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By the twenty second century man has spread far beyond the confines of our Solar System, the new colonies controlled by the corporations, themselves regulated by the International Corporate Council (said by the more cynical to be the real planetary government).

So profit orientated are these colonies that many have rebelled, the so called 'Break Away' colonies who fight for their independance

Under prompting (and some say command) from the I.C.C, the national governments of Earth mobilised their forces under a UN flag, instigating what may be considered the first galactic war as Earth forces battled successfully to regain the lost colonies until only a hard core remains, bitterly resisting all efforts to oust the rebels.

However these events only set the scene to the background in which this interactive story takes place and has nothing to do with the mysterious reappearance of a 'dead' ship or the events which will follow in the game - or do they?

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