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Codes by TMiller

Updated: 03/04/94

Article: 16118 of rec.games.video.sega
From: utyler@mcl.ucsb.edu (Tyler Miller)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sega
Date: 4 Mar 1994 20:49:26 GMT
Organization: University of California, Santa Barbara
NNTP-Posting-Host: mcl.ucsb.edu

Hey there......Here are some NBA Jam Codes that I have found....
I have not seen them on the net yet, so I will post them.

These codes are for the Genesis System

Special Characters
(For all characters, enter first two initials, move cursor to third initial
and hold the start button, then press the button listed.) In most cases (not
all) you will hear "It's a blowout!" to confirm.

Bill Clinton   	ARK	(Button A)
Al Gore		NET	(Button B)
Mark Tunnell	MJT	(Button A)
Air Dog		AIR	(Button A)
Chow Chow	CAR	(Button C)
Di Vita		SAL	(Button C)
???????		RJR	(Button B)

Juice Code:
This is a code to play a much faster game (I scored 90 points playing it)
At tongiht's mtchup screen:
press any button 13 times, then hold B+C buttons down until court comes on
and you see "Juice Mode" appear below the tip off.

Power Up Defense:
At tonight's matchup screen:
press any button 5 times, on the fifth time holding the button down until
powerup defense appears on top of screen where the players name is.
	This is THE code.  Other codes are just variations of this.  Example:
	If you press A,B,B,C, then hold A...this will work as well.

	Anyway...good luck, and if you get any other codes, please post them as

	Tyler Miller
	"Bad Decision!"

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