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FAQ/Walkthrough by uffbulle

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/08/06

SMS Completion Project
Author: Alianger
Email: a_landgren@hotmail.com

Contact info:
MSN - e-mail, see above

Disclaimer: This FAQ/Walkthrough is the copyright of Alianger. 
If you want to use this FAQ on any of your sites, if you have any suggestions, 
or if some piece information in the walkthrough is diffuse, then please make 

Cyborg Hunter
Copyrighted to SEGA and developed by Sega Entertainment, Inc.
Distributed by Activision in the US.
No. of Players: 1
Save/Password: Not featured.
Rounds: 7
This walkthrough covers the English version of the game, released in Europe and 
the US.

1. Introduction
2. Instructions
3. Tips, Glitches & Cheats
4. Walkthrough
5. Ending

1. Introduction
European Manual Story:
The Year: 2242. You are Paladin, the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy. 
Monstrous Cyborgs are threatening to take control of the universe under the 
direction of their evil leader, Vipron. Your mission is to gain access to 
Vipron's chambers and destroy him. Sound easy enough? It isn't. Once inside the 
forbidding Cyborg fortress, you'll have to fight your way through seven 
separate Cyborg-infested areas, each having five levels. Warp-speed elevators 
will transport you to each level.

At the beginning of the hunt, your only weapons are your fists, stamina, and 
your ability to outwit the onslaught of deadly Cyborg guards. You'll have to 
pick up additional weapons and equipment as you travel through each area. To 
test your wits even further, you'll need ID Cards to access some areas of the 

Fortunately, you're not alone. Adina, your contact back at headquarters, will 
provide some vital clues that may save your life. And split-screen technology 
will alert you to the deadly enemies that lurk ahead.

2. Instructions - You'll have to read these before playing the game...

The Cyborg Fortress is divided into four sections:

Section 1 - Areas A, B, C
Section 2 - Areas D, E
Section 3 - Area F
Section 4 - Area G (Vipron is here.)

Each section contains Lower Cyborgs, Chief Cyborgs, and a Cyborg boss. You must 
defeat the Cyborg boss to gain an ID Card for access to the next section. At 
the beginning of the game, you may only enter Areas A, B, and C. As Adina will 
tell you, it's best to enter Area A first.

Once inside an area, your goal is to destroy all the Chief Cyborgs in that 
area, get the item, and then destroy the Cyborg boss. The Chief Cyborgs are 
displayed in white on your 3D-ish Tunnel Scope (located in the top left corner 
of the screen). The Lower Cyborgs are displayed in red. You must defeat all the 
Chief Cyborgs to be able to leave the area you are in. The number of Chief 
Cyborgs remaining in an area is displayed by a white number just above the 
Battle Screen. 

Control Pad 1 enables you to move left/right, jump/duck, shoot/punch, and use 
bombs. Bombs are used by pressing the UP directional button. Entering a door is 
done in the same way, so make sure you're standing right in front of the door 
when entering it.
Control Pad 2 enables access to your inventory screen. You should have 2 Pads 
plugged in while playing or you'll have to switch between the ports.

Elevators and how to use them:
Each area has five floors. Use an elevator to travel from floor to floor. 
Consult your Radar Map to determine which floors are accessible from your 
current position.

To enter an elevator, stand in front of it and press the UP directional button. 
Once inside, press the RIGHT directional button to move to the Exit door on the 
right-hand side. While facing the door, select a floor number with the UP or 
DOWN directional buttons. To start the elevator, press either button 1 or 2. 
When you reach the selected floor, the door will open automatically. Press the 
RIGHT directional button to exit the elevator.
While your current position is selected, you can open the door by pressing 
either button 1 or 2. To close the door, press the DOWN directional button.)

Normal Punch - You'll start the game with your bare fists.
Psycho Punch - Each punch will reduce your Psycho Power.
Psycho Gun - The most powerful weapon available. It will drain your Psycho 
Ray Gun - Unlimited bullets. It will not reduce your Psycho Power.
Light Gun - Each shot lights up the total darkness found on some floors. Your 
Psycho Power is not affected.
Bomb - Use it against your toughest opponents. You can carry a maximum of 9 

Shield - Use it to break through the force field in Area B.
ID Cards - Slide the ID Card into the computer terminal located in the Area 
Selection Sector to access the next section.
Jet Engine - Wear it to fly over obstacles and enemies. While flying, you can't 
lay down Bombs or enter Doors. You can't crouch either.

3. Tips, Glitches & Cheats

Lower Cyborgs re-spawn when you enter an elevator.

Avoiding the Electric Floor Traps:
If you land only with the tip of your feet on the edge of one of these traps, 
the game won't register a hit and you'll be unharmed.

Unlimited Life & Psycho Power: 
Any items you pick up, like Bombs, Psycho Power and Life Power, will reappear 
when you enter and leave an elevator. So when you are low on power, go back to 
area A and enter the first elevator in the middle of the area. Travel to the 
second floor, where you'll find Psycho Power to the right of the elevator. On 
the third floor you'll find Life Power to the left. You can continuously enter 
and exit the elevator (you don't have to change floors), grabbing the power-ups 
until you're at full strength. You'll have no problem beating the game this 
way. ; )

Killing the Final Boss, Vipron effortlessly:
If you have full Life and Psycho Power when reaching Vipron, you can just stand 
in the entrance, duck and fire repeatedly with either the Psycho Gun or the 
Psycho Punch (it actually works better with the punch) and you'll have about 20 
% life left when Vipron goes down! This works because you inflict damage much 
faster when you're up close to an enemy, just like in many old shoot 'em up 
games, and a single Psycho Punch can hit 2 times in a row when you're next to 
an enemy.

4. Walkthrough (v1.0)
Area A
Item Locations:
Area A: Shield - Top Floor

There's no time limit, so don't feel rushed to beat this Area. There's also no 
boss fight until Area C, so don't worry about using your Psycho Punch too much.
Exploring will net you plenty of power ups. On the first floor is a Bomb, on 
the second there's a Psycho Power Up (P), on the third there's a Life Up (L), 
and on the fourth is another Bomb. You can always return to an Area after 
finishing it to pick up any of these again.

The Lower Cyborgs are easiest to beat using either the Psycho or normal punch, 
even if you come back to Area A after gaining the other weapons. Move in close 
and punch when they jump.

The Cyborg Chiefs will probably cost you a lot of life unless you attack them 
with the Psycho Punch. Three hits will finish them off. Attack quickly because 
once they fire, the Psycho Punch will be blocked by their projectiles.

Area B
Item Locations:
Area B: Ray Gun & Jet Engine - Top Floor, Third Floor

There's no Life Up in this Area, so take it slow and try to get the Jet Engine 
as soon as possible. Once you get the Ray Gun, this Area is a breeze.

The Lower Cyborgs are easiest to kill using the psycho punch. They move back 
and forth apparently at random, so if you get in close enough to do a normal 
punch you could end up getting hit, but at the same time it's easier than 
avoiding the fireballs that they spit. 

The Cyborg Chiefs are quite easy to beat with normal punches. Get right in 
front of them and punch when they jump. To make fighting them easier, you can 
use your Jet Engine to hover slightly above ground and beat them to death. 
They'll just keep walking into your fist.

Area C
Item Locations:
Area C: I.D. Card - Beat Cytra on the Top Floor

Once again, no Life Up. But there's a Bomb on the second floor, and a Psycho 
Power Up on the fourth.

The Lower Cyborgs are easily beaten by first running forward until they 
disappear on the Tunnel Scope, then take a few more steps, wait until they pop 
out either from the front or behind and then blast them immediately with the 
Ray Gun.

The Cyborg Chiefs here are quite tough and very resilient to the Ray Gun, so I 
suggest using the Psycho Punch and the Jet Engine when facing them. 8 Hits 
should be sufficient.

Boss 1, Cytra: When you encounter Cytra, lay one bomb. After it explodes, her 
life meter will be reduced by about 50 %! Additional bombs won't do much damage 
however. Afterwards, shoot her repeatedly with the Ray Gun. When she jumps, run 
underneath her and continue firing from the other side. On occasion, she will 
aim low when she fires, so don't get too close or you will get hit by the 
following burst when she jumps.
Do not use the Jet Engine in this battle.
Area D
Item Locations:
Area D: Light Gun & Psycho Gun - Third Floor, Top Floor (boss room)

When you get to Area D, be prepared to duck or shoot the Flying Cyborg on the 
first floor. 2 Shots will destroy it. 
There are dark floors (second and fifth) in this Area where you won't be able 
to use your Tunnel Scope, but you can still see and kill the enemies. When you 
get it, fire the Light Gun to see everything briefly. Without it, Bombs are 
your only option. 
Where a boss was in the previous Area, you'll now find the Psycho Gun instead, 
the strongest weapon in the game.
The walking Lower "Cyborgs" are quick and attack in numbers, but the Ray Gun 
kills them in just 2 hits and they won't follow you if you fly past them.

Fight the Chief Cyborgs with the Ray Gun. If you're standing, the Ray Gun shots 
will destroy the projectiles they fire. They jump around a lot, so you may want 
to use the Jet Engine.

Area E
Item Locations:
Area E: I.D. Card - Beat Gastar

In this area the first and third floors are blacked out, but for some reason 
you still see enemies in your Tunnel Scope, so this shouldn't be a problem even 
without the Light Gun. There's a Life Up on the fourth floor.

Use a Psycho Punch against the Lower Cyborgs. Nothing else is very efficient 
against them and you can't skip them by flying because they'll jump at you.

Use the Psycho Gun and Jet Engine against the Cyborg Chiefs. They can only have 
2 boomerangs flying at the same time, so dodge the 'rangs, then duck and blast 
away. Repeat until dead. 

Boss 2, Gastar: Make sure you're somewhat powered up before meeting with Gastar 
so you can survive his initial bouncing beam attack. To beat him, get up close 
and fire your Psycho Gun. When he jumps around, run back and forth underneath 
him like you did when fighting Cytra and he'll be dead in no time. He might not 
even fire if you stay close!

Area F
Item Locations:
Area F: I.D. Card - Beat the boss

In this area you'll be attacked immediately by two Flying Cyborgs in a row, 
coming at you from the left. These enemies appear on most of the other floors 
as well.

Use the Psycho Gun against the "Cyborg" Chiefs. Try to stay as close as 
possible and get the timing right and they'll go down easy. They don't do much 

Boss 3: If anyone knows the name of this boss, please tell me! He's pretty easy 
to beat. Try to get to the middle of the room and stay there. Dodge his fire by 
ducking & jumping and keep blasting him with the Psycho Gun. 

Area G
This is a pretty straight-forward Area. Just remember to save your Psycho Power 
for the final boss, Vipron (though you can always go back and refill if you 
want to). There's a Life Up on the third floor.
Use your Jet Engine to maneuver around the Cyborg Traps on the first and fifth 
floors. You cannot destroy them.

Use the Light- or Ray Gun against the Cyborg Chiefs. It will take longer to 
kill them and you will probably lose some life, but you need the Psycho Power 
to beat Vipron. They give birth to small creatures that block your fire, but if 
you stand far back and shoot, eventually they'll be destroyed without doing 
much harm.

Final Boss, Vipron: Use the Jet Engine and the Psycho Gun when fighting Vipron. 
Note that your shots will not damage him after he starts to charge. As he 
charges, fly over him and then shoot him when he stops. Try to locate yourself 
in the middle of the screen when firing.

5. Ending

Paladin, you've done a great job! 
Everybody in the base station is very pleased.
The last step is to return to the base station where  
you will be welcomed and applauded for your accom-
plishment. This will be our last co-
mmunication. See you next at the base station. 

(Wireframe pictures similar to the intro are then shown displaying Paladin, 
Trevor (who?), and Catherine (huh?) against a windows 3.1 style "space 
screensaver" background. Perhaps there's more to the story in the Japanese 


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