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In children's literature there are numerous examples of "gateways to other worlds"; wardrobes, police boxes and chalk pits being three such portals which, to the unknowing eye, are no more than what they appear to be.

And so it is with Granny's Garden. Whenever her grandchildren and their friends come to stay, Granny wonders why they spend so much time in the garden. She has always been very fond of it but, since the operation on her leg, she finds the weeding and the pruning a little too much. As soon as they have finished their cornflakes the youngsters are outside and they seem to disappear for hours on end. Granny can never find them until, miraculously, just as lunch is ready, she hears their young voices chattering excitedly about witches, dragons, magic ravens and other such nonsense. "My word!" she always says, "What adventures you do have in my garden!"

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