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Guide and Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 10/11/2012

-------------------------------[SONIC THE HEDGEHOG]----------------------------
--------------------------[Master System/GameGear/Wii VC]----------------------
--------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]----------------------------

Mad scientist, Dr. Ivo Robotnik is turning your animal buddies into robots.
As Sonic the Hedgehog aka the blue blur aka the Master of Speed, your mission
is to make your way through six levels, save your buddies and take down the
evil Robotnic once and for all. Well at least till Sonic 2.

1 or 2 button = Jump n attack. (2 button also starts game on Master System)
Start (Pause on the master system console) = Pause the game
Left or Right = run
Up = look up
Down = Look down or duck
Run then press down = roll

Rings - 100 of these give you an extra life and send you to the special stage
if you are Sonic. Their main purpose is to protect you from death when hit.
You only need one ring for protection. One more hit without rings and you are a
goner. Won't protect you from falls or drowning or time out.

Super Ring - worth 10 rings

Sneakers - Run faster

Invincibility - Makes you impervious to damage for a limited time. Won't
protect you from falls or drowning or time out.

1-up - gives you an extra life

Shield - Protection from damage. Protects your rings too.

Down arrow box - serves as a checkpoint where you return if you die.

End of goal - Robotnik gets you nothing, other panels gets you a 1-up,
continue, or a super ring. You go to the special zone if you have more than
fifty rings at the end.

There are 6 zones with 3 acts each. You fight the boss at the end of each Act 3

You have 10 minutes in real time to complete a level. If the time goes over 10
minutes then you lose a life.

Avoid staying underwater too long, soon a timer will be over your head. If the
timer reaches zero then you'll drown and lose a life.

You get continues by breaking the monitor labeled Cont. in the Special Zone.

All the bosses have a pattern that can be used against them to defeat them

Some floors and walls are breakable. You can roll into them to break them

Bottomless pits and drowning kill you regardless of rings or Invincibility

Chopper - Fish
MotoBug - Beetle
Crabmeat - Crab
Jaws - Shark
BuzzBomber - Hornet
Caterkiller - Caterpillar
Ball Hog - Pig
Newton - Newt
Burrobot - Mole


                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |  Green Hill Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
Grab the rings and watch for the Motobug. Grab the Super Ring and continue.
Jump on the Crabmeat for points and grab more rings up the hill. There is an
Invincibility box at the top of the hill. jump on it. Now you have an option,
do you eant to just zip to the end of the level from here while you are in the
state of invincibility or stick around and get fifty rings and then exit. There
are many opportunities to get to the special stage so do the former.

~Act 2~
Grab the rings and you'll automatically fall down through the floor into a
cave. Run left to get the shield, then run back down. Be sure to time your
next jump to get the super ring and drop to the left. There is a 1-up hidden
behind the left wall. Run back and you'll be in water/ Don't stay underwater
too long or you'll drown. You can jump high enough to hit the above spikes as
you jump onto the Crabmeat. Once out the water, go right, jump left and avoid
the spring and kill a BuzzBomber and Crabmeat on the left. Roll into the next
Crabmeat and fall down at the end. To the right is a Chaos Emerald. Grab it and
drop down to the left. Go back to that one spring we told you to avoid earlier
and spring up and left and go past the next spring for a super ring and go back
to the spring and go up. kill the BuzzBomber and take the moving platform to
the right. Roll down the hill and you'll be vaulted to the end of the stage.

~Act 3~
Jump right and avoid two spike pits and fight Robotnik. He is too easy. Just
jump and hit him eight times as he flies back and forth and its all over.


                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |    Bridge Zone    |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

Remember the tune of this stage somewhere? It is merely a prototype of Tails'
theme song "Believe in Myself" in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for Dreamcst and

~Act 1~
Run right and watch for an enemy that can't be jump on. (The manual never named
it.) Hop over the gaps and watch for choppers. Then again, they'll die if they
touch you while you're in the middle of a jump. There is a Buzz Bomber you
don't need to bother. Cross the bridges.

Now here is where the Choppers are a nuisance. Run across the bridge. The
bridge collapse so be fast. There is a weighted catapult ahead. On the second
launch is when you push to the right. The first launch is not high enough. Hit
the checkpoint and cross the bridge. Wait for the moving platform and when
they're low and cross two more bridges. Ignore the spring. There is another
weighted catapult. On the second launch, push right the 1-up on the hill. Cross
the big bridge. Get the rings on the spring and there is a Chaos Emerald below.
The bridge is collapsable. Ride he first piece down and jump off in time to
reach the emerald or else you'll fall and die. Now head all the way right to
finish the stage.

~Act 2~
This stage automatically scrolls right so get a move on. Hop the gaps and get
the rings. Cross the bridge and watch out for spikey. You can roll into him but
not jump on him. Hop the hills for a shield. Cross the bridge and watch for
spikey. You can roll into him. Hop the hills for a shield. Cross the bridge and
watch for the Buzz Bomber's bullet. Hop the hill and wait for the screen to
scroll so you won't be left to die as the bridge collapses. Get the Super Ring.
Cross another collapsable bridge and be sure to roll into the Spikey to take it
out.There is a weighted catapult but it has nothing special up there. hpo up
the hills and cross the bridge. Hop in the center of the 1-up box to safely
land on the bridge or hill. Hop up the brodges and cross them. Watch for a
Buzz Bomber. Hop the hill and instead of crossing the collapsing brodge, hop
over it, Do it again for the next bridge. You have beaten this stage. Why was
the stage timed though? Beats us. No one is going to lolligag till time is up.

~Act 3~
There is a 1-up behind you. Get it! Hop the gap and just keep running till you
meet Dr. Robotnik. He is a little tougher. Jump on him and run to the other side
and keep going although you can't go nowhere but you'll stay on the slanted part
of the bridge. When Robotnik fires, do a low jump and he'll miss. Eight his and
off to the next stage. Be sure to keep an eye on where he comes up and bounce
him in the middle.


                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |    Jungle Zone    |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
Run right and jump up the hills. Run across the vines and hills till you get to
a waterfall. Hop across the platforms till you reach a 1-up. Hit the continue
marker and carefully hop actoss the logs. ignore the spring and continue right.
Get on the spinning log and across the bottomless pit. Run on the log across
the water and watch for Choppers from below. Hop over the thorns and ignore the
newton and kill Crabmeat. Hop on the log and ride it down and hop left, and
ride the log left for a Chaos Emerald then ride the log back till you hit a
wall. Keep heading right to a continue marker. Ride the swinging log to the
hill top. Roll down the vine and ride the logs to the right and end the stage.

~Act 2~
This stage is vertical. Hop up the stones and gather items on the way up and
hop on the log and hop off quickly before it falls. Keep climbing up. There is
a 1-up in the upper right but you have to go around the left then make it to
the 1-up and avoid the thorns. hit the continue marker and keep climbing up. At
the top, you'll see two stones that box you in. Climb up the logs from there
and head right to finish.

Special Note for those playing the Master System version: There is no downward
travel here. Unlike the Game Gear counterpart, you will die if you fall down the
bottom of the screen.

~Act 3~
Run right for a 1-up and double back. Now start climbing your way to the boss.
Hit him four times and avoid the boulder he drops as it rolls then hit him four
more times before he sends another and defeat him. Be sure not to fall off at
the end.


                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |   Labyrinth Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
This whole zone has a lot of water so grab air bubbles to avoid drowning or hop
out of the water then slide down the water slide and use the spring to go left
after you hit the ceiling and come down a bit. Run left all the way for air.
Watch for rising platforms that rise into the spikes. kill the Burrobots and
make your way down for air. Head right and hop the spears, get more air and
continue. Ride up the rising platform and hop off the left and avoid the orbit-
ing spike. Get the Super Ring and go back down and to the right and climb up.
Hop on the button then hop right for a 1-up and continue right to finish.

~Act 2~
Kill the Burrobot and slide down the water but be sure to jump midway on the
second water slide for rings and a shield. Drop all the way down as you can
and get some air on the way, you'll need it. Drop left first for a 1-up and
head back and ride up to the air bubbles, get air, go right. Hop the spike. Hit
the continue marker. Avoid the fireballs spit by the statues then ride up. Hop
left first chance, get air, kill the Burrobot, avoid the rotating spikes as you
go up and go right. Make a break for dry land. Hop up and to the left. At the
top, do a low jump for the Chaos Emerald on the left and go right to finish. In
the Master System version, the emerald is inside a pit of spikes that you must
use the invincibilty in order to get it without getting hurt.

~Act 3~
Gasp! You can breath underwater. You have an option of springing to the left
and maneuvering through spikes for a 1-up. Head right till you reach a gap and
this is where you fight Boss #4. He'll fire two shots at the same time and sink
then appear in one of the two upper gaps and fire homing missiles then the
other one and do the same and repeat the pattern. Get in eight his to defeat


                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |  Scrap Brain Zone |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
Grab the rings and hop the gap. Stay low to avoid the flames and roll into
Catterkiller. On the conveyor belt, get the 1-up before it falls. Now stay low
again and avoid the electricity. Take the conveyor belts to the right and
spring up to the button. Keep running right and remember to roll into Cater-
killer since his body is dangerous to jump on the end is to the right.

~Act 2~
Hop the gaps, run right and hop up the conveyor belts to the upper right and
fall down and take the upper road on the right. Run right and hop over the two
gaps but avoid the flamethrowers and fall down the third and go right into a
teleporter and go left for a chaos emerald/right for the emerald in the Master
System version. Fall down and head back to where you originally came out. Now
take the low road. Work your way down but avoid the Ball Hogs and don't fall to
the right, just zigzag down then hop right over the gap to a teleporter. Run 
left and work your way up till the end.

~Act 3~
Hop the gap and run right. Fall down the last gap; hit the spring at the end of
the right and go left, spring up and left, then spring up and right twice in a
ow then spring up and left. Ignore the button, spring up and head right. You
now chase Robotnik who runs off like fucking coward and gets away.


                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |   Sky Base Zone   |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
This is a dangerous level with jolts of electricity throughout the stage that
zaps you if they touch you. head right and hop two gaps, wait for the electri-
city to vanish before you continue. Get the shield and duck over the bomb since
the explosion can't hit you from directly below. Also duck to avoid the lightn-
ing. Head right and wait for the lightning. Get out of randge quick and there
are two cannons shooting four shots each. Move past them after the 4th shot.
There is a bomb, let it explode, and jump out of the way. Move to the air plat-
form and wait for alightning bolt to hit before you jump on it. Jump on the
next one and you can jump down the platforms. Wait for the lightning and ride
the platforms. There are two rising/falling platforms to take. Go right and the
stage is over.

~Act 2~
There is an easy way to complete this level, let's take that since it leads to
the last emerald. Jump off to the left slightly to land on a moving platform
and keep taking these platforms to reach the emerald. Watch out for a cannon on
the 4th platform. Hop on the rising platform and the emerald is to the left so
hop to it. Ignore the chain and go left and avoid the tank bullets. The cannons
pause after four shots. keep moving left and into the new area. Run right to
finish the level.

~Act 3~
-Game Gear Version-
This is it, the last level. Roll all the way down and fight Robotnik. Hit Robo-
tnik five times and retreat to the left by holding left after the 5th hit to
bounce to safety because the flames below shoot up in a left, right, center
pattern. When Robotnik jumps on the button, he'll send a homing electric ball.
Avoid it and the flames and keep attacking Robotnik. He will go down in twelve
hits instead of the usual eight. Congrats! Now chase Robotnik and jump into the

-Master System Version-
The last boss fight is different here. There is a machine that moves back and
forth along the floor and ceiling that generates a temporary electric wall for a
few seconds then go away. The homing electric ball shooter is directly above
Robotnik this time and whenever he jumps on the button, he'll shoot one at you
but if you stay on the very left, neither it or the wall will hit you. Run to
the right and hit Robotnik when the wall goes away and run back quickly. After
4 hits, the wall will use short bursts. After 8 hits, the walls will follow you
to your location but again, it can't hit you on the very left. After 12 hits,
you beat the game.

Sega for making the game
Whomever wants to host this FAQ
You for reading this guide.

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Thank you for reading

-Ice Queen Zero

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