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Reviewed: 12/18/06

From downtown.... It's GOOD!

The Sega CD wasn't really popular due to it's lack of quality based games, however some of the games for this system were a lot better than their Genesis counterparts, NBA Jam is one of them.

For the uninformed, the NBA Jam series is a popular basketball game franchise made by Midway and a joint venture produced by Acclaim. NBA Jam had to be the only franchise that got it's game on any console in existence. NBA Jam Tournament Edition, even though a completely different game was put on most systems at the time, it saw release on the Jaguar CD, 32X, the Sony Playstation and the Sega Saturn, just goes to show you how popular the phrase NBA Jam was not only in the arcades, but at home as well.

NBA Jam focuses on a combat based Basketball game. The game play is basic were you go up and down the court and try to dodge your opponents knock-downs, powered-hard defense, and their ability to steal the ball, you have to reverse the preceding paragraph in order to win at the game, speaking of the game, game play is not difficult at all. I was able to beat my opponent 62 to 32 on the easiest setting, usually that means the harder the difficulty is on games like these it's not so hard at all.

The main difference between NBA Jam CD and the Genesis version is the addition of state-of-the-art audio and slightly better graphics and game play. The Audio is Digitized to provide a more "your apart of the game" feel, by that I mean the game lets you enjoy the action, instead of providing generic sounds by a systems sound board, the audio is on CD which means the audio limitations are as good as the sound developers capabilities are as far as making the sound.

The graphics seem to be a little bit more "free-flowing", than the Genesis version, you no longer feel like your tied to a 2d field, rather you have the ability to move in all directions, and you can see your player do it too, also the player avatars are slightly more noticeable than the Genesis version, remember the game is on a CD rather than a cartridge.

The game play isn't to difficult either, like I said I beat my Opponent 62 to 32 on my first game, as long as you pass the ball in a mid-air slam to your guard player on the 3 point lane open for a shot, you'll always win, also remember to use Turbo to your advantage, not only in offense, but defense as well, being protecting the ball with force, rather than have your opponent sneak up and steal the ball.

The game is fun, and has a tiny bit of load times, but there nothing that makes the game fall short of a good score, 7/10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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