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KINDERCOMP is a collection of six fun learning games that encourages young children to start learning on the computer.
And each exercise lets your child have a terrific time in a different way. With KINDERCOMP, kids can create colorful pictures, or enjoy bright colors and neat sounds as they press different keys to scribble on the screen. They can also make their names come to life with colorful animation.
In addition, KINDERCOMP challenges children to find the letters or numbers on the keyboard that match the ones on the screen. And they can enjoy the spectacular pictures and sounds that reward them when they successfully match shapes or complete number sequences.
It's fun and exciting. And that's why kids love KINDERCOMP.
Educational Value: KINDERCOMP helps children improve their reading readiness and counting skills. It also familiarizes young children with the keyboard.
Licensed by Spinnaker Software Corp.
Dr. Doug Davis, author of KINDERCOMP, is an educator and innovator in screen graphics and play formatting. He wrote KINDERCOMP for his daughter Amy.

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