Review by BlooditeDrakan

Reviewed: 02/16/06

Intensely good, but the flaws... oh man...

Good ol’ Bomber Raid! Cause there’s nothing like taking your Mach-6 speed plane and showing the enemy what it can do! Joy!

Story. Judging by the scenery and the enemies, this must be WW 2. And you seem to be a chosen plane that’s right for doing the job; taking out an entire army of planes, tanks, and other assorted enemies. Your main 5 missions consist of taking out heavily developed machines. Ok, let’s go whoop some arse! Note: Not really rating this since they didn’t really write any particular reason to go whoop some arse in this game other than just to do so.

Very good indeed! The scenery is rich in detail with jungles and what appears to be sandy hot areas. Ok, not sure where this is meant to be set so it’s kind of confusing actually. On top of that, unless your eyes are sharp and your quick (or just constantly weaving side to side), those bullets will take you out with no trouble as they almost blend into the background, unless you’re fighting over sea. But oh well. Still, the water affects are nice, how the water waves back and forth. The enemies too, are indeed impressive. They look how they would in the real world and are well drawn. And the explosions are nice too, although the cluster bombs could have been given better effects though.
Graphics? 8/10

Sound. Nicely done! I ALMOST have no complaints about it, but I’ll save that for last. When you start off with the minimum firepower, the sound it makes is the weakest of them all – because let’s face it; It’s pretty damn weak! But as you amp up your firepower, by the time it’s maxed out, it really bellows as it chews fighter planes up. The explosions and cluster bombs have a nice touch too, giving you that fuzzy feeling about taking down the enemies for the sake of freedom. Wonderful isn’t it! The music is nice too. It mostly consists of military march type of music, with one for the title, another for the first four levels, and so forth. It’s well composed and nice to listen too while bombarding the enemies non-stop. The one thing that annoyed me though was that when you start shooting an enemy and it’s one that doesn’t die after one hit, it makes the most horrid beeping sound. You know, the one that splits your ears? A little bit? Yeah, pretty bad hey? Otherwise, the sounds are great!
Sound? 8/10

Gameplay. Your plane starts out basic. It’s weak, pathetic. It’s lucky it can take out the other little planes flying around it! Hell, it’s too weak really, but I’ll get to that soon. It won’t last long, however. Yup, you got all sorts of power-ups that litter the sky to help you. They’re all found in these little strange flying pods, and when shot will either produce a power-up or turn into another shape that must be destroyed. When they DO give power-ups though, this is what they give. First, the gunfire power pod. Grabbing this will increase your gunfire, and the more you grab the more damage your plane can do. Grabbing up to eight will literally be capable of killing even those little bullets the enemies fire at you! Then there’s the speed pod. Simple enough grab this and your maneuver speed is accelerated. And then there’s the squadron plane item. These things are red, and have a number on them. What you do is shoot this item and it’s number cycles up to 4, starting back at one, as you shoot it. Collect it and you have a squad plane flying with you; two maximum is what you can get. The number you pickup depends on where the plane(s) will be. Like number one means the planes will be at your side, firing from that side. Or two means they will be just ahead of you, firing at an angle, and so forth. Funny how shooting at it bumps it up as well. You’ll see soon why this was a bad idea. Wow! All this power! The enemy army stands no chance! Or does it… yes. If you so much as get smacked by another plane you lose EVERYTHING! And believe me, it sucks like hell to get caught with your pants down like that, especially if you’re approaching a boss or you’re in a later level. Because the plane is FAR too weak with minimal firepower to take on such foes. On top of that, if you need a particular number to adjust your squadron planes as needed, holding your fire in the heat of battle can be fatal – and that’s often when the squad plane item shows up! TRUE ANNOYANCE! Sorry Bomber Raid, but you lose points for that.
Gameplay? 6/10

Replay Value. Nah, not with those flaws? Push to finish it if you want, but after that, call it a day. Those flaws in the gameplay keep me from coming back, really.

Overall… I give it a 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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