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Here we are at Number 3, Tree Street, Chimpton, breakfast has just finished and those two cheeky chimps Bangers and Mash are about to get up to all sorts of tricks, but before they can start, Mum sends them out of the house to collect loads of fruit for a big pie she's making.

Our two chimps swing off through the trees in search of fruit. Unfortunately for our two pals it isn't going to be easy, and there are lots of hazards to overcome.

Luckily Mash is very good at making (and throwing) mud pies so he drops these through the trees to keep the creepy crawlies occupied while Bangers collects the fruit, after all Bangers can only throw a few mud pies whilst he is so busy.

Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Mrs. Snitchnose (the bad tempered old witch) spots the two chimps, and sends her pet ghosts after them. Bangers will need to throw his mud pies for all he's worth, perhaps he can hide inside a hollow tree trunk.

The flowers and other animals in the forest aren't very pleased with Bangers for creating all this commotion, so he leaves the forest, sneaking past Mrs. Snitchnose's house, but she sees him and sends some wobbly skeletons after him. Gulp - Back to the forest!

Mash has blown up a large balloon, and if Bangers catches it, it should take him to another part of the forest for more fruit and then perhaps home to mum for some dinner, and a big reward for our Chimp Champs.


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