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For a bear that's smarter than the average, life in Jellystone Park should be one long picnic. After all, everyone knows picnics mean picnic baskets! But life has taken a nasty turn. Poor little lovable Boo Boo has been "bearnapped" by a bloodthirsty hunter and is a prisoner somewhere in the Park! Heroic as ever, Yogi is on Boo Boo's trail. But Jellystone's a big place and you'll have to find plenty of tasty snacks to keep our trusty bear's strength up. Especially since along the way Yogi's pursued by angry campers, a furious Ranger, ferocious animals and homicidal hunters! Time's getting short too. Yogi's hibernation season is nearly here. So you'll need speed and a lot of bare (ouch!) cunning to rescue Boo Boo before Yogi slumps into his slumbers.

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