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Reviewed: 02/04/05

Saving the world from a certain demise.

Line Of Fire starts you off infiltrating an enemy base sometime in the future during a conflict probably with a third world county. Inside, Jack discovers a superweapon that could threaten the livelihood of millions all over the globe. However, his foe won't let him waltz off just yet. Seconds after discovering their secret, the elite guards are on Jack immediately. Time to make a great escape.

However, the great escape might take a bit longer than expected. For you to safely leave enemy lines, you will have to venture through a jungle, rivers, deserts, and even an enemy fortress. The game starts you off just inside the enemy base where soldiers are already pasting rounds into your transport out of here. Jack is fitted with a well-protected Humm-Vee armed with a machine gun and missile racks. Preliminary enemies are easily defeated with a single shot from your machine gun. They will come in numbers so occasionally, it will be difficult.

As you progress through the level, there will eventually be targets which you'll realize cannot be affected by a few machine gun shots. For one example, gun turrets are built atop tall pillars which regular guns cannot hit. With your supply of missiles, launch one up to hopefully take out that target. Missiles should not be used too often as there is a limited supply. The next level will have helicopters trying to mow you down with machine guns. As air targets, helicopters must be hit with a missile in order for one to be sent wobbling back to Earth in pieces.

You will learn to conserve your missiles though. Unlike your machine gun which has unlimited ammunition, your Humm-Vee's missile rack has a limited amount of rockets ready to be fired. In order to keep going, Jack will have to save his missiles only when he really needs them. As you establish yourself with this game, you'll soon figure out that different enemies can be destroyed using different weapons. It should be pretty obvious, but air targets can only be demolished through use of rockets and ground targets can only be defeated with the machine gun.

While the first few stages are generally easy, the game begins to take a turn for the worse as the border is near. Very noticeably, your trusty Humm-Vee will be replaced by a helicopter. Like the Humm-Vee, this helicopter is armed with machine guns and a missile rack. Basically, the two are the same thing with the exception that one is of course, faster (and if you don't count the visual). As you grow used to this change, you should also notice that the weapon strategy for the Humm-Vee has been reversed! Only ground targets are affected by missiles and other air targets can be taken down with a machine gun.

Using the helicopter, combat becomes much more fast-paced as you race through the enemy skies. Tanks on the ground will attempt to rip you to shreds with powerful rounds. Enemy aircraft will also try to deter your progress with missiles. When the enemy fortress signaling the border of the level appears, your enemies will pretty much try to throw every conceivable bit of weaponry in your direction. However, determination and a little bit of cleverness will eventually throw you over the border into the safety of the DMZ.

Now where's that medal?

Completing Line Of Fire will give you a sense of satisfaction. The satisfaction of outrunning numerous odds usually outnumbering you 1-to-10. The satisfaction of putting hundreds of enemy soldiers where they belong. And of course, the satisfaction of saving the world from a dangerous superweapon. But hey, your name is Jack, and this is your job.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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