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Based on Judo, UCHI MATA is a remarkably accurate and detailed martial arts simulation. Become practiced at all of the major throws of Judo--from O Soto Gari to Tomoe Nage, from Uchi Mata to De Ashi Barai. Compete against another player or against the computer. You'll even learn a few illegal moves (highly frowned upon by the referee in competition mode).
Designed in conjunction with champion Judo expert Brian Jacks, a 7th Dan black belt, an 11-time winner of the British Championship, a 5-time winner of the Open Championship, a 4-time winner of the European Championship, and an Olympic medalist, UCHI MATA's authenticity is unparalleled among martial arts simulations.
- Over 400 frames of superb, smooth animation.
- Incredibly accurate representation of the major throws of Judo--both legal and illegal!
- High quality music and sound effects enhance game play.
- Precise joystick control allows you to move, grip, attempt throws, resist throws, twist in the air, and more!
- Referee to score your moves--electronic scoreboard to register your scores.
- One- and two-player options
- Practice or competition modes

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