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FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 03/06/02

 ______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _____  _______
|   __ \    ___|    |  |    ___|     __|   _   |     \|    ___|
|      <    ___|       |    ___|    |  |       |  --  |    ___|
|___|__|_______|__|____|_______|_______|___|___|_____/|_______| v2.1

+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
|f|o|r| |t|h|e| |S|M|S|
+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+

A Walkthrough for the 8-bit SMS version only.

Version 2.1 completed on 3/6/02

Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
Copyright (c)1999,2000,2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

A Sega Master System (SMS) game by Taito, 1993.


I.    Version History
II.   Introduction
III.  Story
IV.   Controls
V.    Techniques & Special Moves
VI.   Items
VII.  Walkthrough
VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
IX.   Pro Action Replay Codes
X.    Credits
XI.   Disclaimer


3/6/02: v2.1
-Added my current email address.
-Added some Pro Action Replay codes

8/11/00: v2.0
-Completely reformatted this guide.
-Added a Table of Contents.
-Added a Story section.
-Added a Credits section.
-Changed the Disclaimer info.
-Added another site where this guide can be found.
-Added a Techniques & Special Moves section.
-Added a Controls section.
-Added an Items section.
-Changed the final boss' name to Lucas and added the other 3 Mission's boss
names, as written in the manual.
-Added a Frequently Asked Questions section.
-Changed the ASCII art title again.
-Added the Mission titles as written in the manual.

6/28/00: v1.1
-Added an ASCII art title.

8/21/99: v1.0
-First complete version.

[NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what percentage
of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.  When I finish all the sections
and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 1.0.  Any small
updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any major update that
really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]


"A walkthrough for Renegade??" you might ask.  Well, the game is pretty much
straight forward.  You control one of those blocky, Technos of Japan characters
(you know, the ones in NES games like River City Ransom and Super Dodge Ball,
just not as blocky) and kick ass through 4 Missions of play.  I'm your tour
guide for this short ride and you'll probably only be reading this to figure
out how the hell you get out of the maze of rooms in Mission 4.

This is a fun game that reminded me of the old NES version.  Of course this
version is newer and has better graphics, but there are a few things similar
between the two.  Both had 4 Missions with the last one being a maze of sorts. 
Both of them had bike stages where you had to knock the opponents from their
motorcycles.  I'm a big NES fan, but I'll have to choose the SMS version as the
better of the two because of the enhanced graphics and better ending.


The following is taken straight from the manual:

"In the 1970's, downtown New Arcadia became the home of a powerful drug
syndicate.  Within its first year it became a large and intimidating force with
business interests all over the world.  The leader of the Syndicate is a man
named Lucas, who lives like a king in a luxurious, high-security mansion
downtown.  Feared by the police and given free rein by their leader, Lucas's
"soldiers" do as they please in New Arcadia, making life extremely hard for its
citizens.  Until now, those who chose not to move elsewhere found they could do
nothing but endure.

"There is one citizen who has decided to fight back: a man who calls himself
"Mr. K."  He's young and powerful, with lightning-fast movements and fists like
iron.  He's brave - maybe a little crazy - and he's sick of watching the city
suffer.  "I'll handle these guys," he declared as he strode downtown in search
of the Syndicate's most formidable fighters.  "Nobody else can!"

"It's up to you and Mr. K to rid the city of this evil organization.  But when
the smoke clears at the end of the battle, who will be the one still standing?

[NOTE: I'm sure the K in Mr. K stands for Kunio.  Most of you know about the
different Kunio games (like River City Ransom), so I'll just leave it at that.


               |                            |
               |     +                      |
               |   +++++          (*)  (*)  |
               |     +             1    2   |
               |     D                      |


-Press left or right to move Mr. K in those directions.
-Press up to move Mr. K toward the rear of the screen.
-Press down to move Mr. K toward the front of the screen.


-Press to start the game.
-Press to choose items on the game menu.
-Press to skip past certain screens.
-Press for frontal attacks to the left.
-Press for kicks and defensive moves to the right.


-Press for frontal attacks to the right.
-Press for kicks and defensive moves to the left.


-Press to pause the game.  Press again to resume play.


I pretty much punched my way through all the normal baddies and used the rocket
punch on the bosses.  Pretty simple.

The only thing I didn't like about the play control is that the kick and punch
buttons change depending on which direction you are facing.  Once you get used
to that you shouldn't have a problem.

Here is a list of the Special Moves (as stated in the manual):


Press the D-Button twice in the same direction to sprint across the screen,
knocking over those in your way...unless they're ready for you.


Press the D-Button twice in the same direction to dash across the screen, then
press Button 1.


Press Buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously for a powerful attack move.


Press the D-Button twice in the same direction to dash across the screen, then
press Button 1 and Button 2 simultaneously.


If an enemy grabs you from behind, press Button 2.  This is guaranteed to sweep
him off his feet.


If you can get close enough to an opponent, Mr. K will grab him.  Press Button
1 for a series of vicious knee kicks.  Press Button 2 for a body throw.


Move Mr. K over the body of a fallen opponent.  Mr. K will grab him.  Press
Button 1 and Mr. K will make sure his enemy stays down for the count.


When riding a motorcycle, press either button to kick out at your opponent.

The jump kick doesn't do much damage.  The rocket punch, which I highly
recommend on the bosses, is the beating of choice.  Sometimes they will grab
you, but most of the time you will knock them on their ass.  Distance yourself
and repeat this procedure until they are eliminated.

Always jump on the last enemy on the screen when they are down and punch them
in the fast until they are finished.  This doesn't work for bosses though, as
they will throw you off of them.


Once in awhile during gameplay small letters will pop up on the screen and
float around for bit.  I'm not sure what prompts them to appear (if you know,
email me please :)), but they are:


This item will completely fill your energy gauge and add 2 bars to its overall


Grab this letter to pick up a short burst of power that will really pack a


Grab this for an extra Mr. K.


This will make Mr. K invincible for a short period of time.  You'll need to get
these on the bike in Stage 2.


Alright, here's what you came for.  There are 4 Missions in this game.  Each
Mission has a 2 minute time limit.  If you know what you are doing you can
finish this game in about 20 minutes.  Follow this path to glory:


To enter the subway car you need to take out about 8 of the thugs in the blue
jeans and white shirts.

Once inside the car, more of these guys come at you.  Back yourself against the
right side of the screen and just keep punching to the left.  None of the
baddies will be able to get behind you and if you punch quick enough you'll
just keep knocking them down until there are no more.  Exit through either


Some chump, named Jack, with purple pants and a yellow vest comes at you.  Use
the ol' rocket punch on him, or if possible, kick or punch him off the ledge.


Thugs with green pants try to ruin your day here.  If you can, knock them into
the water to dispose of them quicker.  After beating around 8 of them, the
biker thugs come at you.

This is about the only place where the jump kick has any usefulness.  The biker
will come at you.  Time it right and you can jump kick him right off the bike. 
After you knock the 10th guy from his motorcycle, you will claim it as your own
and play a little horizontal "Road Rash" style stage.

The key in this section is to knock the bikers from their rides suffering as
little damage as possible.  Be careful not to get pushed off the bottom of the
screen also.  It's not how many times you kick them, but where you kick them. 
With a little luck it can take as little as 1 kick to knock them off, you just
have to catch them at the right moment.  If an "S" appears during the stage
grab it quickly, as it gives you temporary invincibility.  Boot 10 of them from
their hogs and you'll get to the boss.

Mission 2 Boss!

Joel has a mohawk with yellow pants, blue boots and a blue half shirt ;)  At
least his car is decent.  Go after him with the rocket punch.  I like getting
the bosses down toward the bottom of the screen to do the rocket punch, as they
don't move around as much down there.


Chicks with whips!  Normally this might be cool, but here it spells doom for
you unless you feel like duking it out with them (like you have a choice).  It
doesn't seem right, but keep pummeling the women until you take them all out. 
After the chaos ends, two doors will open.  Each one will take you to the final
screen of the stage.  The left one will take you to some more fighting women. 
Beat about 3 waves of them to move on to Mission 4.  The right door takes you
to the real boss of the Mission...

Mission 3 Boss!

Kim, a tall amazon of a woman with blonde hair, tries to make your life a
living hell.  As usual, about 10 rocket punches will put her out of her misery.


The final Mission in this all too short game.  This whole level is a maze of
rooms where you will encounter every enemy in the game, including all the
bosses you already beat.

A lot of the rooms look alike, but there are subtle differences that are key to
making it through.  If you follow this walkthrough, you will avoid being caught
up in the endless loops of repeating rooms (one even sends you back to Mission
3).  Here's how you get through this mess:

1) You start by battling thugs with green pants and red berets outside of a
building. After beating them all, take the left door into Lucas's twisted

2) In this room there will be 3 doors to choose from. Guys with orange pants
and white shirts come at you. Punk them out and take the left door.

3) You will have to fight two of the Mission 3 bosses at the same time here.
After finishing them off, take the right door.

4) It will now look like you are in the same room you just left. The same two
bosses you just beat will be here again, but notice there are 3 doors to choose
from instead of 2 like in the previous room. Beat the bosses up again and take
the left door.

5) Here you will be assaulted by some punks with mohawks and purple pants. Lay
waste to them and take the middle door.

6) The bosses from way back in Mission 1 greet you here. Defeat 3 of them and
take the right door.

7) The biker boss from Mission 3 shows up in this room. Beat down 3 of them and
take the right door to....


Finally, you've made it to the last boss in the game. He's got a gun, so don't
get on an even plane with him. The easiest way to beat him is by using the
rocket punch. He's too quick to kick or punch.  Each rocket punch takes away
one energy bar and you'll put the hurt on him in no time.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the ending!  I beat the game on Difficulty Level
3, which is the hardest setting, so I believe the ending I got was the best
ending.  Email me if you find multiple endings to the game or have anything
that you think will make this a better walkthrough.


Q) Can 2 players play simultaneously?
A) No, but there is a 2-player alternating mode.

Q) Is the SMS version here identical to the NES version.
A) There are a lot of similarites, but they are not identical.  The last stage
in both versions is a maze, but the SMS maze is a lot more complex.  The SMS
version seems to be a lot smoother, graphically and gameplay-wise.

Q) Why bother writing a walkthrough for an easy game like this?
A) Try getting through the maze in the last stage without mapping it out. 
Unless you have blind luck, you WILL get lost and probably end up back in the
previous stage.  I didn't want to just do a Mission 4 walkthrough, so I just
gave the game a full walkthrough.

Q) Aren't you the guy who just writes walkthroughs for NES games?
A) I've done them for mostly NES games, but I enjoy SMS games just the same. 
Clint Dyer has already written walkthroughs for just about every difficult SMS
game out there, so I pretty much just stick to NES stuff :)

Q) Do you have a list of every Kunio game made?
A) I don't.  If anyone wants to contribute one, I'll put it in here and give
you credit.

Q) In Mission 2 I just can't seem to knock guys off the bikes.  What am I doing
A) It seems to be about just kicking them in the right place at the right time.
 Just keep trying and you'll eventually get a lucky run.


00C2-4BA0 Infinite Energy - Player 1 & 2
00C3-AB03 Infinite Lives - Player 1 & 2
00C3-A159 Infinite Time (Stops countdown timer)
00C2-1E0× Mission Select (Replace × with 0-3)

Codes taken from Stephen Emond's (aka: FALCON) page at:


Richard Good - For supplying me with the manual to this game and for being an
overall nice guy.  The manual allowed me to add all kinds of information to
this guide that had been previously missing.

Manual - The manual supplied by Richard was an invaluable source of info, from
the names of the special moves to the actual storyline of the game.  It was
actually very well written for a game manual.


This walkthrough is not endorsed by Taito, Technos of Japan or Sega.  The
information contained within this document is provided without guarantee.  All
copyrights and trademarks are recognized.

This walkthrough may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web
sites, as long as the proper credit is given to the author.  The most recent
version of this walkthrough can be found at www.gamefaqs.com or

(c)1999,2000,2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

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