Review by Stan S

Reviewed: 01/25/05

Stupid NTSC Market, Always Cuts Out the Good Stuff

Akkkkk! Why were we in America and Canada so plagued by pathetic marketing of the Sega Master System? Why? This game I suggest you ONLY play in the PAL version, pick it up if you want, we SMS fans don't have to worry about stupid compatibility issues on MOST of the games we play. Anyway, I remember a friend of mine picking this up near the end of the Master System's life, and we sat and played it for hours. However, we always wondered why in the world two stages were mentioned featuring enemy pictures in the manual, but yet did not appear in the actual game. I found out much later, much to my happiness. Keep in mind that I'm reviewing the PAL version of this game, if the NTSC I would be giving it lower scores because of the sheer idiocy in releasing game missing awesome content I'm not particularly feeling the "muse" today, so this won't be my most interesting review.

Gameplay 10 Can't Think of Anything Clevers out of 10

In Captain Silver, you play as Jim (good one, guys), and as this fine lad you embark (actual quote from manual) on your quest to find the legendary treasure of Captain Silver (a "pirate"). Pretty nice take on a basic game genre. I can't really think of any other games that try something similar to this, but other than the concept, it's your basic run around jump and attack things and get power-ups. It's a great game though. There are six levels (only a lame four in the god awful NTSC version), each in increasingly difficulty. At the end of every level is a boss. Get to the end and you take on Captain Silver's "ghost." The power-ups include jumping boots, herbs so you can survive one attack without dying, and sprites (which increase the power of your sword and allow you to shoot out stars, one at first, and then like six if you keep getting more). Jim can duck and jump all over the place and slash at everything. It's basic, but a lot of fun. You collect letters to spell "Captain Silver" to get extra lives, collect gold to purchase power-ups at shops, get treasures every once in awhile, and so forth. Great game. Simple, but "great."

Graphics El 10'o out of 10'o

Very nice, the SMS is known for this. Lots of colors and excellent backgrounds. The enemies are interesting most of the time and nicely detailed. The boss characters are of particular interest.

Music/Sound 10 Out of a Possibles out of 10

Hmmmm, very nice for the Master System, very nice. Catchy, piratey, yo-ho-hoy, the best. It actually sticks in ye head and simply writing right now I can here it, over and over again. Nicely done.

Control 10 Left-Handed Joysticks out of 10

I had to mention that. Really, why did they make those? Anyway, controls on this game are excellent. Our chap Jim moves well and responds well. You shouldn't have any problems getting into it. Sometimes he can jump a bit short if you don't press the directional pad right, but it's not really an issue.

Difficulty 10 Can't Think of Anythings out of 10

Jeez, this is pathetic, I'm sorry everyone, this isn't really to be expected of me, but I MUST GO ON. Captain Silver is a great game as far as difficulty goes. It starts out kind of easy and gets progressively more difficult. The NTSC version skips over some of the harder levels (stupid game), so don't bother with it, but the PAL version has them all baby. It's pretty hard at times, in fact, but luckily you can use the ole' secrety tresure o' Captain Silver, which is pressing buttons 1 and 2 while rapidly pressing up after you die. That way, you can continue on the last level you played. Sweetness.

Overall 10 Already, Jeez

This is simply a great game, one of the greats for the SMS that you'll really get into. The only problem, is, of course, the crappy NTSC version released onto unsuspecting NTSC peoples. It's really quite sad. I guess we did get the better cover art out of the two, though, so that gives you a reason to buy that one. Buy it, then switch the cartridges and tell everyone you found the only NTSC copy in existence with the other levels other than the prototype. Hmmmm, that's a good idea actually. Here I go.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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