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Walkthrough by starlac

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/04/08

Spellbound Dizzy Walkthrough Version 1.00

Written by and Copyright 2008 Carl Padgham, aka starlac.


                              Table of Contents

       a.Version History
       b.About the game

2.Playing the game
       a.Basic Movement
       b.Other information concerning movement 
       c.Health Meter and Lives

       a.Major Character
       b.Enemies and Hazards
       c.Item List

4.Legal and Credits
                                1 - Introduction

a) Version History

1.00 – Contains 90% of the information on the game intended, including a 
       complete walkthrough of the game and a separate listing of all the 
       items, major characters and enemies.

b) About the game

This is a walkthrough for the ZX Sinclair Spectrum version of Spellbound Dizzy,
Dizzy’s fifth adventure on the system in the main series. It was developed by 
the software company Big Red on behalf of the Oliver Twins who had previously 
made the forth game, Magicland Dizzy. The game was published by Codemasters.

Spellbound was the largest Dizzy game with one-hundred ‘rooms’ to explore until
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy was created. The game marks the only game in
the adventure series to give the egg the ability to survive in water for a 
short period of time. The game introduced the problem of getting damage 
inducing headaches whenever Dizzy fell too far. It is also the only that 
allowed Dizzy to hold up to four items at once (albeit after a specific item 
was found).

                             2 - Playing the Game

a) Basic Movement

Dizzy can be control with either keys or Joystick.

Keyboard/Joystick Controls

Z/Left          = Move Left, cycle up through item screen
X/Right         = Moves Right, cycle drown through item screen
Space Bar/Up    = Jump / Swim (with Flippers)
Return/Fire     = Pickup/items screen/Drop/Use Item, Pick up Star, Eat Fruit, 
                  Talk, Read Scrolls

b) Other information concerning movement

Mushrooms  - If jump on will propel Dizzy skywards in the direction the user
             was pressing when they land; you’ll have to land on a higher
             platform, a cloud, or the Trampette otherwise you will take
             damage when you land.

Mine Cart  - A cart found in the mines use to access the other side of an
             underground Reservoir, to either a cave or, with a HEAVY ROCK
             equipped, The Beast’s Lair.

Clouds     - Clouds act as platforms that can be walked on, however Dizzy will
             slowly fall through the cloud unless he is jumping on it. It is
             suggested that you stand still while jumping on a cloud less you
             overshoot and fall onto the hard ground below.

The Whale  - The Whale swims back and forth across The Vast Lake, letting you 
             ride walk on his back, later on in the game you will acquire an 
             item that will make him sneeze.

Trampette  - Object found at the Bottom of a Deep Pit screens, can be picked up
             and moved to any location inside the pit’s two screens. Is used to
             jump into and out of the pit. Unlike the mushrooms Dizzy will only
             gain height while the jump command is being issued, otherwise 
             coming to a complete stop from which it is safe to dismount. 
             Repeated jumps are needed to gain the height necessary to escape 
             the pit.

c) Health Meter and Lives

Dizzy has three lives and a life bar, contact with moving enemies and fire will
drain his energy rapidly; falling too far will cause a small amount of damage. 
An object like the crusher will kill Dizzy instantly, while others like the 
bear will knock him away, draining 25% of your maximum life bar in the process
(and if you’re unlucky cause Dizzy to hit the ground too hard. 

The percentage of health lost given in this guide is based on your maximum life
bar at the start of a life, meaning that if you have 24% life remaining and the
bear whacks you, you will die as you life bar will be reduced to 0%.

Unlike in other Dizzy games, water will not kill the egg instantly, you will be
giving a few seconds to make it back to the surface before your life bar 
rapidly falls; the rule of thumb is that as long as Dizzy’s mouth is at water
level he’ll be fine.

There are various fruits dotted throughout the game, each will recover 25% of 
Dizzy’s energy apiece, up to the maximum; however there is no way to recover 
any lost lives and the fruit is one use only.

                             3 - Main Walkthrough

a) Major Characters

Dizzy                  - The hero of the Dizzy games, and the adventurous egg 
                         under the player’s control.

Poogie                 - This cute little Fluffle is Dizzy mischievous pet, he 
                         is at the bottom of A Deep Pit.

Theo the Wizard        - Dizzy Friend, you need his spells to save everyone. 
                         He’s at Theo’s Grotto

Dylan                  - A hippie who’s heavily into nature, he is trapped in a
                         enclosed space known as Dylan’s Hole

Grand Dizzy            - The wise elder of the Yolk Folk, he is waiting for 
                         Dizzy to rescue him in The Damp Room so that he can 
                         have his tea.

Denzil                 - The coolest member of the Yolk Folk, who is standing 
                         on the top of the cliffs of the Cavern Wall.

Dozy                   - This heavy sleeper is on a ledge on high somewhere in
                         The Pumping Station.

Dora                    - Dizzy’s sister, she is in A Dark Spooky Cave and is 
                          scared that she has turned into something horrid.

Daisy                   - Dizzy’s girlfriend, who is impatiently trapped in The
                          Flooded Chamber.

b) Enemies and Hazards

Torches and Fire   - Will drain Dizzy’s life bar rapidly when he is in contact 
                     with the flames.

Sea Creatures      - Will swim/crawl left and right or up and down, damaging 
                     Dizzy on Contact.

The Killer Bees    - Will home in and sting Dizzy, rapidly depleting his 

The Bear           - Upon contact will toss Dizzy away, taking 25% of his 
                     health away. 

Vampire Bats       - Will fly left and right, draining life on contact.

Acid Rain          - Will drip from certain ceilings in repeated patterns, will
                     drain life on contact

Falling Rocks      - Will kill Dizzy instantly.

The Beast          - Will swallow Dizzy in one gulp, killing him instantly. 

Crusher            - The one in _ will crush Dizzy if he moves to the very 

Water              - Without an aqualung, Dizzy will hold his breath for a 
                     while, then rapidly lose energy.

Hard Ground        - Dizzy will lose a potion of health if he falls too far, 
                     this is a new feature to the Dizzy games.

Rain               - Won’t damage Dizzy, but will turn the smoking log needed 
                     for the killer bees back into a Soggy Log.

c) Item List

The Items and their uses (in alphabetical order)

1.	Aqualung – Allows you to breathe and thus travel underwater 

2.	Bag – Allows you to carry four items instead of two.

3.	Brake Shoe – Use on the mine cart to slow it down to a safe speed.

4.	Comfy Pillow – Dozy’s item: Give to Theo the Wizard to free him, no 
        other use.

5.	Ceramic Lid – Use with the Empty Jar to trap fireflies.

6.	Crystal Leaves – Hides a star, no other use.

7.	Drill Bit – use on the Weird machine to complete the game.

8.	Dylan’s Vibes – Dylan’s item, give to Theo the Wizard to rescue him, 
        no other use.

9.	Ear Trumpet – Grand Dizzy item: Also used to hear Dylan.

10.	Empty Jar – Can be fill with honey for the bear, or with the lid and be
        used to hold fireflies to light up dark places.

11.	Fishing Net – Allows you to catch Pogie.

12.	Fluffle Collar – Pogie’s item: Give to Theo the Wizard to free him, no 
        other use.

13.	Fruit - Used to regain lost health

14.	Glass Slipper – Dora Item: Give to Theo the Wizard to rescue her, no 
        other use.

15.	Glowing jar – Result of an Empty Jar + Ceramic Lid used on the 
        Fireflies. Used for lighting the dark caverns, dropping it will cause 
        the Firefly inside to escape.

16.	Gold Shamrock – Give to the Leprechaun in exchange for a Weird 

17.	Heavy Rock – Use to get down the volcano, as a weight for the scales; 
        as a counterweight for the umbrella and on the mine cart to go to the 
        lower section. Dropping them on anything but a cloud or the Scales will
        cause them to smash and reset their position to the quarry.

18.	Iron Chain – Hides a star, no other use.

19.	Iron Hammer – Used to flatten a piece of the mine cart’s track and for 
        removing the plug of a pipe in the Substation.

20.	Iron Railing – Hides a star, no other use.

21.	Jar of Honey – Result of an Empty Jar used on the Killer Bees nest. Use
        as bait to distract the bear.

22.	Knotted String – The last item for the Kite, given to you by Theo.
23.	Leaves – Hides a star, no in-game use.

24.	Megaphone – used to talk to Dylan, along with the Ear Trumpet.

25.	One Fab Kite – Result of combining the Thin Sticks, Sticky Tape, Pretty
        Cloth and the Knotted String. Use to soar high in the Volcanic 

26.	Pile of Bones – use to entice the man-eating plant to eat you.

27.	Pot of Pepper – Use to make the whale in the lake sneeze.

28.	Pretty Cloth – The Third item for the kite.

29.	Weird Talisman – Prevents the beast from eating you.

30.	Sharp Dagger – Use to cut the Seaweed.

31.	Sinclair ZX81 – Denzil’s item: Also turns on the substation.

32.	Smoking Log – Result of using Soggy Log on the fire in Dylan’s Hole. 
        Used to pacify the killer bees so you can collect their honey in the 
        Empty Jar.

33.	Soggy Log – Turns into a smoking log when place next to fire in Dylan’s 

34.	Some Flippers – Use these to swim under water and jump high out of 

35.	Stars - Needed to rescue the Yolk Folk, five are needed for each 
        member. There are forty in the game.

36.	Sticky Tape – The second item to make your kite.

37.	Tasty Seaweed – Use to keep the Vampire Bats at bay.

38.	Thin Sticks – One part of the item needed to make the Kite.

39.	Trampette – Use to safety land in and get out of the deep pit.

40.	Tuft of Grass – Multiple. Usually hides a star, no other use.

41.	Umbrella – used to protect the log from rain and for lift above the 

42.	Wooden Railing – Multiple. Hide stars and Mushrooms, no other use.

43.	Wall Panel – Hides some Pretty Cloth, no other use.

e) Walkthrough

(A Strange World) From where you start head left, jumping over the mushroom (A 
deep pit) go down into the pit (Bottom of a deep pit) move the trampette to the
second screen just right of the fruit and jump up high enough to get up to the 
left (A deep pit) walk left (The Sandstone Quarry) and pick up the tuft of 
grass next to the mushroom to revel a star (01) replace the grass and collect a
stone. Jump onto the right most side of the mushroom and launch yourself 
rightwards onto a cloud (Soft Fluffy clouds), keep on the clouds by jumping 
when you are low, walk carefully across the clouds to your left (The Quarry 
Top) landing on the island. (A Vast Lake) Wait for the whale to arrive and 
jump on top of him [if you miss get back on the island quick], walk with him, 
collecting the star (02) as you go and jump into the crevice and pick up the 
brake shoe there, use the whale to get back to the island and jump across the 
clouds picking up the Star (03) on the last. Aim to fall on the trampette or 
suffer your first headache, drop the brake shoe and pick up the trampette and 
place it back in it original position, jump up to the right (A Strange World) 
and continue on (The Windy Shaft) collect the star (04) and fall into the 
volcano when you stop falling enter the passage on the right (The Mining Shaft)
and put the brake shoe on the back of the mine cart [DON’T RIDE IT].

Go back and take the left passage to (The Bear Pit) avoid the mushroom and the 
bear and take the empty glass jar, drop the heavy rock and return to the 
surface. Drop the glass jar someplace safe and go to the quarry and pick up 
another rock, after this go right (A strange world) and jump onto the rightmost
side of the mushroom, land on the cloud, pick up the star (05) and drop the 
rock on the cloud; jump down onto the left side of the mushroom and jump left 
to land on the trampete. If you messed up the last two jumps then eat the fruit
on the left side of the pit and place the trampette where the fruit was. Return
to the quarry and pick up another rock return to the cloud and pick up the 
previous rock and use the mushroom, trampette combo to safety land.

Return to the volcano (The Windy Shaft) and drop down until you come to a stop,
land on the platform and drop one of the Heavy rocks and hold left to enter the
small shaft above you carry on left (The Crystal tree) and pick up the lowest 
of the trees leaves on its left side, then the star (06) drop the leaves and 
jump onto the landing above and continue left. (Theo’s Grotto) pick up the 
first wooden railing to the left to reveal a star (07) continue up (Winding 
passages) and left (Dylan’s Hole), pick up the Iron Hammer and go right to (The
Mining Shaft) continue right (Wheeeeee!) and use the iron hammer to straighten 
the track, drop both the iron hammer and the heavy rock and take a ride on the 
mine cart. (Very end of the Line) You take a tiny hit from a badly placed 
torch, continue right (The old Mine workings) and you’ll see a star (08), very 
carefully edge you way to it and pick it up; go too far and rocks will fall on 
your head and kill you. After that go up to the upper level and pick up the 
bag, this allows you to carry four items. Jump up to the next room (The Ore 
Crushers) and collect the star (09) there, jump across the small gap onto the 
top of the closed crusher and remove it lowest iron chain to reveal another 
star (10) drop the iron chain and continue left. Walk past the second open 
crusher and collect the megaphone; continue left. (The Rickety Bridge) find the
loose wooden railings in the next two screen to reveal a star (11) on the first
and another star (12) and a mushroom in the next. Use the mushroom to jump up 
onto a cloud, (Damp and Drippy) jump onto the ledge to your left, avoiding 
contract with the acid drops coming down and collect the two stars (13 + 14) 
how go right and collect the star (15), return and eat the fruit on the bridge,
continue left (A passage Junction) and pick up the Gold Shamrock head down (The 
Mining Shaft) then right jumping over mushroom and collecting the star (16). 
Head left eating the apple if you are low on energy. Pick up the Iron Hammer 
and head back up to the surface. 

Place the Hammer, the Megaphone and the Shamrock somewhere safe go to the 
quarry and return with three rocks, pick up the Shamrock and head down the 
volcano. When you stop go into the right passage (The Man-Eating Plant) and use
 the man-eating plant to cross (A Little Alcove) talk to the Leprechaun and 
give him the gold shamrock, he’ll give you a Weird Talisman, collect the Star 
(17). How go into the left chamber (The Scales) and place a heavy rock the 
scale’s right side, go down the hole and to the left (The Dank Room) and talk 
to Grand Dizzy he will give you his Ear Trumpet, return to the previous screen 
and eat the fruit if you need it, (Windy Shaft) go up and left (A spare Ore 
Crusher), unlike the previous two this one will kill you, so creep towards the 
star (18) and collect it. Drop the Ear Trumpet next to the crystal Tree and 
head to the mine train with the Talisman and rock in toll, get on the mine 

(Will he make it?) With the heavy rock you’ll cash into the side of the mine 
and fall into the water (The Reservoir) below. Head right fast (The Beast’s 
Lair), the Talisman will stop the monster from killing you; but you’ll still 
drown if your not quick. Once out of the water head right and use the mushroom
[while avoiding the shark] to reach the Aqualung, collect the star (19). Use 
the mushroom to leave the way you came in [you can control your jump motion 
underwater] carry on left (The Reservoir) and collect the star (20) avoiding 
the marine life, continue left (Look before you leap) drop your rock and return
to the surface. This time head right (An open Field) and collect the dagger, 
come back left (A Strange World), drop the dagger and pick up the aqualung.

Return to the quarry and go up to the clouds and the island (A Vast Lake) jump 
into the lake (Glug, Glug, Glug!) and continue left (The Lake’s Bottom) and 
left (A Watery Passage) collect the star (21) continue left and down; look 
behind the red seaweed to find another star (22) continue left and pick up the 
Soggy Log return to the surface (A Vast Lake) jump down to the Trampette, cross 
the pit (A Strange World) and dump the log with the other items.

Return to the Quarry to pick up three rocks, take the Aqualung down the 
volcano with you; go right (The Man-Eating Plant) and drop of the Aqualung, 
head left (The Scales) and pick up the rock you left there and go down to the
final level of the volcano, eat the fruit if you need it or not so that you can 
drop a rock to make space for the Ceramic Lid, return to your Aqualung (The 
Man-Eating Plant) and drop all but one rock, pick up your Aqualung and enter 
the water by the right side (The Plant’s Bowels) pick up the Umbrella and 
return to the surface [the rock and umbrella will cancel each other out].

Head right (An open field) and drop the rock and the umbrella. Head left (A 
Strange World) and drop the Aqualung and the Ceramic Lid. Return to the quarry 
and take two rocks, the megaphone and the soggy log down the volcano, dropping 
one rock to go left (The Crystal Tree) pick up the ear trumpet and go up and 
left (Dylan’s Hole) and use the blazing fire to change the soggy log to a 
Smoking Log.

Use the Megaphone and Ear Trumpet to talk to Dylan, who will give you his 
vibes. Now jump through the left wall to find (Secret Chamber) inside you will 
find some Thin Sticks pick these up and head right, (The Crystal Tree) dumping 
Dylan’s Vibes and Grand Dizzy Ear Trumpet, go up the shaft.

(A Strange World) leave the thin sticks and pick up the glass jar, cross the 
volcano and pick up the Umbrella, (An open field) which will allow you to pass 
the rain clouds [which will turn the log soggy again] head right (The Killer 
B’s) collect the bee’s honey and take the jar of honey, leave the smoking log 
there and head left (An open field) drop the umbrella and head to the quarry 
and pick up one rock. Head down the volcano and go into the left chamber (The 
Bear Pit), drop the rock and jump over the mushroom place the jar of Honey in 
front of the bear, jumping out of its way. Use the mushroom to leap over the 
bear and head up into its lair (A Cozy Cavern) here take the Pile of Bones and 
the Pot of Pepper go right to collect a star (23) on your way back eat the 
apple [your not coming back here] and use the mushroom to leap over the bear, 
wait for the honey to run out and recollect the glass jar and take a trip back 
to the surface. 

(A Strange world) Take the pot of pepper and the Aqualung to the whale (A Vast 
Lake) jump on the whale and give him a shot of pepper near the cliffs a water 
spout will lift you high (Lake-side Cliff Top) collect the star (24) and 
continue left (A Woody Grove), pick up the first tuft of grass you come to, to 
reveal a star (25) replace the tuft and pick up the leaves near the hill to 
reveal another star (26) continue left (The Cavern Wall) speak to Denzil who 
will give you his Sinclair ZX81 head back (Lake-side Cliff Top) jump up (Soft 
Fluffy clouds) and carefully edge yourself to the star (27) and pick it up. 

Climb and jump over the clouds to the left to find a star (28) drop back to the 
island (A Vast Lake) and use the pepper on the whale when he at his right most 
point, land on the cloud and jump to right onto another cloud with Some 
Flippers on another cloud, enter the lake and swim to the top left to collect 
another star (29), head down to where the soggy log was and swim up to the left 
to find a secret room containing Sticky Tape. 

Head back (A Vase Lake) Leave the pot of pepper there and drop into the deep 
pit, (A Strange World) drop the Aqualung and the ZX81 and make three runs down 
the volcano with three rocks with the Aqualung, the flippers and the Pile of 
Bones, place them in the chamber leading to (The Man-Eating Plant) with all 
these items stand on the Man-eating plant and feed him some bones.

(The Plant’s Roots) jump up to the large seaweed to the left and look behind 
it to find a star (30), continue to the left (A Flooded Chamber) and Pick up 
the tasty Seaweed then the star (31) then continue right and look behind the 
last seaweed to find another star (32). Swim up the narrow shaft and talk to 
Daisy, who gives you a Diamond Ring then collect the star (33) on the other 
side. Head back (The Plant’s roots) jump into the roots to make the plant 
regurgitate you, leave the bones on the ledge and head back up the volcano 
enter the mine cart chamber and drop the seaweed, how back up to the surface.

(A Strange World) go down to the pit and move the trampette close to Pogie, 
collect the glass jar and lid and umbrella and take to the air (Soft fluffy 
Clouds) time yourself to land on the cloud and go left then up (Fireflies) 
catch a firefly in the jar to create the glowing jar [dropping this will free 
the firefly], jump left to find another bunch of clouds with a star (34), go to
the leftmost part and drop down to find another cloud with a star (35) drop 
down to the trampette. Go to the quarry and take one rock and take it and the 
aqualung and the glowing jar down the volcano, drop the rock and pick up the 
seaweed, and take use the mushroom there to head up. 

(a passage junction) This time enter the chamber to the left. (A Dark Spooky 
Cave) drop the seaweed to get rid of the vampire bats and enter the water to 
get the star (36) continue left, avoid the drops and talk to Dora who will give
you a glass slipper. Take the slipper and leave the caves and head back to the
surface. Two more runs, this time with two rocks. First take the Aqualung and 
the ZX81, then the hammer and the flippers. Take them into the second chamber, 
(The Control Room) plug the ZX81 in to activate the machinery, take the 
aqualung and the hammer with you right (The Substation) ignore the crusher and 
jump over the piping finding a star (37) and fruit behind, go back and enter 
the pipe. 

(The Pumping Station) head down carefully making your way to the bottom head 
left to find a star (38) head right two screens use the raised part to jump up 
onto the platform and take of a iron railing to reveal a star (39) drop the 
iron railing and continue right use the hammer on the blocked pipe, drop the 
hammer how in the flooded station enter the now open pipe, the flippers to do a
high jump over the pipe [takes a little practice], and collect the fishing net.

Now head up and speak to Dozy who will give you his pillow, swim to the far 
right and Dizzy will swim through the wall (The Illusion returns!) find and 
remove the wall panel on the right hand side and collect the pretty cloth, with
two of these items [you need the aqualung and flippers still], make you way 
out collecting the last star as you go (40) leave one item at the substation 
and return for the last item. 

Remove the ZX81 from the console, dump the aqualung and flippers by the volcano
and then leave the items owned by the Denzil and Dozy at the crystal tree and 
head to the surface. Use the net to catch Pogie and get his collar, take this 
and the glass slipper down to Theo, along with all the other items belonging to
the Yolk Folk. Theo uses the last five stars on himself leaving you some 
knotted String, go back to the surface and pick up the cloth, sticks, tape and 
string and select one, Dizzy will make One Fab Kite. Jump into the volcano and 
jump on the right cloud. jump up across to the right (Cavern Roof) avoiding the 
acid drops and collect the Drill bit go down and onto the cloud and go left and 
up avoiding the acid drops till you come to the (Weird Machine) Use the Drill 
Bit on the Weird Machine to complete the game.


                    5 – Credits, Legal and Contact

Credits and acknowledgements

Starlac – Author of this walkthrough

CJayC – Creator of gameFaqs.com

Codemasters – Publishers of the game

The Oliver Twins – The original creators of Dizzy

Big Red Software – The software house behind the game


Walkthrough text, Copyright: 2008 by Carl Padgham, aka starlac.

This walkthrough was written by Carl Padgham, aka “starlac” it is licensed 
solely for the use by gamefaqs.com, its partner sites and my own website. It 
may not be used on any other site, magazine, or any other form of publication 
anywhere else in the world where such copyright laws apply without written 
permission from me, the author. 

This walkthrough is not endorsed by, or the property of Codemasters, the Oliver
Twins or any their subsidies.

Dizzy, related characters and games are the copyright and/or trademarks of 
Codemasters and The Oliver Twins. 


If you feel you have any information that should be here that I have left out 
of this guide, or have any suggestions for improvements, then let me know at 
the following e-mail address under the subject “Spellbound Dizzy walkthrough” 
at starlac@hotmail.co.uk.


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