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The Heroine is back, and this time she's not alone.

Caught once more in the strange, unfathomable games of the gods, Athena has been whisked through time and space to a bizarre alternate reality where humanity is a thrall to a race of demons, each more fearsome than the last. The few survivors who resist their unearthly overlords look to her for guidance and redemption. Once again the mantle of saviour has been placed upon her.

Stealing herself against the unknown terrors that await, she seeks an answer within herself, then a voice, cold and clear like a bell tells her that all power is hers. The force of truth and justice a weapon in her hands to smite her assailants and crush their evil hearts.

Awakening as if from a dream, she arises and steps out into the war-torn world into which she has been thrust. Her eyes grow hard as somewhere a scream tears the silence and strikes a cold hard echo in her warrior's heart.
Her stride, long and languid carries her into the shadows, there her fate is awaiting; perhaps her death.

Join Athena in her quest as she cuts a bloody swathe through the demon-infested hell of an oppressed world to her ultimate confrontation with the vile despots at the world's dark core.

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