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Guide and Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 02/03/2013

--------------------------------[TENSAI BAKABON]-------------------------------
------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]------------------------------
-----------------------------[ Sega Master System ]----------------------------


For those who bet that they would have to wait for the rom to this game to be
translated to figure out how to play the game, well I'm sorry but... YOU LOSE!
Ti ji ji~!! ^v^

Ice Queen Zero has stepped onto the scene once again to put ya'll out of your
misery with a well documented guide on how to complete this game despite the
lack of Japanese knowledge usually needed to do so. I like to thank my step-
grandma, Hiroko Matsuda-Lamphear for helping me complete this game.

In case you need further help, I made a video for the game.


Tensai Bakabon (game) is a trademark of Sega and all copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given
permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

For more guides by myself visit this link:


Hajime has gone missing and it is now up to Bakabon's Papa who I'll just refer
to as Papa to search all over town for him using clues given by people around.


Button 1: Kick (Bomb during UFO stage), decline
Button 2: Jump (Shoot during UFO stage), pick
Pause (on console): Password screen

D-pad: move in that direction


The first thing that you'll do is to kick the nameplate just outside the house
on the right to get some yen then kick a red lantern further on for more yen.
You will want to avoid conversation until you reach the store. You could have
gone left at the start to get to the store but you had no money at the start.
Jump and kick the first utility pole for even more yen and when you see Ijime
Taruu beating up Unagiinu's mother, don't engage them just yet. Jump and kick
the second tree after the building before them for the last bit of hidden yen
in the street. Just before getting to the store, you'll see Doruhou running in
from the right. Engage him, then strike him up to five times to earn up to 50k
yen each time you engage him on the street. Enter the store and buy any kind of
burger and hit yes (hai), you'll be asked if you want chips with that. Say yes
to that too. 

When you head right, you'll see someone spinning around. This is a camera man
aka Kamera Kozou. Engage him and speak to him and choose the first picture (the
picture of Hajime). He will give you the photo for 250,000 yen much to Papa's
dismay. Head to the left to engage Ijime, speak to him first and a scuffle will
break out with no one hurt. Choose to bribe him with money (purse) and he will
stop beating up Unagiinu's mother. She thanks you for saving her. Back out and
talk to Ijime again and he says he'll use the money to buy a Sega Master System.
Talk to Baka Daikouhai who is standing outside of the apartment. He claims to
know nothing of Hajime but when you show him a picture, he says something about
him being near a mansion. Speak to Unagiinu who is the black cat with a tadpole
tale. He is grateful that you saved his mother and rewards you with a pair of
shoes. Go back in the house and show Mama the shoes then leave and talk to
Unagiinu again and he gives more information on the mansion mentioned earlier.

This mansion is that old gray rundown apartment. When you enter you can go up to
as high as the fifth floor which is outside floor but the roof access is closed
as are the other rooms beside the first floor. Go in and talk to the landlord,
Nasake Naizou who seems depressed that the building is set for being torn down.
Leave and head over to the Dokechifudou and go inside. Ignore the first floor
door as Yakuza will beat you up everytime. Go upstairs and speak to Fudousan
Yasan who is a real estate owner. He demands a billion yen in gold which I'll
get to later on. Head out to the bar on the left where the red latern is. Buy a
drink. You can buy sake, beer, or whiskey. It won't matter which one you buy the
first time as a scuffle breaks out and you are kicked out the bar. Go back in
and buy a beer. The bar owner, Nomiya no Oyaji, will tell you a secret clue. To
get in the sewer, you must jump on a manhole cover three times. Don't do it just
yet. Buy some whiskey and head back to the Dokechifudou and enter the first door
and strike Yakuza to beat him up. He'll give up a key to a safe.

Now you are free to jump on the manholes. The one outside the bar leads to some
extra yen. Kick the rocks to find two hidden ones. If you look closely, you'll
see that the rocks spell out Bakabon in Japanese Katakana. The middle manhole
leads to a mole named Mogu where you got to kick rocks away to reach it. Talk
to him and he will say something to you about his big brother that offends you.
Strike him and he will give you a clue to find him in the next manhole area. Go
there and you will see you can't get out. At least not yet. Head right and jump
into the first pit and you'll see Bakabon down there starving. Give the other
burger to him and then go back and get the yen behind the rocks. Go back to the
top and this time you want to jump across the right pit. This leads to Mogu's
brother (Mogu no Suke). The first time you talk to him, he'll rough you up. You
must engage him and strike him three more times until he is defeated. He tells
you about a secret room hidden in the cave. Head back to near where you first
came in the cave. You got to jump and kick several rocks away to land in that

Make your way to the upper left by staying on high ground then drop down at the
end and kick the wall to give you a nice elevator for once you finish what you
came to do. Go into that dead end spot and kick the wall to make a hole appear
in there. Go inside and get the yen hidden in the left box then go upstairs and
there is more yen in the left box too. Kick the blank space and a safe shows up.
If you got the key from Yakuza, strike the safe to get the gold bar and now you
want to take it to Fudousan. To exit the cave, make your way out of the pit you
just entered and hop over the pits and kick your way to the upper left and just
jump up. You end up outside your house. Go to Fudousan and give him the gold. He
sells you the run down mansion and now talk to Nasake and he will give you the
Master Key.

All rooms are open except for the roof door. You can speak to the tenants. The
second floor has an Indian guy who challenges you to a game of chance by having
you pick the right colored snake: red, yellow, or blue for 100,000 yen a game.
His pattern is simple, the first time you play it will always be the red snake
then the yellow snake then the blue snake. You win 300,000 yen each time. The
third floor has a fortune teller, say no (iie) to getting a fortune read because
it means nothing no matter what you pick. He will give you some information on
the fourth floor tenant who sleeps a lot. Go out and get a burger from the store
(doesn't matter which one). Go the top floor to check it out then try to bribe
the sleeping man with a burger. He won't take it just yet. Revisit the fortune
teller and say no again. Go back to the sleeper and this time he will take the
burger and go back to sleep. Go to the top floor and go on the roof. Nothing is
happening yet, so visit the fortune teller once more and he tells you to stand
underneath the cloud and jump eight times. Do that and a crow appears. Engage it
and feed the crow the chip and it will carry you to its nest where an alien will
appear. Speak to the alien and say yes and you board the UFO to another planet.

Speak to the king alien inside and you are told that Hajime had gone joyriding
in another UFO and crashed. Now you got to buy a UFO to go after him. There are
three UFOs to choose from: Yellow, Green, and Blue. The yellow UFO is the most
expensive but it is the fastest and most stable of them all so choose that one
if you got the funds. It is 400,000 yen. The green one is midquality, and the
blue is poor quality as it sinks when idle and moves slow. Press 1 to fire a
missile and 2 to drop bombs. One hit and you die but you'll end up back in front
of the kingdom and shop ready to buy another UFO. Watch out for butterflies that
shoot sparks, bouncing cats, and swans that swoop in and shoot sparks. You also
go cannons that are not much of a threat and trash cans that spit trash out in
the plane you are in (up if you are higher, down if you are lower). The enemy
you don't want to mess with is the vacuum. If will fire several sparks when hit
by your fire so ignore it. Near the end, you'll come up at two forks. The hint
of the first fork is 1+2x3 and this will use scientific calculation and make the
answer 7 and not 9. The answer to the next clue is 110 mon (middle path) but you
want to stay on your toes as those swans will swoop out of nowhere and shoot at
you. Carefully make it past the next past which has trash and swans and a few
butterflies and you are home free. When you land, you go inside a room where you
see several Hajimes.

I will name off the puzzle like this:

  A B C
   D E
 K L M N
  O   P

If you mess up, press 2 to back out then press 1 to reset. 

H is empty at the start and you will play a game similar to chinese checkers.

1. A to H
2. M to D
3. C to A
4. O to H
5. E to K
6. F to O
7. J to H
8. G to I
9. P to J
10. A to H
11. L to E
12. J to H
13. E to L
14. O to H

Once you win the puzzle, Hajime says aliens are planning to conquer the earth
and Fudou was an alien in disguise. You remember where that safe was right? Go
back there and strike it again and you are in a secret area where you go into
meet up with Ucha Ujin (the yellow alien from earlier). You board a UFO and go
on another shooting spree which is shorter this time. Once you make it past all
the enemies, you fight the games final boss. You must avoid the boss's sparks
from its nose and the balls it spits out as you destroy all three of its teeth
to beat the game. In the end, Fudousan is revealed to be Waruian. He give you
three ending choices. The first choice is an alien spa, the second choice is an
alien dance entertainment, and the final one is where Papa goes on an eating
binge. Then the rest of the ending happens. Good job on beating the game.


GameFAQs and others for hosting
You for reading
Sega for making the game
Hiroko Matsuda-Lamphear (my stepgrandma) for helping me play this game as she
used to own it.


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Don't want any email bots.

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Thank you for reading

-Ice Queen Zero

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