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Walkthrough by The Magnum Master

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/29/10

  _____         __                             _            
  / ___/ __  __ / /_   ____ ___   ____ _ _____ (_)____   ___ 
  \__ \ / / / // __ \ / __ `__ \ / __ `// ___// // __ \ / _ \
 ___/ // /_/ // /_/ // / / / / // /_/ // /   / // / / //  __/
/____/ \__,_//_.___//_/ /_/ /_/ \__,_//_/   /_//_/ /_/ \___/ 
    ___    __   __                __  
   /   |  / /_ / /_ ____ _ _____ / /__
  / /| | / __// __// __ `// ___// //_/
 / ___ |/ /_ / /_ / /_/ // /__ / ,<   
/_/  |_|\__/ \__/ \__,_/ \___//_/|_|  

Table of Contents
1. Introduction/Mechanics (1000)
2. Enemies (2000)
3. Walkthrough (3000)
   3.1 Stage 1 (3001)
   3.2 Stage 2 (3002)
   3.3 Stage 3 (3003)
   3.4 Stage 4 (3004)
   3.5 Stage 5 (3005)
   3.6 Stage 6 (3006)
4. Version History (4000)
5. Credits (5000)
6. Contact/Copyright (6000)

*1. Introduction/Mechanics (1000)*
Submarine Attack was an action game released in 1990 for the Sega Master System.
In this game, you take the role of a submarine and must travel through different
underwater locations and fight different enemies. The game takes place in six
different locations which include:

* A calm sea
* An underwater cavern
* An ancient city
* An underground abandoned base
* An abandoned factory

Your goal is to maneuver your sub through each of these locations while avoiding
the swarm of enemies. If an enemy attacks your submarine, then it will take dam-
age. The submarine can only take so much damage before it sinks, which results 
in a Game Over. Submarine Attack does not rely on ammo, so you can shoot as much
as you please.

At the end of every level, there is some sort of boss fight. Each boss contains
their own weakness, which must be exploited in order to defeat them. Once a boss
is defeated, then your sub can proceed to the next level.

This walkthrough will try to cover every aspect and level in the stage. I tried
to provide enough tips and stratgies for you to complete each stage. Enjoy!

*2. Enemies (2000)		 *

I felt that the enemies in this game deserved their own section since the game
is filled with different ones. Now before I go into the enemies in detail, I
would like to say that these enemy names are not official, and are made-up by
me. I tried as best as I could to identify each enemy, so some of the names may
sound a little weird.


One of the most common enemies in the game. They appear in different sizes and
colors, but function mostly the same. Some submarines hide, and then jump out
to attack, while others move fast or slow. One shot is all that is needed to
destroy these enemies.


They appear above the surface and fire bombs into the water. It is easier to
destroy their bombs instead of wasting your time shooting at the helicopter. 


They appear on the surface of the water and can be defeated by aiming towards
te top. There are two different types of boats: row boats and speed boats. The
speed boats are fast and hard to destroy, but their projectiles are easy to 
avoid. The row boats are slow and predictable, but their projectiles can be hard
to avoid.


These underwater bubbles are lethal and actually cause damage!


Even mother nature hates your submarine! The volcanos fire magma out of the top
of the vent, which can either be destroyed or avoided.

Giant Robot

These robots hide under rocks and try to toss it at your submarine. You may have
to go towards the seafloor a little bit in order to destroy them.

Sea Turtles

They attack by charging at your sub. They are easy to destroy and require one


I am assuiming these enemies are suppose to be eels. These eels attack by app-
roaching your sub from behind, then attack head-on. It is easier to wait until
the eels attack your sub directly, then to shoot at them.

Skeleton Fish

These fish remains can actually be deadly. They attack by firing projectiles out
of their mouth, and at your sub. It is easier to kill them when they first app-
ear on the screen.

Skeleton Warrior

These underwater warriors appear in the fourth stage and resemble an ancient
Egyptian warrior. They attack by hurling bones at your ship, and will cause dam-
age if they hit it.

Robotic Octopus
Only one appears in the 3rd stage. They attack by firing projectiles out of 
their eyes, and at the sub. First destroy the projectile, then fire at the
octopus a few times to destroy it!


These giant torpedoes appear from the side of the screen at a fast pace, and can
be hard to avoid.

Decorated Ship

I am not sure what this enemy is suppose to be, but it looks like an fancy under
water submarine. They attack by firing bullets at your sub, but they are slow
moving and easy to kill.

Giant Golden Head

These golden heads fire projectiles at your ship. I don't think you can destroy
this enemy, so I suggest that you swim around it while it is around.

Miniature Statues

Once again, I do not know what this enemy is suppose to be, but it looks like a
miniature statue of a mythological creature. The statue is tiny and attacks in
swarms. They are easy to avoid and there is no reason to fire at ones that are
far away from your sub.

Golden Specter

These unusual enemies appear when you get close to one of the temples. They att-
ack by appearing out of no where and fire projectiles at you. They take a few
shots from your sub in order to destroy them.

Spiked Ship

These ships appear in different areas of stage 5. They attack by charging at the
submarine and usually appear in swarms.

Mini Ship

These ships are quite tiny and shoot tiny bullets at your submarine. They usua-
lly attack in swarms.


These mini drone guns appear on a special platform in Stage 5. They are hard to
destroy since they are tiny, and they shoot projectiles in all different areas.

Transparent Ship

These enemies appear in the final stage and simply fire projectiles at your sub.

Transparent Ship

These generators only appear in the last level. They fire electrical currents
every few seconds across from each rod. When moving your ship through one of
these generators, perfect timing must be used in certain occasions.

Electricl Orbs

These tiny orbs try attacking your sub head on, but only require one shot to

Test Tube Specimen

These specimen appear in test tubes during the final stage. Once they pop out of
the test tubes, shoot them as soon as possible!

*3. Walkthrough (3000)           *

Below, I will split the walkthrough into different sections that cover each
stage. I will try to cover each stage to the best of my ability. I will also try
to elaborate on the enemies that you will encounter in each stage and try to
provide as many tips as possible for the different areas and endings of the 
stage. SO what are we waiting for? Onto the walkthrough!

|3.1 Stage 1 (3001)                        |
Ah, the first stage of the game! This stage takes place in a calm-sea like env-
ironment. But its not really calm because the sea is swarming with tons of subs
and boats!

Your submarine is deployed out of its base at the start of the level. Just a few
seconds after your sub is deployed, you will encounter a few submarines that 
come out from the right of the screen that shoot torpedoes at you. Go along a 
little further and you will encounter more subs and a helicopter in the air. I
suggest that you ignore the bombs that the helipcopter drops and just focus on
the subs.

After you defeat the two sets of subs, you will notice a boat on the surface of
the water firing at you. Shoot the boat while aiming your bullets up! Keep going
a little further and you will encounter more boats and another sub. This part 
may get a little tricky, but one thing you have to watch out for is the air 
bubbles that arise from the seafloor. If one of the bubbles touch your sub, then
you will take damage. So all the bubbles in this game are dangerous.

Keep moving on and you will encounter some undersea mines and another boat. Try
to avoid the mines and shoot at the boat at the surface as it will definitely
cause you some trouble if you are not careful. Continue you on and destroy the
two submarines that will pop out from the right of the screen. The next part 
will start getting even more tricky. As you approach the coral reefs, bubbles
will start to vent from the bottom of the sea, while boats and helicopters drop
bombs at you from above. Tried to destroy the bombs the helicopter drops and 
shoot at the boats.

As you continue along the coral, you will notice a different type of submarine
that is colored blue that hides in the reefs. These type of submarine attack by
popping out of the reefs and firing at your sub, and plunge back into the reefs.
When the jump out of the reef, try to dispatch them before they go back in. 

Continue along further, and you will encounter more subs and bubbles. I suggest
staying towards the surface at this part because these enemies are towards the
bottom of the seafloor. COntinue along and destroy a few boats on the surface
and a couple of bubbles coming out of the seafloor. After destroying these ene-
mies, you will encounter about 3-4 subs and a boat on the surface. Try and to
destroy the subs first while avoiding the boat's bombs. As you arrive towards 
the end of the coral reefs, you will encounter some more boats and bubbles that
you can either avoid or destroy. Once you get back into the open sea, I suggest
that you stay towards the top of the screen and fire at the boats at the sur-
face, as the subs towards the bottom are tricky and hard to avoid. 

After defeating the enemies, you will stumble upon a huge base that contains a
few enemy guns towards the bottom of the base.

(                                                                           |
 (									    |
  (				BASE					    |
   (									    |
    (									    |
     (								            |
	||		  ||		||
	||		  ||		||
        ||		  ||		==
	||		  ||		==
	==  <- enemy ship ||		||
	==  		  ||		||
	||		  ||		||
	||		  ==		||
        ||		  ==		||
	||		  ||		||

This terrible diagram above is to depict how the base will look like once you
come across it. There will be three poles with these gun-like "ships" on the 
pole. You must shoot at these enemy ships in order to destroy them. They will
take about 5-6 bullets in order for them to die. While shooting at the ships,
try to avoid their bullets by either shooting at them or dodging them. Once you
destroy a ship, aim at the next ship at the next pole until all three ships are
destroyed. Once you destroy all three ships, then you completed the first stage!

|3.2 Stage 2 (3002)                        |
If you though the last level was long, this level will be much longer! This 
time, you will be traveling through different underwater caves while encounterin
old and new enemies. 

As the level begins, you will submarine. Destroy the submarine, and you will
notice a speedboat racing across the surface. The speedboat will fire bombs at
you, but since it moves fast, you are better off just ignoring it and shooting
the bombs it leaves behind.

The next part will provide a little of a challenge for you. You will encounter
both some slow and fast enemies. The first thing you will encounter is a set of
the usual submarines. Dispatch them as quickly as possible before another group
of subs apporach you. These subs are smaller and move swifter, so try to destroy
them before they damage you. On the surface, you will encounter another speed-
boat and a row boat. Just ignore the speedboat and shoot at the row boat and the
bombs that its throws down from it.

Stay towards the top of the screen and ignore the bubbles and subs at the bottom
of the seafloor. Shoot at any enemy rowboats at the surface of the water. Now,
you will enter a cave-like area with helicopters at the surface of the water, 
and these fast subs at the bottom of it. Shoot at the subs first since they move
around a lot, then shoot at the helicopters before the leave the island.

Now stay towards the bottom of the sea and shoot at all the bubbles and giant
subs that shoot torpedoes at you. Keep at this before you reach a barrage of 
enemies at the next area. You will encounter both subs and more boats. I suggest
that you take out the subs and just ignore the boats. Shoot at any projectile 
that is coming your way. Also, becareful of the fast moving subs as they can be
tricky to shoot at!

As you pass the big island, you will notice a giant volcano erupting magma out
of the of it. Of course mother nature is after your submarine now. You can only
really shoot at the magma, or try dodging it. You cannot destroy the volcano at
all. After you come across the volcano, you will be attacked by another swarm of
subs and bubbles. Its not unusual to take damage in this area, but as always,
try to shoot at the fast moving subs since they can be a big pain the butt. Also
try ignoring the slow moving subs and just shoot at their torpedoes.

Keep moving along and shoot at the row boats and the helicopters on the island,
while shooting at the fast moving subs that try to attack you. The next area 
will calm down with just a few boats and subs for you to shoot at. After shoot-
ing at these enemies, you will come across two more volcanoes that you can just
either shoot at the magma, or try to avoid it altogether.

After you get pass the volcano, you will notice a strange robot on the bottom of
the seafloor picking up a rock. Shoot at this robot as it will try to throw the
rock at you. Continue along and shoot at a few more subs and these giant robots
before you come across this giant robotic device.

Now, I don't know what this device is suppose to be, but I do know that it will
be the "boss fight" of this stage. You will notice that the robotic device has
these three little "satelite-type" guns at the top of it. Shoot at these sate-
lites to destroy them as they will fire bullets at you. You can either abvoid
the bullets, or shoot at them to destroy. They are pretty slow shooters, so you
shouldn't have that much trouble getting rid of them.

Now comes the tricky part of this fight. You will notice that shooting at the
device itself will not damage it. However, if you look at the center of the dev-
ice, you will notice that it contains a core that fires these lasers at you.
Descend your sub just enough for you to shoot at the core and take a couple of
shots before the device fires a laser at you. Once it stops firing, descend once
again and keep shooting at the core. Repeat this process until you fully destroy
the core, and you will have finally completed the stage!

|3.3 Stage 3 (3003)                        |
You will now be spending most of your time undersea, and sendomly have to worry
about enemies on the surface. You will also start to face a variety of new ene-
mies then the previous level.

Alright, the level will start off kind of slow. You will encounter the under-
water mines that you saw in the first stage again. Shoot at it and you will come
across a fee torpedoes that come out at you from the right of the screen. Stay
at the bottom of the screen and shoot at the bubbles that appear, before being
attacked by skeleton fish! These enemies move fast so you shouldn't have a 
problem shooting at them.

Continue further along and you notice this eel-like enemy approaching you from
the back of the screen. Now, I suggest that you try and avoid this eel while it
is swimming towards you. Once its in front of you, shoot at it until the creeper
is dead. Keep traveling a little further, and you will encounter some octopus 
and some more bubbles.

You will then come into a fork in the road. I suggest that you travel towards 
the top because I found that route to be easier. Anyways, shoot at the slow 
moving fish, while avoiding the bubbles that pop out from the bottom of the scr-
een. Stay at the top of the screen and shoot at the skeleton fish that fire 
these projectiles out of their mouth before they harm you. After killing the 
fish, you will encounter more pink fish that will be easy to kill, and some more

As you pass the volcano, you will re-enter the cave with some underwater mines
and another fork in the road. I decided to stay towards the top again for no
particular reason. The top route is not easy at all, as they are full of sea-
turtles, bubbles, and these fish that fire projectiles at you. Shoot at these
enemies and the octopus that swim towards you before you are attacked by another
eel. Like the last eel, I suggest that you wait until it comes in front of you
before shooting it.

Once your path comes back together, you will notice a cyclops-like octopus on
the floor of the cavern. This octopus will fire these projectles out at your sub
from its eyes. Shoot at the projectiles first, then shoot at the octopus to des-
troy it. 

Continue along a little further, and you will notice that two eels will be app-
roaching you from behind. My suggestion is to wait in the middle while the two
eels swim by, and shoot at them to get rid of them! Avoid the bubbles for the
next ten seconds, and you will come across another boss fight!

This time you will be facing a giant robotic fish! The fish fires multiple proj-
ectiles at you from its body. But since the fish is stuck to the wall, it can't
move a muscle. If you look at the inside of the fish's body, you will notice 
these green-like organs. These green organs are the fish's weakness! Shoot at 
the green organs like crazy while avoiding the fish's projectiles! You may have
to move up and down to avoid the projectiles, but as long you shoot at the 
organs of the fish, the boss battle will be over in no time. Once you destroy 
the fish, you will finally be done with this stage!

|3.4 Stage 4 (3004)                        |
Okay, this is kind of a weird level. This time your sub will be travel along an
ancient underwater city. This level is full of strange fish-like warriors and
fast projectiles, so be prepared for a much tougher level!

At the beginning of this level, you will come across thie pharoah-like skeleton
that fires projectiles at you. Destroy it before it causes any major damage to
your sub! Continue alon and you will come across several decorated ships that
fire these missiles at your sub. As always, shoot at them and destroy the ships
before the hurt you.

Continue along and shoot at a few more subs and enemies, before you come across
this giant golden head. I am guessing that this is suppose to be a statue, but
whatever it is it use to freak me out when I was little. Shooting at the giant
head will be a waste of time, so I suggest that you shoot at the missiles that
the head shoots at you and swim towards the surface of the water. After fighting
the giant golden head, you will come across these small enemies that will split
up and try to attack your ship head on. Destroy them before they cause you any

After fighting off the swarms of enemies, you will come across another warrior
that you saw earlier. Shoot at them while avoiding the bones that they throw at
your sub. Once you defeat the warriors, fire at the other fish that try to att-
ack you. Swim towards the bottom of the screen after you defeat the fish because
a group of torpedoes will come straight towards your sub if you stay towards the
top, and they will be hard to destroy! After avoiding the torpedoes, you will
come across a group of tiny golden statues that you fought earlier. Just ignore
them and swim towards the surface.

Now you will encounter another giant golden head! The same thing as before, just
swim towards the surface to try and avoid the golden statue. Your submarine will
then come across a temple, and a golden-bat like enemy will appear in front of
you. Shoot at this flying specter before it hits you with its porjectiles. This
little guy will take a few shots before you completely destroy it. Continue 
along and you come across another flying specter. Destroy it like you did with
the previous one.

Now you will come across more decorated ships from earlier. Either destroy them
or avoid them, but watch out for their projectiles. Continue along and try to
maneuveur around the torpedoes and fish that swim at you. You will then come
across another swarm of those golden statues. Don't bother shooting at all of
them, and just shoot at the ones that appear in your way. Keep moving to the
right and avoid some more torpedoes and fish, before you come across another
giant golden head! By now you should know what to do when you come across one
of these things.

After passing golden head #3, you will come across another temple that has a
flying scepter. Destroy it like you did with the previous ones, and you will
come across another decorated golden ship. (Aren't you getting tired of these?)
Avoid one final golden head before you come across the boss fight for the fourth

In this boss battle, you will fighting a giant green demon that contains two
faces on its body. I found this boss battle to be pretty simple. Basically, the
demon will cause debris to fall from the ceiling by pounding on the ground. As
the debri is falling, you must either avoid it or shoot at it since it will 
cause damage to your sub. In order to damage the demon, you must shoot at his 
body. However, it is not as simple as it may sound. The demon can only be shot
at while the debris that falling from the ceiling. Any other time that you shoot
at him, no damage will be incurred. Keep repeating the process of avoiding the
debri, while shooting at the demon to destroy this boss.

|3.5 Stage 5 (3005)                        |
You are now in some underground base, so you will now be encountering some new
enemies. This level, like the last level, will be pretty tough, so stay sharp
on your feet!

Anyways, this level starts off with these spiked enemies that rush towards your
ship. Shoot at these enemies before they attack the sub. Move along a little
further and you will come across more fish and bubbles that attack you. Dispatch
of them like you did in the earlier stages. Continue along to the right, and you
will come across some mini-purple ships that fire at your sub. Dispatch of them
as soon as possible because they move pretty.

As you continue along further, I suggest that you stay at the top ofthe screen
because the bottom is filled with more of these ships and bubbles. After fight-
ing off some of the ships, you will be attacked by a swarm of these little mis-
siles. Shoot at the ones that approach you, and ignore the ones that fly past
your sub. Continue along and destroy another spiked ship and some more of those
deadly damn bubbles. 

As your sub cruises along, you will come across a giant platform in the center
of the screen that contain six mini drones that fire projectiles at you. It is
not uncommon to take damage at this part since the drones are tiny and hard to
shoot at. I suggest that you take the ones out on either the  bottom or top row,
depending on which route you pick.

After fighting off the drones, you will be attacked by a swarm of enemies that
include the mini-ships from earlier and a saucer-type enemy that shoots project-
iles in all the cardinal directions. Destroy these enemies as soon as possible,
and destroy the spiked ships that approach before you take heavy damage. The
next 10-20 seconds will have you shooting the purple mini-ships, spiked ships,
and other swarms of enemies from earlier. Your hand MUST be tired after this
point, but I sure know that mine was! There is nothing to really talk about the
next thirty seconds before the boss fight, because your ship is attacked by the
same three enemies. Just avoid the enemies as best as possible and try not to
take that much damage.

Avoid fighting off the swarm of enemies, you may expect a challenging boss fight
right? Wrong! This boss fight is a joke. You are basically fighting this tri-
angle like machine that contains pipes and guns. If you notice at the bottom of
the machine, there is this green like substance in a glass container. Just 
simply move your ship under the pipes and shoot at the green substance because
none of the projectiles will harm you thanks to the pipes! Just keep shooting at
this green substance in order to end this joke of a boss fight and continue onto
the final stage!

|3.6 Stage 6 (3006)                        |
We are finally at the final stage of the level! This place seems to take place
in an underground base and is full of giant machinery and enemy ships. Be prep-
ared for the ride of your life!

As you start the level, you will notice this giant generator giving off elect-
rical current. While swimming through the generator, try avoiding the electric-
ity or your sub will be fried. After traveling through the generator, you will
encounter a couple of enemies and another generator! You come across more of 
these for the next few seconds, along with a few transparent ships. Destroy the
ships and avoid the generators.

You will then come across a row of generators where you must perfect your timing
while swimming through them. Wait until one generator shoots off an electrical
current before traveling through the next generator. After the generators, you
will come across some metal pipes and these electrical orbs that will attack
your sub. Shoot at the orbs to make them disintegrate.

After avoiding some more transparent ships, you will come across these giant
test tubes with these specimen inside. Shoot at the test tubes to break them,
then shoot at the red specimen before they attack you. You will be encountering
these specimen, along with the transparent ships, for the next thirty seconds,
so just keep destroying them when they are in your path. After you finish dest-
roying all the test tubes, you will come across the final boss!

You are basically fighting this giant ugly mutant that has a big head and big
mouth. The mutant will attack by firing projectiles out of its mouth and tent-
acles. His weak spot is his whole skull. You basically must shoot at the giant
mutants skull while avoiding the projectiles that come out of his body. While
it may sound simple, it can be frustrating since there are projectiles every
where! Just keep shooting at his head until the mutant explodes and dies.

Congradulations, you have officially beaten Submarine Attaack!

*4. Version Histroy (4000)       *
1.0 - Completed the entire walkthrough for the game. (03-28-2010)

*5. Credits (5000)               *
Reader - For reading my walkthrough for this awesome game.

GameFAQS - For hosting my Submarine Attack walkthrough.

Games - Inspiring me for writing this walkthrough for this game with his SMS
Completion Project.

<http://glacoras.net16.net/SMS_CP/> - The website that hosts the completion
project, which is runned by Games.

<http://www.network-science.de/ascii>- For helping me make my ASCII
*6. Contact/Copyright (6000)     *
Got any questions? Email me at jakrafcik@yahoo.com

Copyright 2010 by Resident Evil Zombie

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

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