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Reviewed: 04/04/02 | Updated: 06/14/03

Another puzzler that fails to be truly original

Klax will make you move fast and think fast. Catch coloured tiles as they come down the conveyor belt and arrange them in stacks of threes, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Sounds easy?… It is- until they come tumbling so fast, it’ll drive you crazy trying to catch them all-while figuring out where to stack them before you run out of room!!-The game’s synopsis.

Exactly as described above. You control a paddle that is fixed above a pit, above which is a conveyor belt. You move this paddle left and right in an attempt to catch the tiles (up to 5 at once) on the paddle. You press a button to flip them back up onto the belt, or to drop them down to the pit below. Repeat this to match 3 tiles of the same colour in the pit, and make them disappear.
Each level has a different objective. For example, the third has you trying to match 3 tiles diagonally. Once this objective is completed, you may proceed to the next level.
The missions get repetitive, as there isn’t many different ones. The only thing that varies is the amount that needs to be done. Still, this can be quite an addictive game.
It’s a shame there’s no 2 player mode. It would have been fun, and competitive >:D.

Nice enough for an 8 bit console. I’ll comment that the Sega Master System is (or was) capable of better visuals than the NES, and this game proves it, in a way. More colours on screen! No bland colours! Bright vibrant colours! Yes!! Visuals that it can do standing on it’s head! Oh well.. nice to play with anyway.

Sounds? What sounds!? Oh, there’s ONE track of music.. That after 20 levels gets a tad repetitive. And sounds.. They’re not annoying, but there all the same. The tiles make different noises as they come down, and the paddle makes noises. It’s funny when you hold down, and the tiles hurtle down making a a long ‘blalalallalading!’ noise =). Aaand that’s about it, w00tness!

A lot of levels provide a lots of puzzle “fun”. The later ones are hard, and often FRUSTRATING! But even though I am bloody fantastic, I haven’t completed it yet :-[.

You can see they’ve tried, but more often than not, it turns out dull and tedious, which is a real shame because it could have turned out really well. Still, better than most puzzlers.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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