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Born to a life in a world of gloom, to a people stricken with terror in fear of Zahgrim the evil warlock and his murderous minions, the future does not appear to hold much hope.

Yet in ages past, in a time when the magician Anakar protected this land: life was good, food was plentiful, and the people happy. Happy that is until the skills of the ageing Anakar proved no match for the black magic powers of Zahgrim whence the kindly magician found himself banished within the petrified body of a mammoth swamp monster. From there he has surveyed the destruction of this once beautiful land, powerless to act or defend its inhabitants. But as with all evil there is a secret to its undoing the innocence of youth, the might of good.

Legend would have it that you've been blessed with these qualities but do you have the courage to meet the challenge?

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