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The speed is terrific as you blaze down the trail of the hyperspatial color grid. Your opponent is left in a cloud of dust as you effortlessly leap over black holes, purple walls, blue bouncers, and even the terrible cyan nasty zone. You imagine your adoring fans crowding around you...oh no! You missed the edge! As you plummet into the blackness you see your opponent streak by to the finish line. You limp on in, vowing to retake the lead in the next race...where things are going to get really weird!
Enter the bizarre dimension of Trailblazer. A world of sentient soccer ball races through hyperspace networks of everchanging color grids. This unique one or two player split-screen race game is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Are you smart enough, fast enough, cool enough, and strange enough to have what it takes to be a real Trailblazer?
- High speed action
- Graphics and sound that push your computer to the limit
- Split screen point of view play
- 20 fixed courses and a random option
- 5 play modes including 1 and 2 player arcade, race, and trial modes, plus a devilish computer opponent

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