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Truth is stranger than fiction. Nastier too. The most horrendous murders ever to set alight the imagination of the public were not the inventions of a novelist or a film director. They took place in real life. In London. Almost exactly 100 years ago. This game - if game is the right word for it - uses the power of modern computer technology to create the atmosphere, the terror, of those dreadful months in 1888 when London was in the grip of the Ripper. Necessarily, the game contains scenes which will be disturbing and upsetting. Necessarily, the action takes place in an atmosphere of dread, anxiety and, at times, sheer nerve-shredding horror. If it did not it would not be truthful to the subject it deals with. If you are not fully prepared to undergo an experience which may at times be decidedly unpleasant, please do not buy this software package.

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