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Living on the edge of an eternal galaxy battling opponents who seem to be reading your mind, you are about to captain your ship through one of the great edge-of-your-seat adventures of the 35th Century.
Intergalactic Carnage
Sitting on a mother lode of rich mining deposits, a new quadrant, called the Parvin Frontier, is a mecca for settlers, entrepreneurs on both sides of the law and some of the worst scum in the universe.
These space carrions have been the scourge of the shipping lanes. And, as things stand now, they are on the brink of starving out the entire quadrant and holding it hostage.
No wonder the inhabitants of the Parvin Frontier will pay almost anything to anyone who can get through to them with a freight ship full of supplies from the outside world.
But, it's a tall order to fill, even for the experienced captain of the Psi 5 Trading Co. Because, needless to say, these marauders are not going to take too kindly to any last ditch efforts to spoil their little intergalactic carnage.
So, if you're ripe for a stiff challenge and feel comfortable in the role of Space Freighter Captain, your ship just came in.
Keyboard or joystick control for one player.

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