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In the continuous battling between the forces of Light and Darkness, the Princess Mara has been captured by the evil Wizard Zarn. In a sneak attack on the palace, his henchmen abducted her and have taken her to the Wizard's stronghold, deep within the Forest at World's End. Mara's father, the King, has called upon the forces of Light for assistance. In response to his plea, you, the mightiest of the ancient warriors, have been resurrected. You materialize in the Great Valley at the edge of the terrible forest from which no one has ever returned alive. Your objective is to locate and rescue the Princess and return with her to the Great Valley. Little help can be given to you as there are no maps in existence, but the forces of Light have sent other messengers to help you. Be wary, the dangers are great. Many foes await you in the Forest at World's End!

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