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Open the throttle fully and 'pull g'. Your turbo-charged V8 engine hugs barked curves before climbing up and away off a ramp hundreds of feet above the ground. Glide past your opponent in mid-air before crashing back onto the track, your chassis shuddering and tyres squealing. No time to look back - the next bend looms and you're still not in full control!
As a Stunt Car Racer, you're blasting around eight roller-coaster tracks at over two hundred miles per hour, pitting your wits and high speed driving skills against computer controlled opponents or a friend via a datalink cable, all in amazingly fast, smooth 3-D graphics.
If you survive to become Division One champion, you're in the Superleague with a machine twice as powerful. Stop your car breaking up under the strain and then accelerate still further. There are no prizes for second place in this game - It's all or nothing!

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