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FAQ/Move List by Demanufacture

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/13/00

*Mortal Kombat For Sega master system FAQ*

Written by: Demanufacture
Email: rcollard@start.com.au
Icq Number:83238346
Date Faq Was Started:13 November 2000

1.0 - the first version. pretty small, but still a start

1.1 - the 2nd version. had to change it mainly because it was too "wide"
       and hard to read. Fixed various Grammatical errors etc...


1. Welcome
2. Game Info/ What's missing in the game?
3. Moves list
4. Cheats
5. Hints
6. Copyright Info
7. Closing Statement

Welcome to my Mortal Kombat Master system Faq!
I Checked at gamefaqs.com, to see if there was an FAQ for this game,
Alas, there is not, and since I was bored I decided to write one anyway
not that it'll get read much... but I can at least hope!

*2. Game info/What's missing in the Game*
The sega master system port of Mk was released in 1993, and as far as
I know, only in the PAL countries, since the only markets where the Sega
master system was sucessful were the Euopean and Australia/New Zeleand
Markets. It was ported by probe software, who later was also responsible for
the MKII port, and many other Master system Games. The game is a fairly
down version of the Coin-Op, It only features 6 combatants (Kano is missing)
and Two of the areas (goro's lair and the pit, which dosen't have the stage
fatality I might add) The fighters have all of their speical moves intact,
including the Fatalities. The game features both boss Characters, Goro and
shang Tsung. As far as I know, Reptile is not in the game. Since there are
no shadows flying across the moon in the pit stage, I'm assuming he is not
 in there at all (if anybody knows for sure, and how to get him. please email

*3. Moves List*

Here is a complete list of moves for all of the fighters available in the game:

These are moves that all of the fighters can perform

Punch: button 1
Kick: button 2
Block: hold back and press button 1
Roundhouse kick: Hold back and press button 2
Foot sweep: Hold down and back, and press button 2
Crouching kick: Hold down and press button 2
Uppercut: Hold down and press button 1
Fly kick: press button 2 while jumping
Fly punch: press button 1 while jumping

These are the character-specific moves for each fighter


Ice blast- down, forward, punch
Slide- hold down back+puch+kick
Fatality- forward, down, forward, punch (up close)


Leg Grab- hold down+punch+kick
Energy Rings- down, forward, punch
Flying punch- Back, forward, punch
Fatality-  back, back, forward, forward, punch (about half  the screen away)


Fireball- back, forward, punch
Nut punch- hold down+punch+kick
Shadow kick- back, forward, kick
Fatality- forward, forward, forward, Punch (up close)


Fireball- forward, forward, punch
Flying kick- forward, forward, kick
Fatality- Hold punch and rotate the pad 360 degrees clockwise (up close)


Electrical Blast- down, forward, punch
Dive attack- back, back, forward
Fatality- back, back, back, forward, Punch (about 1/3 of the screen away)


Spear- back, back, punch
Teleport punch- down, back, punch
Fatality- hold block, Up Up (close) must be done really fast!!


*4. Cheats*


ahh... yes, the fabled blood code. something that every sega port of MK1 had
and the master system port is certainly no exception. Why they couldn't just
had an option to turn the blood on in the menu rather than having to enter a
cheat code I have no idea... but anyway, here is the code:

When you first turn the game on, wait for all of the opening screens to cycle
through, and when it gets to a screen "mortal kombat has many codes, but
does it have one?" screen press:  button 2, button 1, button 2, down, up.
If you were sucessful, there will be an exlposion type noise, and the message
"now entering kombat" will appear on the screen. when you start the game...
Voila! there is the blood!


*5. Hints*

*Always mix your moves up a little. Doing the same move over and over again is
 a sure way to lose, and the computer controlled fighters will anticipate your

*Always try to do combos if possible. rather than walking up and punching the
one or
 twice, or uleashing a flurry of punches, mix  them up to form combos, a good
 combo is to jump in with a flying kick, foot sweep, and then an uppercut.
 kicks also work well too.

*Try to master all of the fighters, and their moves. being good with every
fighter is better
 than having one favourite that you use all  of the time, this is especially
true against the
 boss fighters, as certain fighters are better suited at defeating them than

*If you find yourself trapped against a wall, and you are getting the crap
kicked out of you
 try using a quck move to push them away from you. good moves include crouching
 and foot sweeps etc..., while these may not do much damage compared to the
 powerful moves, they will knock your opponent back, and give you a chance to
get out of
 there before getting killed. Other moves that work well in this situation are
moves that
 propel your character forward, or away from your attacker, such as Rayden's
dive attack,
 Sub-zero's Slide, Johnny Cage's Shadow kick and Scorpions Teleport punch.


*6. Copyright Info*

This Faq may not be reproduced or altered in any way, shape or form, and
definetly not
sold for profit. If you find this FAQ anywhere other that www.gamefaqs.com
e-mail me immediately. you cannot post this on your website unless you ask me
permission and Give me full credit. This document Copyright (c) 2000 by Raymond


*Closing Statement*

Thanks for reading this FAQ! I sure hope it helps you with this very ancient
Game! i'm
 currently writing Faq's for other Sega Master System Games, Until then, Bye
for now!


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