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Deep beneath Snake Mountain, in the evil caverns, Skeletor, Arch-Enemy of He-Man has discovered the powerful ILEARTH STONE.

Using its mighty magic, he has overthrown Castle Greyskull, banished the Sorceress and created an army of evil clones for the final assault on the Palace, thus bringing his plans to be Lord of all Eternia to fruition!

You, as He-Man, must take up the challenge and enter Castle Greyskull to destroy the STONE from which Skeletor draws his invincible magical strength - only then can you succeed in battle with the enemy of your land.

The way is treacherous - Skeletor has guarded the STONE with magic and the force of his army of clones.

In trying to defend the Castle, Orko has let loose an 'imprison' spell upon Skeletor - but the spell rebounded against the impenetrable force field which Skeletor has bound around himself - with disastrous results. Orko is now imprisoned by his own spell and helpless within one of the many stone towers of Castle Greyskull. Only his magic can help the might of He-Man. You must search out the little magician and provide him with the CORRECT ingredients to conjure the spell you require. The spell to turn the Sword of Power into ATOM SMASHER!

Might goes hand in hand with right as YOU fight against the Lord of Destruction. The struggle continues - BUT WHO WILL WIN???

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