Review by Zylo the wolf

Reviewed: 10/13/06

Better than Mortal Kombat on this system, but that doesn't say much.

After the huge success the original Mortal Kombat game had a sequel was something many looked forward to since Street Fighter II only got upgrades of the original game. Once again it was time to beat the crap out of your best friend using video games instead of having a real fight. And many liked the sequel to the so far bloodiest game the world had ever seen. But as many could've guessed the first game on the Master System wasn't even close to good so it's not possible to understand why they once again ported another Mortal Kombat game to this system.

There are eight playable characters in this game, three of them are from the previous game while 3 of the others are totally new characters. Shang Tsung, the final boss from Mortal Kombat and Reptile, a bonus fight character from Mortal Kombat have now become playable. The other three new characters are the two girls Millena and Kitana and the three guys who are playable in both this and the previous Mortal Kombat games are Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

Not much has changed since the previous horrible port. While the graphic still looks good while the characters are standing still but just like the previous game this one features horrible character animations and really slow fights. Just like the previous Mortal Kombat on this system, it only has two battle stages and only one battle music track.

However there are actually somethings that are much better in this port than in the previous one. Mortal Kombat got as popular as it did for all the blood in it and thanks to special moves that was easy to learn how to use compared to Street Fighter II for example. In this game you don't have to use a cheat to see any blood during the duels to death and now the special moves aren't almost impossible to do in this version.

But no matter if how you look at it, this game isn't much more fun to play then the previous one. The fights are to slow and gets boring really quick. Maybe the Master System wasn't really the best system during the early 90s for fighting video games. This port is no doubt better than the port of the previous Mortal Kombat, but just because it is doesn't mean it doesn't have any big flaws.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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