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Your command is the starship ARCADIA. The most sophisticated space technology ever devised is under your control, including the mind shattering Ion Thrust drive, and the awesome power of dual Plasma Disruptor guns. This makes you the most powerful individual in the galaxy... and in some quarters the most hated.

The Atarian nation has been steadily and inexorably extending its empire; quietly engulfing smaller, more vulnerable planets. It is now in a position of immense power, and poised to make a bid to enslave the entire galaxy.

The only force capable of repelling the Atarian hoards is under your command; the starship ARCADIA. Every fiber of your body quivers with tension as you prepare to repel the initial thrust of the Atarian battle fleet.

Wave after wave they attack the Arcadia, each wave lasting a set period of time before it breaks off the attack. If you manage to destroy the entire fleet within this time another fleet will attack you. If an alien race fails to destroy the Arcadia during this period a different race will resume the attack.

Each new onslaught consisting of more sophisticated and deadly spacecraft than the last. Can you continue to fight off the Atarian Empire? The fate of the entire galaxy rests in your hands, do you have the determination, will power and skill to succeed? Can you save civilization...

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