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FAQ by EntropicLobo

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/29/06

Version 1.5     9/16/04
Created by Matthew McIntyre (entropiclobo@yahoo.ca)
This Guide is Copyright, 2004, Matthew McIntyre

This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Zippy Race is copyright Irem
Version History:

-3/27/2006, added 1up as a host.
1.5	(9/16/04) Strategy Section updated,
Section 5 reformatted.
1.0	(9/14/04) Basic Guide Complete

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction
2: Control and Playing
3: Checkpoints
4: Environments
5: End of Round Scoring
6: The Road
7: Strategy
8: Credits


***=-=-=///Section  1: Introduction\\\=-=-=***

Wow, Zippy Race. Like two of my previous guides, for Yie Ar 
Kung Fu and Exerion, if you’ve played this game it was likely on
a pirate’s multicart. 

Zippy Race is much like Road Fighter, except you’re on a bike.
Sprites are much larger here than in Road Fighter, and the width
of road is proportionately smaller than it is in RF. This makes navigating
the levels of this game much more difficult than Road Fighter – especially
on loop 2. The environments, however, are much less varied than
Road Fighter – they alternate between a highway and desert. Even
the behind the bike stage ending sequence has little variety.

So what does a guide dealing with Zippy Race entail? Well, the
essential information is how to pass opponent cars and gain
rank. After that, there’s just a bit of descriptors about the game.
It’s a very simple premise with little variety but a whole lot of
fun. So zip on forward.

***=-=-=///Section  2: Control and Playing\\\=-=-=***

Wow, the controls are pretty simple as well. There’s a bit of
depth in the way you control your speed as you will see in strategy.

The B Button is your slow speed button (who needs it? You do, to

The A Button is your fast speed button

Obviously, these are to be held down.
Now, holding down both A and B will equalize your speed between
the two, a very useful technique as you will see.

And Left/Right, they move your Zippy Racer to the Left and
So, basically you race through levels on your bike avoiding cars
and other hazards. Every time you pass a car, your rank goes
down. Every time a car passes you, it goes up. Obviously, the
closer you are to 1 the better. You should try to reach the
pole position by the end of the loop – it’s 5 checkpoints, as at
the onset of a loop you start in 90th place. This makes
skilled driving necessary to land a good score.

As you play, the bike uses gas. You will lose a portion of gas
at once if your bike crashes. You’ll crash from any number
of hazards, the most common being cars.

After the overhead portion, you’ll be behind your racer,
heading towards the city (checkpoint) in the distance. 

After you complete the round, you will get some extra gas.

The game has a 2-Player mode, it’s 2-players altering
between each other. They’re in two different races - - player
2 starts at 90 in its own race.

The game’s basically about the points, as many of these
old games are, and your score is carried over to the next loop.
on the second loop you change colour to blue and subsequently
have a much faster bike.

***=-=-=///Section  3: Checkpoints\\\=-=-=***

As with many of these driving games, you’re racing between
different points in the United States. I guess we Canucks
get the cold shoulder more often than not in this style of game,
but at least we were in Rampage.

Checkpoint 1: Las Vegas
Checkpoint 2: Houston
Checkpoint 3:  St Luis
Checkpoint 4: Chicago
Checkpoint 5: New York 

You’ll see a cityscape in the Behind-the-Zippy-Racer
mode, this is where you’re headed. The only two that are
markedly different is the first, Las Vegas, which is quite flashy
and New York for a spoilerish reason and because it’s the last city
you arrive at (but don’t play).

Starting from Las Angeles, you’ll oscillate between two environments
on your path to New York…

***=-=-=///Section  4: Environments\\\=-=-=***

The overhead portions of Zippy Race occur in two environments,
Highway and Desert. The latter is more apt to rock your chops,
but the highway can get tricky at times too.

The predominant enviro, highway is just grey roads with green
On the sides taken to be grass. Occasionally, you’ll pass a house
and there's the occasional puddle of water on the ground. 
The area is characterized by its wide streets, curves, and 
splits in the road. Splits often occur where one path is more
narrow than the other, and one path will often have gas on
route. This is a great place to lose cars, but they can be 

The desert is a more harrowing experience for our intrepid
motorcyclist, afterall there’s no road. No road mean that
obstacles are free to be stuck right in the way. You’ll
often encounter bushes and rocks in the middle of roads,
not to mention bridges, rivers, and jumps. Rival cars break
down more often here than highway, and there’s a greater 
abundance of gas. You may very well need it though.

The only other aspect of the game that may be considered an
environment is the behind-the-racer sequence. Basically, it’s
just you on the road racing against oncoming traffic. There
is a city in the background, but apart from Las Vegas there’s
no real difference. All of these sequences play out the same.

***=-=-=///Section  5: End of Round Scoring\\\=-=-=***

There’s two ways you can play Zippy Race – play to loop or
play to score. The end-of-round bonuses in the game are the primary
reason for gaining rank, you get more points when you reach
a checkpoint if you’re closer to first place. There’s ranks
1-99 in this game, so mind you there’s much to be said about that.
There’s quite a few groupings, and the top 6 positions are really
the sweet spots. Conversely, you’ll get dirt if you’re in a
rank above 70. There are only 5 portions to the race, and you’re
sent back to rank 90 after you loop the game, so your pole
position may be quite short-lived.

What follows is a table detailing the point value for each rank.

Key: Rank: Point Value
1: 20 000
2: 14 000
3: 12 000 
4: 10 000
5: 8 000  
6: 6 000
7~10: 3 000
11-15: 2 400
16~20: 2 200
21~30: 2 000
31~40: 1 800
41~50: 1 600
51~60: 1 400
61~70: 1 200
71~80: 1 000
81~90: 800
91~98: 600
99: 000

As you can see, the score for 99 is frail and the score for
1 is quite tasty.

I wonder what stands in your way between places 90 and 1,

***=-=-=///Section  6: The Road\\\=-=-=***

Well, this is the nitty gritty folks, what’s going to stop you,
besides feeble skills, from securing that oh so lovely rank of
1, and will strip you of your gas faster than a boisterously
resonant fart.

--Crashing: You lose gas and restart close to where you crash.


*Cars. The prime obstacle on your path to success are the enemy
cars. They enjoy swerving toward and very frequently move as
you move. They’re out to make you run out of gas, pure and
simple, but there are ways around these automotive monsters...

*Puddles. Puddles don’t actually damage you but the can lead
into a crash. When you hit the water you will lose much of the
control of your bike. It doesn’t last long, but it could be fatal.

*Bushes. Bushes line the side of the desert and pop up in the
middle of it as well. If you hit one, you’ll crash.

*Rocks are basically the same as bushes, if you hit one, you
will crash. They’re indigenous to the desert and can appear
anywhere in your path.

*Rivers appear in the desert and stretch across the screen.
Take a bridge or a jump to pass over it.


*Curves: There are a lot of curves on the highway. Don’t
attempt too many car passes on a curve, instead, focus on
navigating it. You may want to cut your speed a bit.

*Side of the road: If you hit the side of a road or curve,
you will crash.

*Bridges: Wood bridges over water in the Desert areas, use them
to pass safely.


*Points: Run over these values to get points.

*Jump: Appear in the desert before rivers, they allow you to jump
over the river.

*Gas: Appear in various places in overhead views. Pick them up
for extra gas.

*Painted road signs on the highway will tell you when the road
will change, ie split.

***=-=-=///Section  7: Strategy\\\=-=-=***

Ok, the game doesn’t require much strategy in navigating the areas,
maybe don’t run into anything and you’ll do fine. However,
there are some tricks you can do to help pass cars.

*The cars follow you pretty closely, making speeding up a risky 
proposition. If you notice that the road will branch off, keep the
car towards the middle of the road. Chance are, you’ll be able to 
force it onto the other oad, where you can speed up and pass it.
Keep in mind, if you’re hurting for gas, it should be your top
priority, so you may want to go the gas street regardless of what
rank you want.

*It’s possible to pass a car at full speed it you stay far to the
side of them. While they will move towards you, if you can breach
the space to the side of them, it’s not likely that they will hit
you. They seem to stop before a collision in that case.

*Has a car stopped moving altogether? It’s safe to pass over.
Cars very often break down in the desert on the bridges or at a rock/
bush. Don’t run over them in the latter, but feel free in the former.

**Why gain ranks if you just want to complete a loop?
Well, you get more gas at the end of a round the better you place,
so if you want to make it through say, Loop 4, you better do

*About the Loops:
There are five different loops in the game, and after the fifth it
is that loop which loops infinitum.

Loop 1: 250cc, Max Speed 180km/hr, Red racer.
Loop 2: 500cc, Max Speed 240km/hr, Blue racer.
Loop 3: 750cc, Max Speed 300km/hr, White racer.
Loop 4: 1000cc, Max Speed 360km/hr, Grey racer.
Loop 5: 1200cc, Max Speed 420km/hr, Yellow racer.
^This seems to be the template for further loops

***Loop One Special Passing Strategy***

Right, then you know how I said holding both A and B will equalize
your speed? Well, on loop one, this makes your speed EXACTLY the
same as the opposing cars! So, you can cruise through curves while 
sandwiched between two quite easily. This also lets you do a pretty 
special trick:

Speed up behind a car and then equalize your speed immediately before
hitting it. The car will lose all horizontal movement, you can just
move around it and pass!

***On Loop 2...

You go too fast on loop 2 to do this, you’ll have to rely more on just
being able to get around the cars. You can still equalize your speed
to make controlling the bike a little easier, and certainly, you can slow
down a bit before passing a car, but it’s too hard to get them to stop
to make it worthwhile. On curves, you may need to slow down
lest you smack a car.

***On Loop 3...

You're starting to go too fast to control on curves now - I suggest slowing
down around them, especially if you're between cars. Follow the same
general strategy as Loop 2, it's virtually the same except the
environments are a much greater threat.

***On Loop 4...

Now you're going double the speed of Loop 1, pretty fast in other words.
Loop 4 makes you really sweat - you lose gas at an accelerated rate
during the courses. You may lose almost half a tank from a race -
collisions can be fatal. In order to cope, you'll have to get a good
rank so you can get a significant amount of gas back. Luckily for
you, you're now going so fast that cars are easier to pass than
the last two loops. Unluckily for you, the environment is now
a serious killer. Slow down going around curves, it's a given.

***On Loop 5...

Virtually the same as Loop 5 but I find that gas isn't as big a problem,
mainly because in straight stretches you can pass a ridiculous amount of
cars at full speed.

*****When in behind the bike mode

This part is easy. The cars will be coming straight forward, and you’ll
have to dodge them.

Go to one side of the road and crank your speed all the way up, as the
car draws very near, cut your speed and swerve to the other side. The
car shouldn’t be able to reach you before it disappears off the screen.
The extra speed’s really just to speed up the sequence, but if you
do it you will need to cut your speed or you will most likely run into
a car. You see, you’ll be gaining ground forwards at such a high rate,
you’ll reach the car before you reach the other side of the road.

On Loop 4 or 5, you may want to risk going faster because your gas
runs out so fast and you want the end-of-level refill. It's a
dangerous risk, however, so use your own judgement.

*What happens when I'm in first place? Any strategy there?

No new cars will appear from the top of the screen when you're in
first place, just negotiate the course. Cars still come towards
you at the end, however.

***=-=-=///Section  8: Credits\\\=-=-=***

I give my sincere thanks to my older brother, who is responsible for
the Special Strategy for passing cars in Loop 1 and figuring out
that A+B is the same speed as the cars on loop 1 (in our household
at any rate). It’s been a trick of our trade for quite a while and
it’s nice to share it.

IREM, this game’s a far cry from R-Type, but it’s very fun.

This Guide is Copyright, 2004, Matthew McIntyre
Zippy Race is copyright Irem


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