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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jxt

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                       FAQ 1.0               STRIDER II
                   VeRSioN oNe.ZeRo        Jxt@Goplay.com
    +++    Contents    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    1; The FAQ and its author
    2; Intro to the game
    3; Game information
    4; Walkthrough
    5; Credits
    +++  1; FAQ Info   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    This FAQ was written by Jay Townsend, AKA Jxt (Jxt@Goplay.com)
    Why? Because it's for a website that I am working on, and I want as
    many FAQs for as many different games as possible. Even if I have
    to write them myself ;)
    Well, I'd completed Strider II on the Master System, and just figured
    that if I was good enough to complete it, then I'm good enough to FAQ
    it. Works out nice, that, yes?
    Also, a quick check shows that www.gamefaqs.com has no SMS Strider 2
    FAQ, and I thought I would bestow such a gift to CJayC and his site ;)
    FAQ Versions
    VeRSioN oNe.ZeRo
    v 1.0  5/18/2000 - Preliminary build of FAQ, maybe nothing else will
           ever get added, unless I find some cheats :)
    ***This is a fairly long section, but given the FAQ plagiarism that
    happens often on the internet, I find it fully justified. ***
    This document and all information contained therein are coprights of
    Jay Townsend, 2000. This FAQ may not be used in any of the following
            o; Posting up on any web domain without premission from the
            o; Transmitting, printing of any other kind of reproduction,
               electronic or otherwise without permission from the author.
            o; Reproducing only part of this document. It must remain in
               it's full form at all times, including this section. This
               includes editing the form to include HTML tags.
            o; Using this document for any finanical gain. This includes
               being linked to from a page with an advertising banner.
            o; Paraphrasing or rewording the entire document, and calling
               it your own. Short quotes are allowed, as long as they are
               SHORT QUOTES, and the source and author are acknowledged.
    However, I don't mind the following;
            o; This FAQ may be host on a webdomain as long as the 
               criteria are fully met:
                    It is not for financial gain.
                    I (Jxt@Goplay.com) have been contacted first, and
                     given full permission for it's use.
                    It is in it's original format.
                    My name (Jxt) can be found directly next to the link
                     to this file.
            o; This Copyright message may be used in an FAQ, providing
               that I have been asked by E-Mail (Jxt@Goplay.com).
               I don't bite.
            o; Short quotes from this FAQ are fully allowed, providing
               that they are SHORT QUOTES, and the source has been
               acknowledged, along with the author, myself.
            o; I don't mind blatant copying of my FAQs FORMAT (And the
               format ONLY), just as long as you e-Mail me 
               and tell me, as I'd like to see your FAQ that uses my 
    By reading further into this document you are therefore accepting 
    terms and conditions. If you do not accept, read no further.
    For best viewing, view this FAQ in a fixed-width font, sized so that 
    following will fit completely on one line;
    +++  2; Game Info  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Strider II is a kind of semi-sequel to Strider, and arcade platformer
    by Capcom. Strider was excellent (Although I'm not too sure about the
    SMS version. I'll have to play it more) and I really looked forward 
    to there being a sequel. *SOMEHOW* U.S GOLD managed to snag the 
    rights to Strider, and produced a sequel. Owning a MegaDrive (Or, if
    you would prefer, Genesis) at the time, I got it immediately. Yuck.
    It was _not_ what I wanted. So I kept away, until recently, when
    Strider Hiryuu 2 (The REAL sequel) has come out on PlayStation. 
    I don't own a PlayStation. So I got as many of the old Strider games
    as I could until I do. For practice.
    The SMS version of Strider II, as always, is a 'lightweight' port of
    the MegaDrive version.
    After Hiryu took down the Master, he was obviously going to want to
    take revenge on the poor Strider. So to do so, he captures Hiryu’s
    girl. Go rescue her.
    Lame Huh?
    Hmmm... I guess this requires an 'artistic' ASCII diagram ;)
          ________                     START
         /        \                     __ 1    __ 2
         |        |                    /  \    /  \
         |        |                    |  |    |  |
         \________/                    \__/    \__/
    Directional Pad (D-Pad)          Buttons One and Two
    D-Pad Left of Right;        Move Hiryu left or right
    D-Pad Down;                 Crouches Hiryu, of climbs DOWN a wall
    D-Pad Up;                   Climbs Hiryu UP a wall
    Button Two;                 Jump straight up
    Left/Right and Button Two;  Cartwheel jump left or right
    Down and Button Two;        Slide
    Button Two whilst hanging;  Flip above ledge (If possible)*
    Button One;                 Attack
    Attacking differs on the circumstance, as follows;
    Button One alone;           Throw Shuriken
    Down and Button One;        Throw Shuriken, whilst crouched
    Left/Right and Button One;  Slash with Cipher
    Button One whilst -
             - Hanging
             - Jumping
             - Falling
             - Climbing
             - Sliding          Slash with Cipher
    * This replaces UP on the original.
    +++  3; Walkthrough  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    1 - The Forbidden Forest
    Nothing forbidden about it actually. Press START and go. Not 
    forbidden in any way. Ahem. Go right, slashing at anything you see
    until there is a branch overhead. Leap, and grab the branch, and
    continue upward, leaping to branches left or right when needed. When
    attacking enemies, it is best to use the Cipher, as it has more of
    a chance of successfully hitting the target. Also, when you need to
    jump to a _nearby_ branch, jump from as FAR AWAY from it on the 
    previous branch as you can, otherwise, you'll hit the side of it,
    and tumble to the ground. Probably poking out your eye in the 
    process. On the long thin branch, continue right to the... um...
    non-foresty bit contained within this 'forest'.
    Proceed right, kill the robot, and fall down the hole. If you need
    a little health, on the left is a heart. Right is a bomb-shooter,
    which you should walk up to, Cipher (Try to time this nicely so 
    that you slash away its bombs and hit it), then crouch next to it
    and throw a couple of shurikens. Fall down, and remain close to the
    right hand wall. Now for your intro to my least favourite enemy in
    this game, the bomb-flower. Cipher it twice, but make sure that you
    peel yourself off the wall when hit (Hiryu grabs it. Dunno why).
    Jump up the left 'stair' and go left for the first sub-boss!
    ---- Sub-Boss ----
    When the screen scrolls to this boss, crouch, and slide under its
    first missile, whilst attacking. Then it is a matter of attacking the
    thing continuously whilst close, with the Cipher. Most bosses are 
    best taken out this way (Thinks)... Hang on - they *all* are. When
    this thing is dead, grab the ledge above, for there's fire. Fire
    kills, one hit, so is best avoided.
    Leap up the next stair, and get on the lift, facing right. There is
    a power up and a leap 'of faith'. Try to jump so that you're just
    _above_ the power up, then you'll probably sail over the gap nicely,
    and grab the power up. Don't you just love it when the collision
    detection area is larger than the character? When you get to safe 
    ground, make sure you kill the enemy. I suffered more frustrating 
    deaths with this thing knocking me down the ledge than I care to say.
    Continue right, until a branch (Enemies and health on the way) then
    jump up to the second one. Leap of faith right, to a wall, which 
    climb up, watching out for enemies. Another sub-boss!
    ---- Sub-Boss ----
    I remember having a tough time trying out all kinds of strategies on
    this one. It is a dome, that opens and fires bombs, then flames. Not
    nice.  Slide under the first bomb, slashing the Cipher, and walk
    _behind_ the thing. Keep holding right and slashing away with the 
    and it'll die, no problems.
    Fall down the gap. All the way. To the right is the way forward, but 
    may be wise to go left, to pick up some health. Next, it's rightward
    taking out the bomb shooter (Sliding may help dodge its bombs) and up 
    short wall to another. It may help to stay on the wall to dodge the 
    bombs it shoots at first, then kill it and grab the health. The next
    port of call is to drop down, and climb up the nearest wall face.
    There are enemies on the walls, but if you leap to the opposite wall 
    soon as one is seen, then it'll explode. Nice. After climbing one 
    it's down another. You can either grab hold and scale down it, or you
    can take my preferred route - to just fall (In the middle of the 
    and go right once you see an opening. And onto the first boss.
    ------ Boss ------
    It's a helicopter. Disappointing. Either walk or jump towards it, 
    height depending, and slash with that Cipher. It should die real easy.
    2 - Castle Metropolis
    Another misnomer. This stage is very castle-based, but there is no 
    visible metropolis to speak of. There are two 'towers', which you'll
    go through. Some things of note are the electricity globes that zap
    down to the ground with a purple discharge. These things can be hard
    to time a safe run through, so the best thing is to get through them
    as quickly as is possible, and try not to lose too much health on 
    other things, like enemies. When you get to the end of the first 
    tower, hit the switch that you will see, to open a door later, next
    thing, there is a rope slide. Fun. Slide down and leap off the end.
    You can tell where this is by looking for a vertical line. Climb,
    or descend the wall afterwards, for the next tower.
    When in the next tower, first head UP. There is a switch that you 
    *need* to hit. After this, it's a case of heading down to the
    bottom, taking the most direct route at the left. When at the
    bottom, go right, and you'll see a narrow vertical shaft. Climb it,
    making sure that you leap from wall to wall because of the enemies.
    There's a power up at the top, if you really need it, and another rope
    slide out of the tower. Ride it, leap off the end.
    ---- Sub-Boss ----
    Kind of. There are two tanks, separated by a small building with
    electricity globes in. Take out the tanks in the same way as every
    boss enemy (Walk toward, Cipher-ing all the way), and try to get to
    the next section without being zapped too much.
    ------ Boss ------
    It's a helicopter. Deja vu. No, really, as you even kill it in the
    same way. There is *no* difference.
    3 - Alien Labyrinth
    They keep getting these names wrong. This is a labyrinth, but there
    isn't one hint of alien presence. Maybe 'Plant, Missile and Robot
    Labyrinth' is just a little too long... Go right, and drop down.
    Now for the labyrinth part, but I have an easy solution. Basically,
    head down-left. There are time that you can't always head down, but
    keep to going down-left. Slide under any hydraulic crusher things
    you may see, and if there's more than one, distance yourself so that
    you don't come out of the slide right under the second/third/whatever.
    When you are as far down-left as you can get, there is slime to the
    right, with growth on the low ceiling.
    Grab the ceiling you see (Yuck!) and go right, battering the attack
    button for all it's worth. Then you will come to solid ground with a
    goo-spitting plant on it. Kill it, and jump the slime to the right,
    and ascend the wall. More wall enemies, you know what to do. Up at 
    the top of this there is a little section with a bomb-spitting plant
    and some health (Grab it!). Slide under the crusher right and head
    down. When you see orange (On my television. It could be red) mesh,
    you are near the end. Either go right, taking out enemies, or try
    for grabbing the ceiling and dodge it all. Then to the boss.
    ------ Boss ------
    Hmmm. A Dinosaur. Why? Follow it around, tickling it's back with
    your Cipher. Dead in no time.
    4 - The Rooftops
    The worst level name. There are no roofs. First thing you'll see is
    a rope slide. *DO NOT* leap off the end. Hold right, to gently land
    on the following platform, and stay there, as you watch rocks fall
    from absolutely nowhere. Jump from you platform right to a large
    platform. And, when you're there head right until there is a lift.
    Get on the lift, and wait until the top of it to leap off, left.
    Carry on left, until there is a chain that you can grab onto. Try
    to remember what these look like compared to the background detail.
    Now right, up, right (Although there is a heart on the left) and
    up. You can grab onto the rope slide pretty much as soon as you see
    it, and you have to leap off this one. Dodge the rocks, whilst 
    continuing to the right.
    ----- Boss -----
    A fly. Do you have any idea how to take it out? I think you do.
    5 - The Masters Lair
    Guess what? Another naming blunder, as The Master is nowhere to be
    seen... If you know how, this can be one of the easiest levels.
    Go right, until you fall down, now left, and don't fall down any 
    holes until there is no choice. Fall down the hole, and go left until
    there is a small hole, a lift shaft. Fall down it (You should hit a
    lift, so don't worry), and look right. There are two available 
    which you can jump into. Take the bottom-most. Carry on right (Lots of
    obstacles - 'Zappers' and enemies) until you come to a strange looking
    globe. This is your sub-boss.
    ---- Sub-Boss ----
    Hey! Where did they go? This is the first sub-boss for two whole 
    levels! This is a different kettle of fish, yet entirely the same.
    Keep hassling it with your Cipher. Just aiming solely at the boss
    itself will take out it's missiles, so don’t worry.
    More obstacles, as you carry on left, then rocks, and a lift.
    Carry on up-right, and soon you'll meet...
    -- A guy with a gun --
    What? I was expecting 'The Master' (See level 5, Strider 1) but all
    you see here is a dodgy trenchcoat guy with a gun. Cipher time,
    although it may be worth trying to get him without touching him, as
    he take quite a few hits, and you don't want to die, do you?
    +++ 5; FAQ Credits ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Unless stated, all work in this FAQ was by the author, Jxt.
    Send submissions to Jxt@goplay.com, stating in the subject line
    what your submission is for. All contributors will be fully credited.
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