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Reviewed: 08/01/05 | Updated: 05/10/10

Nothing to Assault Here

Assault City is a shooter that can be played either with a controller or a light phaser (if you have the phaser compatible version of the game). Basically you try to shoot everything that moves around the screen, leaving nothing behind. If you don't shoot something fast enough, they will shoot at you. Nothing really much special to note beforehand as you might find out why. Not much is known about this game either as it was only released for the Sega Master System.

Gameplay: 7/10

Two words can clearly state what you may find this game to be: shoot everything. Although that may be too direct of a way to state how the gameplay is, it nevertheless describes what the game is about. This IS a light gun shooter so no unexpectancies should be found, and shouldn't primarily be the fact to hurt the score. Trying to survive the fierce battle while accurately aiming your light phaser is all part of the fun.

There are no saves or passwords, so when you start the game you'll have to continually play it until the end. Now this part adds the challenge to the game. Dying never results in having to restart the whole game over, in which makes the game very possible to complete, and probably a little easier than traditional shooters.

Story: 9/10

This game basically revolves around the story, allowing you to have a precise understanding of why you're going through the stages and what your goal is. The story is progressive throughout the game allowing for you to continually gain knowledge on your goal. It's not crucial to understand the story in order to complete the game, but it can help to give you more of a feel of the game.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics are well detailed throughout the game. You'll be able to depict everything that comes aboard on screen and can clearly see what's happening. A vast variety of colors are offered throughout giving a sense of light and dark in some areas and avoids being bland. The background offers the similar detail and the game doesn't slow down even with such details it offers.

Sound/Music: 6/10

The sounds can approve to be an small annoyance upon the first few enemies appearing on screen, which makes you want to mute the game or try to deal with the sounds. There's nothing really wrong with the sounds in context of where they fit in the game, but can be more commonly overriding the music due to the volume set for the music being low. There's no way to change the volume levels in the game, which can prove rather noisy when you're in an intense battle.

Replayability: 5/10

The replayability can vary dependently on how much you enjoyed the game and how well worth it is to be played again. To add some motivation of having you play the game again, you're offered a harder difficulty. The game is still not much differed when offered this option, but nevertheless it also adds more of a challenge to the game. As previously stated, there are no passwords or saves, in which you'll have to replay the whole game again to have the harder difficulty option available if the console is powered off.

Final Result: 7/10

The game is quite linear throughout which can make it an easy choice to play through one time and never deal with it again. Since you're offered a harder difficulty for replaying, you may feel motivated to play through the game again. With the linearity of the game, it allows a story to develop and can be quite helpful for you to want to continue on without feeling as the whole game just being a senseless shooter. It's not much different than any other shooter game of that generation, but as long as you are able to wield the light phaser, you may feel as you're on your way to accomplishing a mission.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Assault City (EU, 12/31/90)

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