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Action fighter. That's what they call you: now's your big chance to prove them right. This time it's going to be really tough. It must be - the President himself has placed the safety of the nation in your hands. It is up to you to meet the enemy head-to-head on their ground and defeat all in your path. To help you, you're in possession of the latest Top Secret transforming vehicle.
Change from a high-powered bike into a fast car. By collection further icons, you can transform once more into a jet car. Collect sophisticated weapons to aid you in your mission. Shoot everything that moves. Destroy all in your path. Complete your mission and the President will be pleased. If not.. ever considered emigrating?

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#18 highest rated ZX action game (#44 on ZX, #24330 overall)


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#41 hardest ZX action game (#50 on ZX, #8341 overall)


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#31 shortest ZX action game (#43 on ZX, #8110 overall)


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