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Guide and Walkthrough by edwithgames

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/25/2013

Black Belt FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.0
By edwithgames
Created: January 2013


****** Introduction ******

This walkthrough was created because Black Belt is one of my favourite
games for the Sega Master System. I feel that I've mastered it and I want to
share my knowledge and strategies of the game with others. Black Belt is a
side-scrolling beat 'em up game which has repetitive game-play and simple
controls. Despite this, the game is actually quite challenging with various
bosses and mid-bosses needing different strategies in order to defeat them.
There is also a bonus game at the end in which all six bosses may be played in
order. Items can be picked up for health and invincibility and the music is
quite decent too.

This walkthrough is split up into sections.
These are:
-Technical Information
-My Experience With The Game
-Story/Object Of The Game
-How To Play
-Final Notes


****** Technical Information ******

Black Belt was originally released in Japan as Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North
Star) in 1985 and was based on a Japanese anime cartoon of the same name.
Unfortunately, the licence did not extend outside Japan and graphical
alterations as well as a change of name were required for the game to be
released outside Japan so that any similarity with the Japanese cartoon were
removed. The altered game, Black Belt, was released the following year in 1986.


****** My Experience With The Game ******

I first played this in 2001 after I picked it up cheaply from a second-hand
shop. At first I thought it was dull and repetitive but the challenge it
provided and the music really grew on me and I eventually completed it after a
fair amount of practice. I also think the background graphics are exceptional
for such an early game on the Sega Master System.


****** Story/Object Of The Game ******

The story is very vague and short. In a post nuclear war setting, as Riki, you
must rescue his girlfriend Kyoko from a group of martial artists led by a man
named Wang who apparently has had the same training as you and is therefore
your equal as a fighter. That's it I'm afraid; it's pretty uninspired.


****** How To Play ******

The controls for Black Belt are very simple.

-Press Button 1 to punch.

-Press Button 2 to kick.

-Press and hold the D-Pad left or right to run in those directions.

-Press the D-Pad up to jump. While jumping, press Button 2 to jump-kick.

-Press the D-Pad up-left or up-right to jump to the left or right respectively.

-Press and hold the D-Pad down to duck. While ducking, press the D-Pad left or
 right to duck in those directions and press Button 1 or 2 to punch or kick low

-Press the D-Pad down then up in quick succession to perform a high jump.

-Press the D-Pad down then up-left or up-right to perform a high jump to the
 left or right respectively.


****** Items/Health ******

At the start of the game you have three lives. An extra life is awarded when
you reach 100,000 and 300,000 points.

Riki has a health bar located at the top of the screen. It starts completely
orange indicating full health. Every hit that Riki takes will knock off some
orange and once all the orange is depleted and the health bar is black, you
will lose one life. Once all your lives are gone, it's game over with no

Health can be recovered by collecting sushi or by defeating middle bosses.
Defeating middle bosses will recover a maximum of about an eighth of Riki's
total health.

Please note that Riki will be moved back slightly when he touches items.

-Red Chinese Symbol: Getting this item will give Riki invincibility for nine
 hits. This means that nine blows from various enemies will not cause Riki to
 lose any health. On the tenth hit from an enemy, Riki will start losing health
 again. Please note that the effect isn't carried over to the boss stage of
 each level. So if at the end of a level you still had five hits' worth of
 invincibility left, you would forfeit them at the start of the boss stage. Red
 Chinese Symbols appear at certain points during the levels and must be grabbed
 quickly before it moves off the screen.

-Sushi: Getting the sushi will recover a maximum of about a quarter of Riki's
 total health. Sushi appears at certain points during the levels and must be
 grabbed quickly before it moves off the screen.


****** Walkthrough ******

Before the walkthrough I will explain about the game and level structure.

Black Belt has seven levels or chapters as the game calls them. Access to the
seventh level is only granted if a special code is entered after defeating the
last boss.

Each level (except for levels 6 and 7) is divided into two stages:

The first stage has the player fight a multitude of enemies plus a certain
number of different middle bosses. The enemies are all identical except for
level 4 which has two types of enemy, and the middle bosses are different
every time, except for level 5, and need different strategies to defeat them.
The platforming aspect of the first stage is extremely simple. There are no
physical obstacles such as pits or walls so in the walkthrough will just be
strategies for the enemies, middle bosses and bosses.

Levels 6 and 7 have no first stage.

The second stage consists of a boss fight; also, the graphics change and the
sprites are much bigger. Even more so than the middle bosses, the bosses need
different fighting strategies in order to defeat them.

All the enemies except for middle bosses and bosses only need one hit to defeat
them while middle bosses need four hits to defeat. Bosses have their own health
bar which needs to be depleted for them to be defeated.

Normal enemies are infinite: they never stop coming. You must continuously move
to the right in every level to get up to the middle bosses and eventually exit
the level. Don't hang around with the intent of "clearing" a level of enemies
because they only stop coming when you reach a middle boss or a boss. Only if
you're aiming for a high score would you want to kill more enemies than is


Chapter 1

Start off by heading towards the right and killing the identical enemies. Be
sure to grab the Red Chinese Symbols and sushi when you see them by doing high
jumps. The enemies here are Chinese Kung Fu men and simply run up to Riki and
punch him. Try not to let them crowd you and they won't cause many problems. I
find punching them better as it's quicker than kicking.

The first middle boss is an axe thrower who is quite easy. You can either duck
underneath, jump over or punch and kick his axes. He's easy to defeat although
he will probably hit you a couple of times.

The second middle boss is red and wields a brown staff. He's easier than the
axe thrower. Try to jump kick him and follow it with a punch.

The third middle boss is blue and fights with two swords. He's also easy. Just
let him jump over you and when he lands, punch or kick him.

The fourth middle boss is a fat man wearing black. He's actually the easiest
middle boss in the game because when you punch or kick him, he doesn't move
back and so can be punched very quickly four times; the fight is usually over
for me in about two seconds.

*** Boss ***

The first boss is Ryu and he's a Kung Fu Master. Ryu is not hurt much with
kicks so I prefer to concentrate on punching him. To defeat Ryu, you must have
patience as he can only be hurt when he's attacking. Between attacking, Ryu
will advance towards you if you back away or will back away if you advance.
As soon as he starts punching or kicking, punch him then back away. If you get
stung repeatedly by Ryu, back away and wait for the next opportunity. If he
starts attacking next to the edge of the screen and you punch him there,
successive punches can also be delivered easily with low risk of repercussions.
Just be careful and wait for an opportunity. Don't bother with kicking as it's
just as difficult as punching but a lower amount of his health is taken off
him. Jump kicks can be used because they're easier to pull off but will still
take a smaller amount of health like the normal kick. The winning blow must be
a punch as kicking him when his health bar is completely black will not defeat
him. Punch him when his health bar is completely black and Riki will start
punching at a tremendous speed and will kill Ryu.

After the score is counted up, you'll be taken to level 2.


Chapter 2

As before, head right and start killing the enemies here which are wrestlers.
These wrestlers do high kicks and will jump repeatedly very high. because of
their jumping, they can hinder your attempts to get the items at the top of the
screen. Sometimes one or two will jump out of the screen. Do not let them crowd

The first middle boss is one of the hardest in the game. He has a whip and
reminds me of a lion tamer. The best strategy for dealing with him is to do
jump kicks but even then they might not land on him. Keep at it though and he
should go down soon enough. Don't try to attack him head on as he's merciless
with his whip. Another way to get him is to let him jump down next to you and
punch him as he lands but this way is tricky to pull off.

The second middle boss is the knife thrower. Like the axe thrower, Riki can
punch his knives or dodge them. He can be quite tricky because he will stab
Riki before your punches or kicks land. The solution to this is to jump kick
him until he dies and you shouldn't take too much damage.

*** Boss ***

The second boss is Hawk and he's a Street Fighting Master. Up close he will
punch and from far away he will throw boomerangs that curl upwards and drop
down. It is easy to avoid the boomerangs and even if they hit, they don't do
much damage. Stay close to him and he will back away while punching. Kicks do
the most damage here but if you take a smaller amount of his health off
repeatedly with punches, Riki will change his punching style to uppercuts and
will take off as much damage as a kick. Jump kicks are possible and will do
good damage but are tough to pull off. The winning blow can either be a punch
or a kick but once done, Riki will start kicking repeatedly until Hawk is

Also, note the graffiti in the background during this boss fight.

After the score is counted up, you'll be taken to level 3.


Chapter 3

From the start, head right and kill the red Jujitsu men. They behave the same
as the enemies from level 1 and are very easy - just don't let them crowd you.

The only middle boss is a man in black with swinging hooks. He's very similar
to the third middle boss in level 1 and is just as easy. Just let him jump over
you and when he lands, punch or kick him.

*** Boss ***

The third boss is Gonta and he's a Sumo Master. When I first played this game,
I found Gonta quite tough. Gonta will charge at you if you're standing too far
away from him and will punch repeatedly when you're close to him. When he
charges, do a high jump and then get close to him. Get close to him, punch
once or twice then back away but not too far or he'll charge again. Gonta will
also jump repeatedly if you get too close to him so back away if he does this
as it's quite damaging and he won't stop until you back away. I prefer punches
to kicks as the kicks seem not to work half the time but they both do the same
damage. So just get close to him, punch once or twice, then back away. Repeat
until Riki starts quick-fire punching to kill him.

After the score is counted up, you'll be taken to level 4.


Chapter 4

Level 4 is where the game starts to get particularly difficult. Level 4
contains two types of regular enemy: ninjas and eagles. The ninjas have swords
and so their attack range is very long thus making them quite difficult -
especially if they crowd you. The eagles aren't too numerous but can take a bit
of extra damage off if you're not too careful. Although they can be killed,
they are more easily avoided as all they do is fly on screen, swoop down, then
fly off screen. When they swoop down, just move left or right slightly to avoid
them and then ignore them as they fly off screen. If you want to kill them, you
have to time a jump kick perfectly for when they swoop down which is no easy
task especially when the Ninjas are crowding you. Make sure you grab the Red
Chinese Symbols and the sushi as they're very useful here.

The first middle boss is a red man with a whip. He is extremely quick and will
advance towards Riki. Do not attempt to face him head on or he will quickly sap
your health away. Try to land jump kicks on him. If you manage to push him out
of the screen, he will charge back with a vengeance. If he corners you, do a
high jump to escape him. Be careful.

The second middle boss is a pair of red swordsmen. One will come from either
side and throw shuriken too. Try to concentrate on the closest one first and
ignore the other until you deal with the first one. There is no surefire
strategy for killing them only to utilise jump kicks, low kicks and low punches
all in quick succession; try to take them out quickly. Once one is gone, the
other on his own is easier but be careful of the shuriken he throws if you
stand too far away.

*** Boss ***

The fourth boss is Oni and he's a Ninjutsu Master. Oni is tough: if you try to
attack him, he will duck and hit you back every time. The only way to hurt him
is to punch his face when he punches which is the only time he lets his guard
down. There are two ways to do this. You can stay close to him and punch him
every time he punches you; you will take off as much health as he takes off
you but when his life bar is all black he'll be defeated but you won't be
because Riki must get hit one more time to die when his bar is all black. The
problem with this strategy is that sometimes you may miss and he'll end up with
slightly more health and so the strategy might end up failing and you'll lose.
When I first fought Oni I got frustrated with this flawed strategy and found a
new one: if you stand just slightly away from Oni, he will try to punch you but
it won't reach. When Oni does this, his guard will be down and you can quickly
move closer to him to punch his face. With this method, you can hurt him
without taking damage. Remember, you must move closer to Oni to punch him as
soon as he punches otherwise he'll duck and punch you again if you're too late
in attacking. Practise at it until you've perfected the technique. Do not try
to duck and attack otherwise he will jump and kick you. Always punch him when
his guard is down as kicks seem not to work. Once all his health is gone, Oni
will vanish and leave his mask on the floor. Riki will not do quick-fire
attacks to kill him.

I have experienced a glitch during this boss. When you defeat Oni, his mask
comes off. For some reason, Riki must walk over his mask at the end before
walking off the screen. The problem is that sometimes Oni dies and leaves his
mask just outside the screen. When he does this the game will not progress to
the next level and you'll have to start the game again I'm afraid. This has
only happened to me twice before so it's quite rare.

After the score is counted up, you'll be taken to level 5.


Chapter 5

Level 5 is quite tough too. The enemies here are black women and they behave
similarly to the wrestlers from chapter 2 in that they jump very high. Be 
careful not to let them crowd you. Like level 2, sometimes they will jump off
the screen and disappear. Be sure to grab the Red Chinese Symbols as the middle
bosses can be tough in this level.

The first middle boss is a pair of blonde haired women carrying flamethrowers.
The flames they shoot can be dodged by jumping and ducking but cannot be
punched like the throwing knives and axes from before. Like the red swordsmen
from the previous level, it's best to deal with one of them first while
ignoring the other. Use punches, kicks and jump kicks to take down one and the
other should be much easier on her own.  Be careful when you're close to them
or they'll start kicking repeatedly too. Being invincible by grabbing the Red
Chinese Symbols earlier in this level makes this middle boss much easier.

The second middle boss is another pair of blonde haired women carrying flame
throwers so use the same strategy as above.

The third middle boss is yet another pair of blonde haired women carrying flame
throwers so not only use the same strategy but try to have enough health to deal
with them without dying.

*** Boss ***

The fifth boss is Rita and she's Wang's bodyguard. Rita is a strange boss in
that she has to be hit with different attacks in sequence or she won't lose any
health. Your first attack must be a standing kick or a jump kick - both will
work. The second attack must be a standing punch; the third must be a low
punch; and the fourth attack must be a low kick. If you do any other attack,
Rita won't lose any health. Once half of her health is gone, repeat the
sequence again until she has no health left. Rita's attacks consist of rapid
punching and kicking and when she starts this, just stand back out of the way
until she stops. Once Rita has no health left, refer to the next paragraph to
find out how to finish her off.

Finishing Rita off is tricky as any normal attack won't hurt her. You'll have
noticed while fighting Rita that sometimes, when there's a fair bit of distance
between you and her, she will jump very high, fall towards you in a diagonal
line and kick you. The only way to finish her is to perform a jump kick just
before she lands while she's still in the air. Again, this can be tricky to
pull off. I think it's easier if you do a high jump and then kick rather than a
normal jump but both are valid and possible ways of getting this to work. Once
you land the winning kick, Riki will punch very fast and kill Rita.

I think the picture and busts in the background during the fight with Rita are
of Wang.

After the score is counted up, you'll be taken to level 6.


Chapter 6

Level 6 just consists of the last boss and you will start in the boss stage.

*** Boss ***

The boss here is Wang and he's a Martial Arts Master. Wang is Riki's equal
because he's had the same training as Riki. Wang is a formidable opponent but
luckily there are two strategies for defeating him: a legitimate one and a
glitched one; naturally the former is a lot more difficult than the latter.

The legitimate strategy involves fighting Wang one-on-one. Wang is quite tough
to hit but he can be hit with punches and jump kicks. Punching Wang's head will
likely allow Wang a free hit back and Wang's punches and kicks do more damage
to Riki than Riki's punches and kicks do to Wang. While fighting Wang, you'll
notice that he likes to jump a lot: try to land a standing punch on Wang's legs
as he's falling down from his jump and you'll likely not receive a counter-hit
from Wang so I recommend punching Wang's legs as he's descending after a jump
as the best way of hurting him. You can do jump kicks but they're difficult to
pull off and time correctly and they allow Wang an easy chance at a counter-hit
so try not to rely on them. It's extremely difficult to land a normal standing
kick or a low punch or kick on Wang; you can kick or low punch his legs when
he's descending after jumping but don't waste the opportunity: do a standing
punch after he jumps as it's easier to miss him with a kick or low punch and
he'll likely hit you if you miss. Your blows don't do much damage to Wang but
keep at it and you'll whittle him down to his last bit of health. The only way
to finish Wang off when he's on his last bit of health is to do a standing
punch to his face. You might get a counter-hit from him before you manage to
land one but it's the only way. Remember that even with this strategy, Wang is
still very difficult and unpredictable. Don't forget to use jumps and jump
kicks to escape when Wang corners you.

The glitched strategy can help you whittle all of Wang's health away except for
the last bit. At the start of the fight, move left so that you're touching the
left-hand side of the screen, duck, and wait. Wang should edge towards you from
the right and once he reaches the midpoint of the screen he will jump and
attempt to land just behind you. in the previous paragraph I describe how
punching his legs when he's falling from a jump is the best way to hurt him,
so, while still ducking, punch his legs repeatedly before he touches the ground
and you should be able to take all of his health off except for the last bit.
If you don't duck but stand, Wang will still jump over Riki but you'll only be
able to land one punch on him before he lands: you must duck to be able to
punch Wang repeatedly and get the full benefit of this glitch. Remember to
punch repeatedly; if you don't get all of his health off except the last bit
refer to the previous paragraph for the best way to hurt him. To finish Wang
just land a standing punch on his head. You might get a counter-hit from him
before you manage to land one but it's the only way.

Whichever strategy you use and if you manage to land the winning punch on Wang,
he'll seem to turn into a statue and the ending sequence will begin after the
score is counted up.

Riki is shown carrying Kyoko away and then we're taken to a black screen with
text that explains the ending. We learn that Riki rescued Kyoko and temporarily
brought peace to the world. The game officially ends at this point but there is
a secret level 7. To unlock level 7, continuously hold Buttons 1 & 2 while
tapping up on the D-Pad during the black text ending screen. If done correctly,
level 7 will start after the text screen is finished. If done incorrectly or if
you weren't attempting to unlock level 7, you'll be taken to a red screen with
a Chinese symbol on the bottom-left corner. Simply press Button 1 or 2 to
return to the title screen.


Chapter 7

This chapter is a survival mode consisting of all six bosses. Health is not
replenished between bosses and lives are carried over from the previous
level so try to finish level 6 with some spare lives and try not to lose too
much health on the level 7 boss fights. I've managed in the past to lose no
health at all on all six bosses so aim for that as it is possible. If you
manage to defeat all six bosses in a row, congratulate yourself. After you
defeat Wang again, the score is counted up and you're taken to a red screen
with a Chinese symbol on the bottom-left corner. Simply press Button 1 or 2 to
return to the title screen.

Congratulations on completing the game!


****** Cheats ******

The first cheat is the code for unlocking level 7 which is to hold Buttons 1 &
2 while tapping up on the D-Pad continuously at the black text ending screen.
If done correctly, level 7 will start after the text screen is finished. If
done incorrectly you'll be taken to a red screen with a Chinese symbol on the
bottom-left corner. Simply press Button 1 or 2 to return to the title screen.

The second cheat yields unlimited lives. Please note that I have not gotten
this to work. Press Button 1 at the title screen then hold the Reset button at
the black screen after the red screen until Riki appears on the screen. Once
this happens, release Reset and the game will start, giving you unlimited


****** Final Notes ******

Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com and www.gamewinners.com for the information about
the unlimited lives cheat code.

This guide can be found on the following sites:


If you wish to post this guide on your site, please send me an e-mail first to
the address below.

I hope you enjoyed this. Although Black Belt seems boring and repetitive at
first glance, underneath is a very challenging and rewarding game.

Having trouble? E-mail me at edwithmj (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk and I will

Thanks for reading.
Good Day.

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