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Walkthrough by CrystalShard

Updated: 12/24/17

Solution for Dizzy - Prince of the Yolk Folk
 You don't need the bread, the magic potion or the flying carpet.
 Use the leaves, the matches and the water on the door (in this order!).
 Get the axe from the troll in the left castle.
 Jump to the cloud east of the lion and get the Acme Bridge Kit.
 Use the axe on the boulder blocking the cave. Take the gold.
 Take the cage, then go all east and put it next to the fluffle.
 Look behind the stereo to find a cherry.
 Use the Acme Bridge Kit up in the tree.
 Look in the treehouse to find a cherry.
 Jump left from the uppermost branch and go all to the left to find Heaven.
 Drop down from Heaven to find a cherry.
 Go east from the enchanted treetops to get into the right castle.
 Get the harp and take it to Heaven.
 Put the cheese in the cage next to the fluffle and take the cage.
 Drop the cage next to the troll in the left castle.
 Take the outboard motor and give it to the Ferryman.
 Use the scythe on the thorns in the right castle.
 Do not get the tool in Double Trouble yet!
 The evil Dizzy does the opposite of what you do.
 Use the key on the door in the upper right tower.
 Take the tweezers to the lion and use them to get the thorn out of his paw.
 Put the thorn in Double Trouble and make the evil Dizzy walk over it.
 Now get the tweezers and use them on the machine in the left castle.
 Get the tooter and give it to the man you first met.
 Give the the jokebook to the princess.
 Use the flag on the flagpole on top of the left castle.
 Talk to the man, then to the king.
 Go to Daisy in the tower in the right castle and kiss her.

Written by Radiant.

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