of all its ghastly
   spooks - and I'm not talking about people who live in
   the Village either.
 The Ghostbusters aren't mentioned by name in the game.
 They all look pretty generic, but there are three of
 them, so you can only assume that they represent the
 three of the four Ghostbusters in the movie. 

 Quiet, but extremely intelligent, Dr. Egon Spengler is 
 considered to be the "brains" of the ghostbusting operation.
 His extensive knowledge of physics and the paranormal make
 him an invaluable asset to the team. He is also the chief
 innovator of all the Ghostbusters' high tech spook-trapping
 equipment. He hasn't had all that much time for a social
 life, and seems to be content with that. His one weakness?
 Candy bars.

 Egon on...
  - women: "...they're more interested in my epididymis."
  - hobbies: "I collect... spores, molds fungus."
  - childhood: We had half a slinky.. I straightened it."
 Fellow Ghostbuter Peter Venkman once dubbed Ray Stantz the
 "heart of the Ghostbusters." He couldn't be more right.
 His superior scientific and paranormal knowledge, as well
 as his raw enthusiasm for the paranormal, make him a
 cornerstone of the team.
 Ray on...
  - Slimer: "He's an ugly little spud, isn't he?"
  - relationships: "Your girlfriend lives on the corner of
                    spook central."
  - observations: "Listen! You smell something?"
 Dr. Peter Venkman is the most conniving, self-centered,
 self-serving, likable man. He got through college hitching
 a ride on the backs of other, more smarter people than him.
 He often uses his charm and boyish good looks to get what
 he wants, and he normally does get what he wants. At heart
 though, he's an upstanding guy who is a longtime friend of
 both Stantz and Spengler.
 Venkman on...
  - Ghostbusting: "No job is too big, no fee is too big..."
  - Jello: "Oh come on, there's always room for Jello."
  - defense: "Back off man, I'm a scientist."
 The final member to join with the Ghostbusters, Winston
 Zeddemore may not have Ph. D, but he's a more than worthy
 member of the team. A former security guard, Winston has
 the common sense that the other Ghostbusters do seem to
 sometimes lack and serves as the Ghostbusters' connection
 to the everyman who doesn't know about the sciences of 
 Winston on...
  - work: "Since I joined this men, I've seen
           sh** that would turn you white!"
  - dieties: "Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god,
              you  say yes!!"
  - dedication: "If there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll 
                 believe anything you say." 
 Tobin's Spirit Guide
 "Peter, at 1:40 pm at the main branch of the
  New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue,
  10 people saw a free-floating full-torso 
  vaporous apparition." - Stantz
 In the movie, Tobin's spirit guide has a wealth of 
 knowledge about ghosts and related demons. Here's 
 a listing of the ghosts you'll face in the game.
 Under each description is the description of the ghost
 from the Ghostbusters game instruction manual. Under
 each description from the manual are some notes.
 They like to hit the streets. And throw dishes. 
 >> These guys come in two flavors: the regular form,
    where they look like yellow crescent moons, and
    when they have little wings and look like birds
    as seen on the map screen.
    They only throw dishes in the stairway level.
 Friends of the ROAMERS. But a lot faster.
 >> One of the most lovable ghosts from the movie makes
    his only appearance in the David Crane-based
    Ghostbusters games. Yes, the SMS version is the one
    version to have this ghost. He's the Ghostbusters'
    first bust in the movie. Slimer loves food and is
    distiguished from other ghosts by his foul odor.
    This time around, you'll have to deal with more
    than one Slimer - as if one wasn't enough!
    Also beware of the winged Slimers, which you meet
    in the Shandor building! They are the fastest
    moving ghosts in the game! The regular ones
    just swing back and forth in that level.
 (known as just MARSHMALLOW MAN in the manual)
 A result of all the ghosts pooling their efforts. To
 make one gargantuan monster. 
 >> Mr. Stay Puft, the mascot of Stay-Puft Marshmallows,
    brought delight to many children at campfires across
    the nation. His brand of marshmallows was perfect for
    making S'MORES. However, he turns bad when heb is
    chosen as the final form of the destructor in the 
    movie, posing 40-foot tall problem for our heroes.
    In the game, he appears on the map screen as the
    manifestation of a bunch of ghosts merging together
    to stomp on a building. He's also the guardian of
    the door to Zuul (the Shandor building), albeit in
    a much shorter form...
 (known as MASTER OF THE KEY in the manual)
 This one has the key to Zule.*
 >> The Keymaster, aka Vinz Clortho, is the guardian to
    the key that opens the gates to Zuul, a distant demon
    dimension. In the movie, he possesses geeky accountant
    Louis Tully. The Key Master must find the gatekeeper to
    open the gates of Zuul and bridge the dimension to the
    earthly dimension.
 * mispelling of "Zuul" in the manual.
 This one takes care of things back at Zule. 
 >> The Gatekeeper guards the gates to the demon dimension
    of Zuul. With the Keymaster, it can open up the gates
    to this dimension. In the movie, the Gatekeepers
    possesses Dana Barrett, a violinist who becomes the
    Ghostbusters' first client as well as Peter Venkman's
    love interest.
 (not listed in the manual)
 >> The true form of the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster, they
    are fearsome beasts and favorite pets of Gozer the
    Gozerian. In the game, they can produce bolts of fire.   
 (known as Gorza in the manual and in the game)
 This one's in charge of all of them. Armed with deadly laser 
 beams, he's more dangerous than any of them.
 >> Gozer the Gozerian was a diety in the ancient  
    civilization of Sumeria. It returns to the earthly
    dimension in spans of centuries, taking different forms
    each time but always looking for one thing: the
    destruction of civilization.
 "Ray's Occult..."
           -- Ray (Ghostbusters II)
 Any Ghostbuster needs equipment to bust ghosts. Although
 the guys make their own (unlicensed) equipment in the
 movie, you'll have buy yours in the game when you start
 You stop off at the shop at the beginning of every game,
 and you can return to it by going to building on the top
 right hand corner of the city map.

 "Are you telling me how to drive?"
             -- Ray (Ghostbusters 2)
 A Ghostbuster's gotta have wheels right? You have four
 choices of chariot in this game. Of course, you can
 only afford three of them when you first start out... 
 Under each description is the description of the car
 from the Ghostbusters game instruction manual along
 with the cost of the car. Under each description 
 from the manual are some of my notes and ranking
 of the car's attributes.

 Each car is ranked in three categories.
  - Speed: The top speed and acceleration.
  - Capacity: How many items it can hold.
  - Drift: How far it slips when another car hits it.
 Cost: $2000
 Holds up to six tools. Very light. Slips a long way
 when hit.
 Speed: 4th
 Capacity: 4th
 Drift: 4th
 >> This red car is a pile of junk. Sure, it only
    costs $2000, but it's slow, so you'll be getting
    to many of busting jobs too late and it slips
    a lot when hit, making it easier to get pinned
    onto the sidewalk and knocked into road hazards.
    Also, it can't carry very much, so you won't
    be able to buy much with the money you save.
 My Analysis: Don't buy unless you're planning to 
 buy a turbo charger with it to increase its speed.
 Cost: $4800
 Holds up to nine tools. Medium weight. Slips some when 
 Speed: 3rd
 Capacity: 2nd
 Drift: 3rd
 >> YES! Though it doesn't say it in the game or the
    instruction manual, you can clearly see that this
    is the infamous Ecto-1 the Ghostbusters use in the
    movie. It carries a good amount of tools, has
    average speed and only slips a little bit when hit.
 My Analysis: Buy it just to look cool, or because it's
 the best overall deal pricewise and performance wise.
 Cost: $6000
 Holds up to eleven tools. Heavy. Slips some when hit.
 Speed: 2nd
 Capacity: 1st
 Drift: 2nd
 >> Has good speed and great space, but this yellow
    car just looks terrible.
 My Analysis: Good car to buy when you're playing
 a continue game and have some money to burn.
 Cost: $12000
 Holds up to eight tools. Very heavy. Hardly slips
 at all when hit.

 Speed: 1st
 Capacity: 3rd
 Drift: 1st
 >> So expensive you can't buy it with the $10,000
    you start out with. This green car looks sporty,
    but it's pretty easy to crash into manholes
    at its top speed. Also, it doesn't hold
    as many tools as some of the other ones.
 My Analysis: Okay car to buy when you continue the
 game with a boatload of money, if you can handle
 the speed.
 "We have the tools, we have the talent!"
                               -- Winston 
 A good Ghostbuster's gotta have tools. Be sure to
 spend your money wisely though.

 Under each description is the description of the item
 from the Ghostbusters game instruction manual. Under
 each description from the manual are some notes.

 (PKE meter in the movie)
 Cost: $400
 Lets you know ahead of time when a building you're 
 near is going to be hit by ghosts. The color of the 
 building will change to purple.
 >> Pretty useless, unless you want to map out which
    buildings you want to go to first. Particularly
    useless because it can't detect which buildings
    are going to be hit until you're near them.
    It's useful if you want to know if the building
    near you is going to be hit, so you don't stray
    from it. PK is short for "Psycho Kinetic".
    This item is just like the PKE meter from the
 Cost: $800
 Tells you if the Marshmallow Man is coming to a 
 building near you by changing the color of the 
 building to white.
 >> Just like the PKE detector, but for marshmallow 
    attacks. It's still pretty useless to know which 
    buildings are going to be hit by the marshmallow 
    man - all that's important is that you stop him 
    in time.
 Cost: $800
 Ghost images become clearer.
 >> It just gets rid of see-thru effect you see when
    busting ghosts. Not too useful.
    These don't look like them, but they have the
    same function as the Ecto Goggles used in the
 Cost: $1200
 Works just like the regular PK ENERGY DETECTOR, only 
 better. Because it works for the entire city. No matter 
 where you are.
 >> Slightly more useful in planning which buildings
    you'll go to next than the regular one.
 Cost: $2000
 Works just like the regular MARSHMALLOW SENSOR. 
 Except that you don't have to be near the building.
 >> Again, slightly more useful than the regular one.
 Cost: $600 
 Use this to scarf up stray ghosts while you're driving.
 >> Nice little tool that nets you some cash.
 Cost: $400
 Use it to attract ghosts to your area. And to prevent
 them from uniting to form a Marshmallow Man. The good 
 thing about this stuff is that you can use it over 
 and over -- up to five times.
 >> You must get this item to stop the Stay-Puft
    Marshmallow Man from destroying buildings. If he
    destroys a building, you lose money, so get it.

 Cost: $500
 You can use this to capture ghosts. Then you've got
 to take it back to headquarters to empty it.
 >> You HAVE to have this to capture ghosts. This
    regular one can't be reopened to trap more ghosts
    after it's already been used. Get multiple traps
    so you don't have to go back to HQ to empty them
    or run out of traps.
 Cost:  $2500
 Works just like the regular
 GHOST TRAP. But you can capture three times as many 
 ghosts before you have to empty it.
 >> If you miss a few ghosts the first time around,
    you can open this trap up and try it again.
    Useful because with the other trap, if you
    don't get the ghosts the first time around, one
    of your guys will get slimed and get taken out
    of action.

 Cost:  $8000
 With this handy little item you don't have to keep 
 running back to headquarters every time you fill your 
 traps. The ghosts will automatically enter 
 LASER CONFINEMENT and your traps will be 
 perpetually empty.
 >> EXTREMELY useful item you should get if you have
    all the money to buy it. You save money on the
    traps and don't have to miss calls by going back 
    to GBHQ to empty your traps out.

 Cost: $3000
 This makes your ghost-killing Ion Beams last a lot 
 >> You don't need this item. You're automatically
    supplied with ion (proton) beams by default.
    However, these beams last longer, so you won't
    find yourself rushing back to GBHQ to recharge
    your beam or running out during a bust.
    These are similar to the proton packs used in
    the movie, but the proton packs never run out
    of energy.

 Cost: $3,500
 Use this to slow the ghosts down.

 >> Fairly useless item that makes catching 
    ghosts easy by slowing them down and limiting
    their movement.
 Cost: $4,500
 Because this makes your car run faster, you can get to
 the scene of the crime much faster.
 >> Upgrades you car to the next level of speed 
    (ie Economy to Hearse, Heart to Common, etc). Too
    pricy to justify buying - buy the next best car
    instead of this.
 Cost: $3,200
 A souped-up version of the regular GHOST VACUUM.
 >> Attracts ghosts from longer range that its cheaper
 Cost: $1500
 This is a great item for dire emergencies. Place it in 
 the middle of the road to keep ghosts, gatekeepers 
 and key masters from passing through. But use it wisely. 
 Because it only works once in each game.
 >> Useless and expensive. Don't buy it.
 Some recommended configurations.
  - Hearse
  - Ghost Bait
  - 7 traps
 With this configuration, you'll have enough speed to
 get to your destination and loads of traps so you
 don't have to go back to GBHQ too often.
  - Hearse
  - Ghost Bait
  - PKE Detector
  - Marshmallow Sensor
  - Ghost Vacuum
  - 4 traps
  Here's the basic stuff you'll need.
 You'll need to continue with more than the
 $10,000 they give you when you start a new
 game to use the following configurations.
  - Hearse
  - Ghost Bait
  - Super PKE Detector
  - Super Marshmallow Sensor
  - Super Ghost Vacuum
  - Turbo Charger
  - Laser Confinement System
  - Super Ion Beam
  - 1 High Capacity Trap
  Just right.
  - Common
  - Ghost Bait
  - Super PKE Detector
  - Super Marshmallow Sensor
  - Super Ghost Vacuum
  - Turbo Charger
  - Laser Confinement System
  - Super Anion Beam
  - 1 High Capacity Trap
  - Image Intensifier
  All the excesses a Ghostbuster wants.
 Ideal 2:
  - Sports
  - Ghost Bait
  - Super PKE Detector
  - Super Marshmallow Sensor
  - Super Ghost Vacuum
  - Laser Confinement System
  - Super Anion Beam
  - 1 High Capacity Trap
  This one saves you money over the first one.
 The game is actually several games in one. Here's the
 lowdown on all the modes.
 The first mode of the game is simple. All you have to
 do is go around the streets of New York answering calls
 to bust ghosts. Trap the ghosts and stop a few 
 marshmallow attacks on high-rises, and you'll be on 
 your way to riches in the paranormal removal industry.
 There are several components that come into play during
 Zap and Trap mode:
  "I love this town!!!" 
            -- Winston
    It's the fair city of New York, USA. More or less.
    Move up to a building and press the control pad
    in the direction of the building with button 1
    to go to it.
    The map gives you an overview of the city. If you
    bought PKE Detectors and Marshmallow sensors, it
    will show you which buildings will be hit by 
    ghosts or the Stay-Puft marshmallow man in
    purple and white respectively.
    The red buildings have a ghost problem!
    Go to them. If you take too long to get to a
    destination, the ghosts will leave, so be quick!
    A. The Ghostbusters icon
    This represents your vehicle.
    B. Roamers
    Yellow ghosts that go to Zuul. Touch them with 
    the Ghostbuster icon and you'll be able to encounter 
    and bust them in driving mode.
    C. Gatekeeper & Keymaster
    The man and woman that walk around. When you touch 
    them, you lose money. 
    D: City's PKE Level
    The meter at the top-right is the psycho-kinetic
    energy level of the city. It gives you a measure
    of spiritual activity in the city. It fills ups
    over time and when roamers enter Zuul. It turns
    three colors as it fills up during the course
    of the game:
    1) Blue: The first color. Spiritual activity
       at a minimum. Infrequent calls to GBHQ.
    2) Yellow: The second color. More calls are made
       to bust ghosts.
    3) Red: The final color. The city is brimming
       with spiritual activity. When it fills up
       now, the gates of Zuul will start to open
       and you'll have to go to face Gozer.
       Beware of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man,
       who will try to stomp on buildings now.
    E: GBHQ
    The Ghostbuster's home is at the lower-right
    hand corner of the screen. Go back there if:
     a) you have no more empty traps left.
     b) two of your guys have been slimed.
     c) you're out or almost out of ion beam energy.
    F: The Shop
    It's at the top-right hand corner of the
    screen. Go back there if you need some more
    Remember, the GB icon on the map is just a
    representation of your vehicle. You leave dots
    as you move. About every three dots represents
    1 km traveled. Try to take the shortest route
    to your next bust to ensure you get there in time.
    There are roamers on the map. When you touch
    them with the Ghostbusters icon, you can stop
    them form going to Zuul and raising the PKE
    energy level of the city. You'll encounter them
    when you finally go into driving mode.
    Beware the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper (the
    man and woman) on the map. When you're touching
    them, you lose cash!
    If you have Ghost bait, press button 2 to use
    it. Try saving it for when Stay-Puft attacks.
  "Going a little fast, aren't we, Ray?" 
             -- Winston (Ghostbusters 2)
  Once you traverse your route, you have to drive
  to your destination. Use the control pad to
  move the car. Beware! Though there isn't the
  real-life New York traffic, you have to avoid
  drivers constantly changing lanes and man holes.
  If you get pinned against the sidewalk by a car
  or run into a manhole, you lose money and time
  to answer a call. (See "Scoring" later on in
  this section)
  If you touched any ghosts on the map, you can
  bust them now if you have a ghost vacuum 
  (see section V) by pressing Button 2.
  "We got one!!!"
       -- Janine, the Ghostbusters' secretary
  When you get to your destination, assuming you're
  there in time and the ghosts are still there, it's
  time to clean house.
  Step 1: "You know, it just occured to me that we 
  really haven't had a successful test of this 
                                          -- Stantz
  Manuever your ghostbusters using the control pad,
  press 2 to lay down the trap.
  Step 2: "Well, no sense in worrying about it now."
                                          -- Stantz
  Now you can use your ion beams. Press Button 1 to 
  switch between ghostbusters and Button 2 to switch 
  on your pack.
  Step 3: "Nice shootin', tex!" -- Venkman
  The key is manuever the ghosts over to the trap
  using the streams. Keep switching between
  Ghostbusters till you "sandwich" the ghosts over
  the top of the trap with your beams.
  Step 4: "I looked at the trap Ray!" -- Egon
  Press Button 2 again to switch on the trap.
  If you don't catch all the ghosts at once and 
  you're using a regular trap, one of your guys
  will get slimed. If two of your guys get slimed
  before you make trip back to GBHQ, you won't
  be able to bust any more ghosts until you recover
  them by going back to GBHQ.
  If you run out of ion beam energy, one of your
  Ghostbusters will get slimed as well.
  End Game:
  If you made at least $10,000 before the city's PKE
  reached the maximum level, you'll be able to go
  to the Shandor building and try to confront
  If you didn't get enough money, the game will
  end. (See Section IX, Endings)
 "We've been going about this all wrong. This Mister 
 Stay-Puft is okay. He's a sailor, he's in New York. 
 We get this guy laid, we won't have any trouble!"

 He's back, and much shorter. He guards the door
 to the Shandor building. Sneak two of your
 three Ghostbusters by him to get into the next
 part. Try approaching him from the left. Get
 close to him without actually being hit by
 him. When he hops to left, move to the right
 and into the door.
 End Game:
 If you snuck two Ghostbusters past Stay-Puft
 and into the Shandor building, you'll proceed
 to the stairway to climb up the building.
 If two of your Ghostbusters are trounced by
 Stay-Puft, the game will end. 
 (See Section IX, Endings)
 Venkman: Where are we?
 Stantz:  Looks like we're in the teens somewhere.
 Venkman: Well when we get to 20 tell me, I'm going 
          to throw up. 
 Note: The game just refers to the Shandor 
 building as Zuul, the dimension that it acts as
 bridge from.
 Now you'll have go up several flights of stairs
 to get to Gozer. Use either button to fire an
 ion burst. You'll encounter slimers and roamers
 throwing dishes here. The roamers that throw
 dishes are the dangerous ones. Blast them
 on sight and keep moving up the stairs. Beware
 the winged Slimers - they move fast. 
 Even more Shandor tips...
 You have to ascend 9 staircases here. You'll first
 meet roamers with wings - they're slow, so don't
 worry about them. Just blast them if they're in
 your way. You'll also meet slimers. The slimers 
 move in a curving arc. Just blast them if they're
 in your way as well. After you climb the 4th 
 staircase, the regular roamers appear. They'll
 throw dishes at you. You can blast the dishes
 with your streams. Again, blast them on sight
 and keep moving up. After you ascend the 
 6th staircase, the winged Slimers will appear.
 Blast them if they're in front of you, otherwise
 just keep moving up the stairs and enter the
 doorway at the top. Get one Ghostbuster of three 
 to the door at the top and you're in.
 End Game:
 When you get one Ghostbuster up the stairs and
 past the ghosts, you'll be able to confront
 Gozer on the rooftop.
 If all three of your Ghostbusters get hit by the
 ghosts (or one of the roamers dishes), the game
 will end here. (See Section IX, Endings)
 "Let's show this prehistoric b**ch how we do things 
  downtown." -- Venkman
 Here's the final showdown. Fire a proton burst
 using either button. Careful, you have limited ion 
 energy though. Dodge the fireballs from the terror 
 dogs and the lightning bolts Gozer shoots.  One hit 
 from a projectile and you're toast. You can't beat the 
 terror dogs on either side the pedestals, so concentrate 
 on Gozer himself. Keep firing proton bursts at Gozer and 
 you should be fine here, just don't let up!
 End Game:
 If you defeat Gozer, congratulations! You've
 beaten the game! (See Section IX, endings)
 If all three of your Ghostbusters are hit by one
 of Gozer's lightning bolts, one of the terror dogs'
 bolts of fire or run out of ion beam energy, the
 game will be over as well. (See Section IX, endings)
 Venkman: Two in the box...
 Ray: Ready to go...
 All: We be fast, and they big slow!
                         (Ghostbusters 2)
 [From the GB manual]:
 Money added to your account: 
  - When you prevent ghosts from 
    transforming into a Marshmallow Man: $2,000
  - When you vacuum up a ROAMER: $200

 Money subtracted from your account: 
  - While you are touching the Gatekeeper and the 
    Master of the Key: $10 per time unit.
  - When your car slips all the way back*: $1,000
  - When the Marshmallow Man attacks a building: $4,000
 * - means when you get trapped against the sidewalk 
     or run into a manhole.
 "It's Milla Time!" 
        -- Venkman 
 There are several endings to the game, depending
 on which level you get up to. All the endings
 are alike - just horizontally scrolling text on a
 green background.
 I transcribed all the endings almost exactly, 
 along with misspellings and bad spacing between
 words. All the endings send you back to the
 title screen when you press a button, or wait a
 1) Not enough money
    If you don't get $10,000 by the time the PKE
    meter fill up with red, you get this ending:
    Sorry, but your mission has
    The Kaymaster and the
    gatekeeper entered the Zuul
    and caused Gorza, the enemy
    boss to awaken and destroy
    the city.
    You could not even set foot
    inside the Zuul because you
    were unable to earan enough
    money to gain admittance.
    Thus,   the   city   was
    completely demolished by
     Try again from the start.
    This ending differs from the second ending,
    because it doesn't give you a password to
    continue, because you didn't earn $10000,
    the amount of money you start with in
    a new game. Also, no music plays, except a
    short, light-hearted little ditty at the end
    of the text.
 2) Defeated in Zuul
    If you don't sneak two GBs past Mr. Stay Puft,
    or if you get defeated by the stairway ghosts
    or Gozer you get this ending.
     Good try...
     The ghosts in the city have
     successfully been destroyed.
     You were able to earn
     enough money to prepare for
     the battle with Gorza.
     However, in the Zuul, your
     way was blocked and it was
     impossible for you to meet
     him in combat.
     In spite of your strenuous
     effort, you were
     unsuccessful in your
     attempt to rescue the city.
     When challenging again, you
     can start with the money
     you accumulated during this
     You have $[money you earned] in your
     new savings account number
           [account number]
         Input this figure
        when continuing play.
           GOOD LUCK!
 3) Finish
    If you beat Gozer, you get this ending.
    We thank you from the 
    bottom of our hearts.
    You have saved the city and
    will go down in history as
    the hero who annihilated
    Gorza,   the god  of
    For your gallant effort,
    you have earned a reward of
    Upon awakening from a deep
    slumber, Gorza attempted to
    destroy     our       great
    Metoropolis,  however  . . .
    You  crushed  his vicious
    plan   and stopped him once
    and for all.
    You   have thus   restored
    peace    and  order  to our
    beloved city.
               THE END
 "Alright, important safety tip. Thanks Egon." 
                                   -- Venkman
 - Switch the last two characters of your password
   to get more money.
 - While busting, set your trap against the front
   of the building, you'll reach the ghosts 
 - Always find the shortest route to your
   destination so you don't waste time.
 - To beat Gozer, keep firing at him so he's not
   able to fire back at you. You should be able
   to beat him easily.
 - Stop roamers from entering Zuul on the map 
   will keep the energy level from rising as 
   fast, resulting in more time to answer calls.
 - Try to not to buy both regular traps and 
   high-capacity traps. The manual says that the 
   high-capacity ones get used first, but it's 
   still hard to keep track of which one's you've 
   used and which ones you're using, since they 
   all look the same on the screen.
 Ghostbusters (1984)
 Starring: Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis
 Three doctors get kicked out their university and find
 a lucrative business in the paranormal removal industry.
 They soon find themselves battling the mother of all
 spooks - Gozer, an ancient deity from Sumeria who wants
 to destroy all of humanity.
 Ghostbusters II (1989)
 Starring: Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis
           Ernie Hudson
 After saving the city, you'd think they would've gotten
 their just rewards. However, the Ghostbusters instead
 got a boatload of lawsuits and were forced to close down
 operations good. However, old habits are hard to break...
 The Ghostbusters return as they battle Vigo, a tyrant
 from Carpithia who is returning to life from a painting,
 feeding off the negative energy of the city of New
 York. He wants to become reborn and wants to do so with
 the baby of Dana - the Ghostbusters' first client.
 Can the Ghostbusters defeat Vigo has his vile river
 of Slime?
 The Real Ghostbusters (1986)
 The popular cartoon picks up where the movie left off,
 with younger-looking Ghostbuster character designs.
 Featured Slimer, the memorable green ghost from the
 Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)
 Picks up where the original cartoon left off with
 four new Ghostbusters - Garrett, Roland, Kylie (the
 first female Ghostbuster) and Eduardo. Egon returns
 from the original cartoon as their guide, as does
 Janine and of course, Slimer.  
 Non-Ghostbusters movies:
 The following movies ARE NOT members of the
 "Ghostbusters franchise, but are related to it
 in some way.
 Casper (1995)
 Starring: Bill Pullman, Christian Ricci
 Dan Ackroyd makes a brief, uncredited appearance in 
 character and in costume as Dr. Raymond Stantz, as 
 one of the people Dr. Harvey (Pullman) calls to get
 rid of their ghost problem.
 Interestingly enough, early drafts of the
 Ghostbusters logo depict a ghost that looks
 jut like Casper in the "No-Ghost" logo.
 Daffy Duck's Quackbusters  (1988)
 Another Warner Bros. animated feature sloppily
 pieced together using old shorts from the
 1960's intertwined with new footage. This
 one features Daffy Duck as the proprietor
 of his own paranormal investigation and
 removable firm, similar to the Ghostbusters.
 His team includes Porky Pig with Sylvester
 the Cat and of course, Bugs Bunny. The
 influence from Ghostbusters is apparent.
 Evolution (2001)
 Starring: David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones
 Critically panned sci-fi comedy directed by Ivan
 Reitman (director of both GB movies), it has a plot
 very similar to Ghostbusters and a cameo by Dan
 Ackroyd (not as Ray Stantz though)

 Ghostbreakers (1940)
 Starring: Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard
 Comedy/horror movie in the vein of Ghostbusters starring
 comic legend Bob Hope and screen siren Paulette Goddard
 as a couple who tries to rid their new home of spooks
 and unravel family secrets on the way. (source: IMDb.com)

 Ghostbreakers (1944)
 Starring: Ole Olson, Chic Johnson
 Comedy starring the comic duo as a pair who try to remove
 spooks from an New York home. (source: IMDb.com)

 Hold That Ghost (1941)
 Starring: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello
 The comic duo is besieged by spooks in this screwball
 comedy. (source: IMDb.com)

 Spook Chasers (1957)
 Starring: Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements
 Screwball comedy dealing with spooks in a mansion.  
(source: IMDb.com)

 Spooks Run Wild (1941)
 Starring: Bela Lugosi
 Another horror/comedy from the 1940s about two boys who
 encounter a creepy host (Lugosi) and his haunted house
 while at camp.  (source: IMDb.com)

 "You wanna play Boggle, or Super Mario Brothers...?"
                                      -- Louis Tully
                                      	 (Ghostbusters 2)
 Original Release: (1984?, Commodore 64, Spectrum)
 Other versions of David Crane's game have been released
 Amstrad CPC
 Atari 800
 Atari 2600
 Commodore 64
 Nintendo NES
 ZX Spectrum
 Most versions have minor gameplay differences.
 One version actually required the Ecto-1 to have
 a constantly depleting supply of gas!
 GHOSTBUSTERS (Enhanced remake)
 Original Release: 2006
 As part of a Retro Remakes competition, Trevor (Smila)
 Storey and Scottige remade Crane's original Ghostbusters
 title. I believe this version is based on the Commodore
 or Amstrad version. It has diagonally firing streams,
 while it doesn't have the cleaner map HUD, the shop
 in the corner or any of the SMS version's new items.
 Slimer, however is in this game. ;) Still no Winston
 though - but there are sound clips from the first
 film, just as some of the computer versions had.
 The game is REALLY pretty. The map Ghostbusters logo
 is pre-rendered and spinning, and just about everything
 else also has a 3-D pre-rendered look. You HAVE to
 see Stay Puft. The Ghostbusters theme, sequenced by
 The Evil Scotsman in mp3 form is good in-game music,
 but the game's biggest coup is landing the excellent
 punk/thrash cover of the Ghostbusters theme by Xentrix
 as title music.
 Despite its shortcomings - the game is a little buggy,
 runs a little slowly on older computers and the clunky
 password system is still present, the game is an
 excellent remake that does the original David Crane
 game justice... and then some.
 See http://www.auld-games.co.uk/auldbl0g/?p=44
 for more info on this great remake.
 Original Release: 1990
 Format: Genesis/Mega Drive
 Cheesy platform/action game featuring super-deformed
 Ghostbusters characters. You only get to use the
 proton streams sometimes - other times you just
 use regular proton shots, with some power ups.
 Stay Puft makes an appearance, but there's no
 Winston. The original art of the GBs is great though,
 there's some great likenesses of Dan Ackroyd, Bill
 Murray and Harold Ramis there. The game's way
 too difficult though and the level design is
 just nuts.
 This game isn't really based on the first movie,
 it's an original story.
 Original Release: 1987 (arcade)
 Arcade, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Spectrm
 Based on the cartoon series. No Winston though. 
 The cabinet had nice side art, but the game 
 looked terrible and the original music wasn't too 
 good. At least they included the theme music.
 Format: Game Boy
 Generic puzzle game starring Peter. He uses his
 proton pack to blast blocks, not ghosts in this
 game. The game's story has him falling down a
 hole and trying to find his way through a
 labyrinth full of spooks by finding keys.
 Amiga, Atari ST, others
 Good-looking game based on the second movie.
 Even features the slime-gathering segment.
 The game centers around three scenes in the
 film that are represented as mini-games:
 the slime gathering segment, the Statue
 of Liberty scene and the final battle with
 Park Productions, developers of the great
 Robocop 2D series released an excellent
 remake of this game. Check it out at
 Format: PC
 Developed by Dynamix. The graphics aren't
 too colorful or well-animated, but there's
 some decent gameplay and great digitized
 graphics. You even get to bust ghosts in
 Central Park.
 Format: NES
 The infamously difficult Nintendo version.
 Format: NES/Famicom (Europe and Japan)
 Only released in Europe and Japan, this
 version of the game was developed by
 Hal Laboratories, later the creators
 of the "Kirby" series of games for
 Nintendo. This one has you selecting
 a pair of GBs (including Louis!). You
 get to control the GB that blasts the
 ghosts, and you can make the second,
 CPU-controlled one throw the trap.
 Fun little cartoony game.
 Format: Game Boy
 Similar to the NEW GHOSTBUSTERS II game.
 The graphics are closer-up due to the
 Game Boy's small screen though, and the
 computer partner is a lot less effective.
 Unlike the NES version, your partner
 can be hurt in this game. The levels are
 and ghosts are also different. You can
 actually switch characters in-game
 at certain points in this version.
 Format: Game Boy Color
 An action-oriented game based on the
 updated Ghostbusters cartoon.
 Format: PC
 A pedestrian puzzle-game. I believe the
 game was reminiscent of the Puzzle
 Bubble/Bust-A-Move series from Taito.
 It was apparently only made available
 in Europe.
 Format: Game Boy Advance
 This one is an action-oriented game
 where you can play as Eduardo or
 Kylie from the show to rescue
 fellow XGB members Roland and
 Garrett. The game take advantage
 of the superior graphics 
 capabilities of Nintendo's 32-bit
 handheld gaming unit.
 Format: PlayStation
 Take control of two of the newer
 generation of Ghostbusters in this
 light-gun shooter for the original
 Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii.
 After a false start with a small
 developer named Zootfly angling for
 the Ghostbusters license (even releasing
 gameplay videos of a third-person shooter
 type game based on the property), Dan
 Ackroyd expressed interest in doing
 a Ghostbusters video game. It was a 
 huge surprise in November 2007 when
 Sierra announced that it was going to
 release a Ghostbusters video game. The
 game will involve all four of the leads
 from the film recording dialogue and
 a story written by Ackroyd and Harold
 The cinematic, single-player based
 versions will be developed by
 Terminal Reality (BloodRayne, Fly!)
 and center around the player as
 a new Ghostbusters recruit. The PS2
 and Wii versions will be developed by
 Red Fly Studio and cast the player
 as one of the original Ghostbusters,
 in a cartoonish version of the new
 story. Gameplay in these versions will
 center more around co-operative play.
 "Yes, it's true. This man has no d***."
                             -- Venkman
 Differences from this game to the movie:
  - Stay Puft is met before the battle with Gozer.
    He's also too short.
  - "Gozer" is called "Gorza" in game and in the
  - "Zuul" is spelled "Zule" in the manual.
  - Proton beams are called "ion beams" in the game.
  - Multiple Slimers.
  - Shandor stairway has ghosts and not as many floors
    in the game.
  - Only three Ghostbusters. No Winston. :(
  - Ghostbusters buy their equipment in the game,
    not develop it.
  - Multiple cars to choose from.
 "I love you guys..." -- Stantz (Ghostbusters 2)
 Thanks to...
 Got some game info here.
 Great message board.
 Proton Charging
 The best GB site on the net. Period.

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