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You are Yarulla, a skilled hunter and trapper. The old chief of your tribe has just died and all the villagers are gathered at the Meeting house to choose his successor. Normally, the eldest son would be the automatic choice, but in this case Pacheo, who was a coward and a bully, had few friends. So when someone cried out, "Pacheo for chief," several voices replied "Challenge!" Not surprisingly, one of the voices was your own, for Pacheo had sworn to banish you from the tribe once he became chief.

The Elders of the tribe went into a huddle and, after some deliberation, decided that you should be the challenger to Pacheo. One half of the Sacred Medallion was handed to you and the other half to Pacheo. The warrior who returned wearing the Medallion and carrying the Blue Stone from the land of the bears and reptiles would be acclaimed as the one and rightful chief.

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