1. Motoi Sakuraba Composer
  2. Yukihiko Tani Director & Main Programmer
  3. Masahiro Akishino Executive Producer
  4. Toshio Yamamoto Main Graphics and Character Design
  5. Hiroki Ito Music Composer (Echoes)
  6. Masaaki Uno Producer
  7. Ryota Furuya Sound Effect
  8. Kazuhiro Nagata Stage Map Graphics
  9. Toshio Yamamoto Stage Map Graphics
  10. Jun Hoyano Visual Chief
  11. Tetsurou Aoki Visual Director
  12. Keiichi Fujita Visual Graphics
  13. Jun Hoyano Visual Graphics
  14. Takeharu Isogai Visual Graphics
  15. Mari Kimura Visual Graphics
  16. Masayuki Matsushima Visual Graphics
  17. Kazuhiro Nagata Visual Graphics
  18. Hidetoshi Nakajima Visual Graphics
  19. Yumiko Nishitani Visual Graphics
  20. Kiyoka Tajima Visual Graphics
  21. Go Tsukasa Visual Graphics
  22. Yuhji Ushijima Visual Graphics
  23. Tosio Yamamoto Visual Graphics
  24. Mitsutoshi Yasumori Visual Graphics
  25. Jun Hoyano Visual Support Programmer
  26. Hiroshi Ogawa Visual Support Programmer
  27. Yukihiko Tani Visual Support Programmer
  28. Osamu Watanabe Visual Support Programmer
  29. Hideyuki Tanaka Voice Actor: Al Capone (Japanese)
  30. Kazuki Yao Voice Actor: Earnest (Japanese)
  31. Ryo Horikawa Voice Actor: Sigfried (Japanese)
  32. Masaharu Sato Voice Actor: Ulrich (Japanese)
  33. Yuko Minaguchi Voice Actress: Annet (Japanese)
  34. Hiromi Tsuru Voice Actress: Charlotte (Japanese)


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Blueberry Buttface, Guard Master, Hardkoroff, LordAndrew, steamliner88, and th3l3fty.

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