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Reviewed: 03/12/19

Easy and breezy but it ain't cheezy.

"Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos" is a Master System platformer developed by Aspect and published by SEGA in 1993. The Master System version was published in Europe and South America. A Game Gear port was published a month later in Japan. The plot of "Chaos" involves Dr. Robotnik stealing the Red Chaos Emerald, which he plans to use to create terrible weaponry. Sonic and Tails choose to chase after Robotnik. They plan to defeat him by finding and using the power of the other five Chaos Emeralds against their foe.

"Sonic Chaos" was the third series entry to appear on the Master System. Compared to the first two Sonic games on SMS, "Chaos" is quite the improvement. Hit detection is good, controls are responsive, level designs are excellent, and finally Sonic can spin dash. The player can also choose to play as Tails if they prefer. Bonus stages are accessible if the player reaches the end of the stage with 100 coins in tow. Within the bonus stages Sonic can find Chaos Emeralds. "Sonic Chaos" looks and sounds outstanding on the SMS; this game truly shows off the power of the Master System. We're talking vivid colors, strong animation, well rendered sprites, transparency effects, and even parallax scrolling."Sonic Chaos" is a powerhouse of technical wizardry for SEGA's old 8-bit machine.

+Outstanding graphics and audio.
+You can finally spin dash.
+Fun and fast level designs.
+You can actually play as Tails.
+No more fields of spikes everywhere.

-Cakewalk easy.
-Very short level lengths.
-Only one boss battle is against Robotnik.
-Not a lot of enemy variety.
-The true ending is kinda disappointing.

If I had to levy one big complaint against "Sonic Chaos", it'd be that this game is too easy. Even the pushover 16-bit Genesis games were not this easy. Compared to the challenging first two SMS entries, "Sonic Chaos" stands in stark contrast with its lack of teeth. "Sonic Chaos" is also incredibly short. But despite being such a breezy play, "Sonic Chaos" is still a high quality platformer. For anyone who enjoys platformers and the Master System, I'd consider "Sonic Chaos" to be a must play. Notice I said Master System, not Game Gear. The Game Gear version lowers the resolution and crops the field of view. While "Sonic Chaos" may not quite capture the grandeur of the Genesis entries, as an 8-bit experience it's a Master System tour de force.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos (EU, 12/31/93)

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