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This is the tale of a fat little chap by the name of Jeremy, by trade a jester, by nature a brainless fool. There were some who said he was the "best" jester in the land but there were also others who said he was the ONLY jester!

One day whilst "exercising" his "eldest" joke to the court of King Bawd the second, accompanied by the usual cacophony of snores and yawns, his career took a sudden turn for the worst as the courtroom doors were flung open and in burst a rival jester!

It was Userper the great jester of the Southlands, come to claim the position of court jester as his own. With a barrage of quick-fire jokes he soon had the court rolling about in fits of laughter, leaving poor old Jeremy broken-hearted and unemployed. For in a trice the King, his eyes watering with mirth, shouted at Jeremy, "You're fired!" and clicking his fingers at two guards, had him "politely" escorted to the nearest window and promptly flung out of it.

Jeremy picked himself up and began to brush off the dirt from his trendy jester-suit, when a passing Pixie asked him "You alright?". Jeremy replied "Of course I am, I landed on my head didn't I?" before heading in the direction of the "Prancing Odour" tavern to drown his sorrows and contemplate his next move.

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