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FAQ/Walkthrough by zeldadomer

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/19/07

Walkthrough for Flashback: The Quest for Identity (SNES version)
by Mike Jenista
August 2005
Version 1.00


I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Conrad's Moves
IV. Items and Objects
V. Enemies
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Passwords
VIII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

I. Introduction

Flashback is an excellent game among other such greats as Blackthorne and 
Oddworld.  One of the particularly good features is the graphical achievement
in both animation and background, not to mention the great ambience in general.

You don't know who you are, but you are in danger!  After a nearly fatal chase,
you find yourself alone in the deep jungles of Titan, a moon of Saturn.  In 
your quest for identity (get it?), you will discover not only how you came to 
your present circumstances, but also the sinister plot that threatens Earth!

I will of course spoil all the surprises in this walkthrough, starting with 
your name: Conrad.  I simply can not go through this whole guide without using
the main character's name!

II. Controls

The basic controls are not too difficult to master, but they do require a
degree of patience.  Don't start mashing the buttons in panic because Conrad
will most likely do something you did not intend, and then you lose precious
seconds while he goes through the animation.

Left/Right: move left and right, which can be walking, running, sneaking, or
	rolling depending on Conrad's stance (although if you begin running, 
	you can actually let go of the directional pad without stopping, so 
	long as you hold down Y).

Up: stand up, jump (hold to climb up a ledge), activate elevator up (with Y).

Down: crouch, climb down (with Y), let go of ledge, activate elevator down
	(with Y).

Y: A versatile button!  When your gun is drawn, this is the button you use to
	fire, but when your gun is concealed, the Y button is used to talk, run
	(hold it down while walking), activate various environment elements, 
	and if you hold down Y and press Up, Conrad will do a small forward
	leap (GREAT move).  Also, if you see an item on the ground, press Y to
	pick it up.  Lastly, if you want to climb down a ledge, hold Y on the
	very edge and press down.  HOLD Y if you don't want to drop right away!

B: use selected inventory item.

A: draw or conceal gun.

Select: open/close inventory screen.

Start: skip animation sequences.

III. Conrad's Moves

This is a list of the various moves you can perform and how to do them.

Running Jump: While running, press Up.  This will NEVER have the same effect as
	the running leap!  In short, you can not use this move to make up for a 
	lack of running space to perform the Running Leap.  However, you can
	grab ledges as Conrad falls after a running jump.

Running Leap: If Conrad has enough room to get up to speed, he will
	automatically perform a leap towards the first ledge he comes to, and
	he will hang on.  Usually you want to climb up after this, but if you
        hesitate, Conrad will let go.  If you are running and you see a ledge
	that you DO NOT want to leap for, simply hold down the directional pad
	in the direction you are going.  This will suppress Conrad's urge to

Running Roll: While running, press Down.  There is a particular point during
	this move where Conrad can fit under low passages.  You should know
	the timing well for a few parts of the game.  The key to this move is
	to keep holding Y the whole time so that you come out of it running.

Hop: Hold Y and press Up to hop forward four spaces.  This is great for
	avoiding various floor hazards or passing small gaps.

Gun Crouch: If Conrad has his gun out, he can stay crouched by simply pressing
	Down (press Up to get up again, duh...).

Gun Roll: From Gun Crouch, press Left or Right to roll and end up still ready
	for action!  Note that if you roll off a ledge, Conrad will stand up
	and then redraw his gun, wasting lots of time.  A great move is to
	stand just far enough from the edge of the screen that a roll will take
	Conrad to the very edge of the next screen.  This means you will get
	a fast shot in before anything happens.  This only works if you have
	enough room though.

Gun Sneak: When your gun is drawn, press Left or Right to sneak.  Not any 
	different from walking other than that your gun is out.  Press Y to 
	get ready to shoot again (you won't shoot right away).

"The Drop": When your gun is drawn, sneak off of a ledge.  Conrad will land 
	with his gun ready in the crouch position, making this a GREAT move
	since you can immediately begin to fire.

Notes:  The first is about running.  When you are running, you can actually
	release the directional pad and remain running.  If you release Y, you
	will stop, or if you are still holding the directional pad, Conrad will
	simply slow down to a walk.

	Another note is about hanging from ledges.  As long as you hold Y,
	Conrad will not fall, and you can press Up or Down to let go or climb
	up.  This will come in handy if you want to hang down onto a new screen
	or tease an enemy without wasting time by jumping back up (or falling
	too far to jump back up at all!)

	Also, when you need to perform some kind of jump and you want to have
	your gun out as soon as possible after the jump, press A during the
	animation of Conrad recoiling and he will immediately draw his gun
	when finished recoiling.  Several moves can actually be performed this
	way one after the other, but don't try to "chain" a bunch or you will
	probably end up ordering Conrad to do something you didn't want to do.
	I usually only use this to draw my gun as fast as possible after
	falling or climbing up or whatever.

	The last note is that when Conrad is performing a move, he can be
	invulnerable.  In particular, climbing up, standing/crouching, and
	drawing your weapon can prevent Conrad from being hit.  Use this
	experimentally in tough situations to see if you can figure out a good

IV. Items and Objects

To use the selected item, press B.  To put items down instead of throwing them,
crouch and press B (if the item is throwable at all).  Also, if you need to 
give an item to someone, select it, stand next to the person and press B.  The
same goes for using an item on an object, such as a key in a key slot.


Holocube - This item will play a small message that Conrad recorded for himself
	before he lost his memory.  Watch the message to learn about your friend
	Ian and New Washington.

Stone - Stones can be thrown or dropped and are usually used for tripping 
	distant tripbeams or activating autoguns.

Key - Keys are used in a Key Slot to open a door or floor or whatever.

ID Card - Use this in a Card Slot to open a door or something similar.

Tele Control - When you get your own later in the game (the one on Titan is 
	not usable without the telereceiver) you use this to teleport to 
	wherever your telereceiver is.

Telereceiver - Throw your telereceiver or drop it so you can teleport to that
	spot.  This gets you down long drops, across hazards, or back to a point
	you can no longer reach.  REMEMBER TO PICK IT UP AFTER YOU TELEPORT!

Magnetic Cartridge - Charge it and use it in a Cartridge Slot.

Credits - Collect these for various uses.  Mostly to trade for other items.

Papers - You need to buy these and use them to pass through certain points.

Gun - This is your gun.  You don't need to select it to use it, but you will 
	 lose it once so you need to pick it back up.

Shields - You have four of these.  Each time you take a hit, you lose a shield.
	You can recharge them in an Energy Generator (select shields and use
	them on an Energy Generator), but you can never get more than four.

Force Field - When you press B, a force field will appear in front of Conrad.
	It is only temporary, though, so have a plan of attack all ready to go.
	This field will stop bullets and alien weapons, but enemies can walk
	through it, so don't try to stop flybots or stunbots with this.  Most
	enemies have a very predictable firing pattern, so you can time your
	force field accordingly.
	As a bonus, if enemies are in front and behind, TWO force fields will
	pop up, one behind and one in front.

Mechanical Mouse - There are two versions of this.  There is the one that will
	not explode if you try to pick it up (it is moving and will trigger an
	"item bubble" when it passes Conrad, so you know you can pick it up)
	which you can also put back down for your own use. 
	The second is a stationary one that you can pick up, but once you put
	it down again, it will start roaming and blow up when it touches 	
	an enemy, OR YOU.  I don't like using these exploding ones, but the 
	other one is fine.

Atomic Charge - In the final stages, you receive this.  You use it to blow up
	the alien homeworld, yeeha!

Diary - Read this to gain info on the alien homeworld's defenses.


Key Slot / Card Reader / Switch - These all do the same thing, which is open
	something when you activate them.  Switches you just press with Y, but
	you needs keys and ID cards to use the others.  Switches also sometimes
	deactivate things or activate them.

Energy Generator - Put shields in these to recharge them.  You also need to 
	recharge a couple other items in these.

Save Point - Press Y to save.  You won't get a new code, but if you die you can
	continue back at the save point.  Good news?  Infinite continues.  Bad
	news?  You'll probably need that many for some parts.  I recommend 
	backtracking to save points often, ESPECIALLY on later levels.

Tripbeams and Sensors - These activate things, either permanently or as long as
	something is tripping the beam.  They make little beeping sounds when
	they are being tripped.  They constitute basically 90% of the puzzles
	in this game.

Lifts - Press Y and then Up or Down to activate the lift up or down.  Sometimes
	you need to activate the lift to get it out of your way though.  I also
	recommend drawing your weapon and crouching if the lift is going to take
	you to a new screen (you need to activate the lift first, then quickly
	draw and crouch).

There are a number of very specific items that you need to pick up and give to
someone in the New Washington level, so I won't bother to mention them here.  
See the Walkthrough section for details.

V. Enemies

There are a few ways to harm enemies.  First and foremost there is the gun, 
	with which you should always lay waste.  However, if an enemy is very
	close, Conrad will try to pistol whip him instead of shoot, unless he
	is crouching.  Conrad will try to shoot if he is crouching.  The pistol
	whip works okay, but it takes a lot longer to perform than a shot, and
	so if you miss, you're bound to get hit by return fire.  I would only
	advise using this move in a few situations that I outline in the
	The final way to damage enemies is through trickery, say by leading
	them into bombs or tricking them into hitting each other (this can be
	quite easy with dumber enemies like flybots and flashmen).  In the
	walkthrough I mention a few places where this is the easiest tactic.

Stunbots: These are little pods on treads that will deploy a little arm to 
	stun you.  The arm can't hit you if you are standing in the same space,
	but the stunbot will sense this and blow itself up.  You can only hit
	them from a crouched position, and only when their arm is deployed. 
	Wait for it to come out and then blast it off.

Flybot: A floating sphere that shoots a little jolt of electricity when it gets
	close.  It can only fly at a head level, so if Conrad crouches, he can
	escape a flybot.  They usually take several hits to kill, but each hit
	will stop one in its tracks.  If you get the timing right, you can get
	the next shot in before the flybot starts moving again.
	I should warn you that flybots are dumb and smart.  They are dumb in
	that they are heat seekers, so you can easily lead them around and
	get your hits in, AND if you are standing in the same space as a flybot
	it can not hit you and WILL NOT MOVE.  From here, you can simply pistol
	whip the crap out of it (it won't look like you're hitting, but you
	are).  However, they are smart in that if you crouch, they will not 
	hover directly over you but rather to one side so you can not just 
	stand up and hit it.

Mutants: Mutants look like cavemen, but with laser rifles.  They are stupid
	(which means they will shoot each other if you duck under their shot)
	and pretty weak.  Only a few mutants in the game take more than one
	shot.  On Expert mode, they actually are much smarter and won't shoot
	each other as easily.

Flashman: A pretty cool enemy.  Flashmen stalk around and carry a gun like 
	Conrad's, but when you hit one, he will activate his belt and flash
	a distance away to try and surprise Conrad (they also flash over pits
	sometimes).  This is not really a concern though; after you hit one,
	observe the direction he is going to flash in (the way he is facing), 
	then point your gun in that direction.  If you think he will flash very
	close to Conrad (the distance of the flash is always the same), then
	roll in the opposite direction of the flash, turn, and shoot.  Never
	hesitate to get in position for your next shot because flashmen ALWAYS
	flash after a hit.  You have plenty of time to get ready to shoot them
	without waiting to see where they end up.  The number of hits varies,
	but is usually two or three on Normal difficulty, and something on the
	order of four to eight for Expert.
	The thing to remember about flashmen is that if you shoot them and they
	fall off to a lower level, they will 'play dead.'  Leave them there if
	it will help you to fight other enemies, but don't be fooled by their
	little game.  They're not dead until they disappear in a flash (another
	reason I call them flashmen).
	Given the various context clues of the game, I am pretty sure that
	flashmen are some kind of cyborg... but I think flashman conveys the
	sense of flashiness they have, so I'm calling them flashmen.

Police: The cops in this game have small shields and jet packs.  What they do
	is jet up and away, then they shoot down at you from an angle.  They
	don't miss!  If you know the timing really well, you will be able to 
	block their shot easily with your force field, then hit them on their
	way back down.  They are really not very smart, but if you use your
	force field at the wrong time, they will hit you.
	Don't bother shooting as they jet up, that's when they activate their
	shield to block your shots.
	Also, they will try to stalk you down and fire, so always get in the
	first shot so you can start the rhythm going.

Aliens: The toughest enemy by a long shot.  They can hit you in two ways.  First
	is their disc or whatever it is they throw at you.  This will hit you,
	but they have to crouch to hit you when crouched, which works to your
	advantage.  The second way they hit is in their glob form.  If they 
	morph (and sometimes even when just globbing past) while next to Conrad
	they will damage him.  The key to these guys is to always stay crouched
	and roll around until you get a good distance between Conrad and the
	alien as they morph up and get ready to shoot.  When they start morphing
	up, they will have to also then crouch to be able to hit you, and you
	have plenty of time to get ready BUT you can not hit them while they
	are going through the motion of crouching.
	A note of caution is that aliens can also travel on the ceiling.  This 
	does not mean that you should only try to fight aliens in tall passages
	where they can not do this because they never unmorph while on the
	ceiling, and they can waste lots of time up there.  Also, they usually
	do unmorph once they hit the ground, which means that if you let an 
	alien drop down at you, then roll away as he unmorphs, you will be able
	to easily turn and shoot as he becomes vulnerable.  
	The really bad news about aliens is that they usually come in large
	groups or in close quarters.  It can be difficult and frustrating to get
	in good shots, but wise use of your force field and some luck should
	prevail in the end.

Roborat: A little exploding mouse that meanders back and forth across a stretch
	of floor.  They explode when you walk on them, but rolling over them
	can sometimes work.  

Space Cayote: I call them this because they are hideous and awkward, and deserve
	such a name.  There are only two or three of these in the entire game 
	anyway, and they are relatively easy.  Just shoot them.  They might get
	you once because they are quick, but you should easily waste them.  They
	are only found on the alien homeworld, and always take one hit.

Bombs: These are placed on the ground and the ceiling.  On the ceiling, they
	will drop and explode as you get close.  They can be easily avoided
	and in some cases even safely detonated.  Just try not to run onto new
	screens too much as bombs are placed on the edges of screens for just
	this purpose.

Sentry Guns: A sentry gun will lower and fire whenever its sensor is tripped.
	You can duck and roll under them, and they are invincible.

The Green Death: There are these bubbly green mists all over the place that will
	kill Conrad with a neat little movie which I call The Green Death.  You
	should always avoid these, but there are a few that can be run over or
	jumped through without dying, and I will note them in the walkthrough.
	Usually, you just have to find the switch or tripbeam that turns them 

Flash Mines: These are little green flashy spots on the floor.  If Conrad
	lingers on these, he flashes into oblivion.  Don't linger on them!  You
	can run over them or hop over them easily.

Eyeball: These are non-lethal and I am pretty sure you can't kill them... they
	just act as tripbeams for sentry guns and such.

There are a few areas with many enemies or special circumstances that require
particular strategies for victory, but I will leave those strategies to the
walkthrough section where they belong.

VI. Walkthrough

This walkthrough has the Expert Difficulty in mind, so if you are playing on a
lower difficulty, there may be fewer enemies and they will take less hits to
kill.  Other than that, everything is the same.

Also, my maps are not precise.  They are pretty decent, but you should only
use them to get a sense of where things are and what's coming up, NOT to judge
actual distances or anything.

Here is a key to the maps:

S = save point
E = energy generator
i = switch, key slot, or other console
s = stone
k = key
] = door

==  = a lift; the #'s are the full length of the lift while the == represents
##    the starting position of the lift itself.

Y = mutants       F = flashmine
x = stunbots      G = Green Death
z = flybots       * = sentry gun
V = flashmen      A = alien
P = police        b = bomb

Each map will also have its own extra key for specific items.

Level 1 - Titan Jungle

       A        B        C        D        E        F        
   |      _____   ______  _x_____   __Y|               
1  |        |__ _____|____   || |____  |                
   |        | ___  _____x____||  __]__Y|_________________ 
   |=t   _  |h_   _  |      |s____     |##_________      |        
2  |##_s_|_   |______|      | _mY]x_ __|==______|____    |        
   |__==__|_____##___|      |_x______  |_____ __|||||___I| 
   |  ##        ##                _ ___|_   |_Y_______== |        
3  |  ##_       ##  __x_    i____ _    |   ___        ##E|         
   |S_    _____F==F_||||    |||||_____Y____G_________F_F_| 
   | _______]i__##                       _    _       _ $|        
4  |__x_i]  | E|__      _i__G___x        * _k *   __   _E|       
   |Y_  ____|__Y____Y___|||||||||___Y_$____||_$_____Y____| 
   |  _     ||           __          _E|             
5  |___   __||   ______O    ______  ___|               

m = magnetic cartridge         I = injured man
t = teleporter                 O = old man

Starting in B1, Conrad wakes up in the Titan Jungle.  Titan is a moon of  
Saturn, which effectively places Conrad far from Earth.  He knocks the holocube
away as he awakens.  Drink in the beautiful graphics.

B1 - Climb down to B2.
B2 - Grab the holocube from between the tripbeam, then climb up and go to C1.
C1 - You can entice the stunbot to deploy his arm by standing up at the very
	edge of the ledge.  Quickly crouch and shoot to kill him.  You can
	either use Running Jump (starting from B1) to jump the pit, or use the
	middle walkway to use Running Leap.  Get your gun ready and roll onto
	the next screen.
D1 - Immediately shoot the mutant across the pit.  Then use The Drop on the 
	second mutant.  The door here is open because you removed the holocube
	from the tripbeam in B2.  Jump down.
D2 - Go left into C2 and grab the stone.  Throw the stone onto the tripbeam on
	the right side of the screen (stand three spaces from the edge of the
	top ledge and throw for a direct hit).  Then use The Drop.  I always
	get hit no matter what I do, but you should have four shields anyway,
	so you can take a hit or two here without sweating.  When you've kiled
	the stunbot and the mutant, grab the Magnetic Cartridge which is right
	where the mutant was standing.  Climb down.
D3 - Hop over to the middle platforms, climb down to the lower one, then use
	The Drop from here to kill the mutant.  Proceed right.
E3 - Ignore the mutant above (you can hit him from the top left platform, but
	it's hard and not necessary) and just climb over to F3.
F3 - Hop over the first flashmine to trip the beam.  The lift will lower and 
	you can climb up to charge the Magnetic Cartridge and recharge your
	shields if necessary.  Backtrack to C3.
C3 - Use the Magnetic Cartridge in the slot to extend an energy bridge. Quickly
	get out your gun and crouch to shoot the stunbot as it deploys its arm.
B3 - Hop over the flashmine to the lift in the middle.  Take it up to B2 and
	then go left to A2.
A2 - If you picked up the stone you used in D2, put it on the tripbeam.  If not,
	grab the stone in the middle of this screen and use it instead.  This
	lowers the lift in the upper left, which has the Teleporter on it.
	Grab it, then pick up the stone to deactivate the tripbeam and take the
	lift on the bottom of the screen down to A3.
A3 - You MUST go this way to make sure the lift in B3 stays up.  I suggest 
	using the save point now, then backtrack your way to F3.
F3 - Get ready to roll into E3 and blast the mutant.  Go up to E2 when you have
	killed him.
E2 - Trip the lower right beam, then hop over the other so that you can climb
	up to the next floor.  Now trip the right beam to lower the lift so you
	can take it up to the top.
F2 - There is an injured man here.  Give him the teleporter, and he will use it
	to teleport to safety (mutants shot him).  He leaves behind his ID Card
	so make sure to grab it.  Backtrack to B3 and jump down from the left
	side to B4.
B4 - You MUST climb down to the middle ledge rather than walk off it.  Once you
	are poised above the mutants, use The Drop and take them out.  You may
	get hit once, but you can use the Energy Generator nearby to make up 
	for it.  Proceed right.
C4 - Press the switch to deactivate The Green Death, then hop over the tripbeam
	so you don't reactivate it.  Get your gun out and roll to the next
	screen, then immediately roll back.  Then stunbot will come looking for
	you, so blast him when he does.  
D4 - Use The Drop on the mutant, then grab the 100 credits on the floor.  Watch
	out for the acid!
E4 - Take the key (not a vital item, but it saves you a few seconds), and then
	the 50 credits on the floor.  Roll onto the next screen and kill the
F4 - The remaining credits are up on the top right ledge, 500 of them.  But you
	will trip the beam to get up there, which activates the sentry guns 
	at E4.  Backtrack to B4, being careful of those sentry guns.
B4 - Recharge if needed, then go left to A4 and use the key to open the door.
A4 - Save in A3 if you want, then use The Drop on the stunbot.  Use the ID
	Card to open the door and use The Drop to kill the mutant below.  You
	have to be quick to turn around or he will get you first.  Now CLIMB
	DOWN from the left side of the pit to A5.
A5 - Throw one of your stones towards the sensor below to activate the sentry
	gun and kill the mutants.  Then use The Drop to land crouched and roll
	to B5.
B5 - Avoid the acid.
C5 - Give the Old Man all your credits and he will give you the Anti Gravity
	Belt.  Now you can jump down the pit to the next level.

Level 2 - New Washington

(walkthrough after all five area maps for this level)


       A        B        C        D         
            |   |             |      | |    
1           |X=_]C______==_________L_]_|       
   |   |  |    |     |    ##  |      
2  |   |  |    |     |    ##  |        
   |   |  _______PPI_]__i_##__|   
   |   |_________    |    ____|         
3  |              ___|Y_f_|||||           
4           |||_E==|||               

X = To Tram          f = fuse
L = Lady             C = checkpoint
I = Ian


       A        B        C        D        
   |  |||||||||cafe||||||||||||        |         
1  |                        |||  ##__J_|         
   |  _____S| _V_    |    ##|||
2  |____  ____|    _V|__  ##__|    
    (cyborg hideout) |  ##  |||                
3                    |####ii[ |                
                     |##      |            
4                    |==i_____|             

J = Jack            R1 = Restricted Area 1
W = waiter


       A        B        C        D        E         
   ||||||||||jobcenter cyber    cyber  |                  
1  |==_iiiii___C___##    tower    tower|                
                              |  ##|||||        |      
2                             |##==ii__[__S_    |        
                              |##||R3|||_Y  ___Y| 
                              |##      |        |       
3                             |==i_____|Y_____  |     
             _________________|||tram|||Y__k__  | 
            |__         |   | |||            [__|   
4           |Y_     b__Y____b_|||  _  __  _Y___Y|       
            |Y_b_   ||___s______]__]__||________| 
            |||*____________  |              
5           |Y_____  |  | ____|              
            |_________  |_P_$k|  
                     |__      |              
6                    |___P__  |              

R3 = restricted area 3      C = clerk
T = teleporter (fixed)


       A        B        C        D        E         
   |##___[_B|__      |titan tr|             
1  |##        |      |        |                  
            |  _ ##|||          _   [  |  _b__  |        
2           |##[_==__[__##      _ __|_____|__   |         
            |##      |  zk__  |               ##|      
3           |==i_____|  __ __z|  _Y_____i_|Yk|##|        
                              |      ##|   
4                             | RC   ##|     

B = boss                      M = Man
Q = guy who needs parcel      R2 = restricted area 2
RC = Research Center

Central Computer Emergency

       A        B        C        D         
   |  __________________ F_F _________i|        
1  |__|||==_____-___ _ |_|||_|||   ____|            
   |==___##|||||||||||| ____  |                 
2  |##_________    ______##___|                 
3                    ||||##||||        |        

- = low-lying cables    abc = the three terminals

Conrad falls down an airshaft into a skeezy part of New Washington (actually,
the whole place is a little skeezy).  You lose the Anti Gravity Belt, but you
will gain a better item soon.  Starting in Asia A3, you must find your friend

A3 - Run right.
B3 - Make sure you are not holding the directional pad so that Conrad will 
	perform a Running Leap to the ledge.  Do another Running Leap to the 
	top ledge.  Go left and up to A2.
A2 - Get out your gun and roll onto B2.
B2 - Shoot once, then roll back.  Wait for the two cops to come onto A2, then
	roll again onto B2 but this times roll twice so you are really far in.
	Now turn and shoot the cops as they walk back to this screen.  They 
	will fall off and not be able to return fire!  When Ian gets up from 
	behind you, that means the cops are dead.
	Talk to Ian, then sit in the chair.  Ian will pump you full of
	memories, revealing how you discovered that there were aliens posing as
	humans, and that there is a plot against Earth.  You knew you were in
	trouble, so Ian saved your memory (in this machine, presumably) and then
	you got captured, but escaped.  You got lost in the chase and your
	captors had done something to you.  Now you must pick up your 
	investigation where it left off, except you must be very discreet...
	Talk to Ian again, he will tell you that you must win the Cyber Tower
	game to get to Earth, but you will need the proper papers.  His friend
	Jack will supply forgeries for you.  Also, Ian will give you the force
	field!  From now on, this should be the item you have selected unless
	you need to use a key or trade something.  Head right.
C2 - Do a Running Jump to land in a good spot in C3.
C3 - Use The Drop on the mutant (he has a force field too!), grab the fuse, and
	then do a Running Leap to get to the proper ledge.
C2 - Use the fuse to fix the switch and use it to call down the lift.
C1 - Use the switch to call down the next lift, take this up and go left.
B1 - Get the map from the man at the checkpoint if you like, and use the switch
	to call the lift that takes you down to the Tram.  Stand where the Tram
	stops and press Y to get on.  Press Y at the America station to get off.

C4 (Tram) - Go up.
C3 - Press the right switch (these switches are actually important, they insure
	that Conrad can always call the lift from top or bottom)
C2 - Trip the beam, then take the lift up.  Go left.
B1 - Talk to the waiter, he tells you Jack is outside.  Go to D1.  Also take a
	moment to look out the window of the cafe at the jungles of Titan from
	which you just came...
D1 - Jack tells you the forgeries cost $1500!  Holy Smokes!  He tells you to get
	Work Permit and you can make some cash at the Job Center.  Go back to 
	the Tram and take it to the Africa station.

B3 (Tram) - Go all the way up and left.
A1 - Talk to the first man, and he will lower the lift for you.  He tells you
	to go to Window A, but here comes a little joke.  Now you have to go 
	through the "Red Tape" of bureaucracy.  Window A tells you to go to
	Window C, then Window C tells you to go to Window B, who will finally
	open the door so you can see the Boss.  Give the Boss your ID Card, and
	he will furnish you with a Work Permit.  Ah, the Civil Service of the 
	future... good to know it's still in perfect crappy order.  Take the
	Tram to the Europa station.

D3 (Tram) - Head up and left to the Job Center.  You will pass by the Cyber
	Tower gameshow on your way, but it's not yet within your grasp.
A1 - Recharge shields and save.  To read a mission, press Y to use the mission
	screen.  To activate the mission, select your Work Permit and press B
	on the mission screen.  This sets up the next event sequence.

Mission 1 - Errand Boy
Go to Asia D1, the Titan Travel center.  Talk to the Lady and she will give you
	a package.  Now take this to Africa C1 to give to the man behind the
	desk.  Watch out!  There is a policeman waiting for you at Africa B1
	just before you go in to see the man.  Take him out, get paid, go get
	your next mission.

Mission 2 - VIP Escort
Bummer it's not a lady that needs protecting.  Head to Africa B2, the Restricted
	Area Number 2.  The door is now open.  
C2 - The VIP is here, but leave him for now.
D2 - Climb over these walls to trip a beam that will open the bottom door but 
	close the one you just came through.
E2 - Hop over the bomb, then hang and fall to the floor below.  You will trip
	a sensor that opens the door as you hang.  Now go get the VIP and he
	will follow you back to this lift.
E3 - Climb up to the thin wall, then use the Hop to jump down in front of the
	mutant, draw, turn and fire.  You will need to use your force field 
	well to avoid taking any hits.  Grab the key when the mutant is dead,
	and use it in the key lock on this screen.  Now roll onto the next
	screen and take out the mutant there.
D3 - Go down and left.
C3 - Go all the way left and climb up the far side of the ledge.  The flybot is
	coming, but if press A during the climb animation, Conrad will draw and
	you can fire before it gets close.  KEEP FIRING.  It may look like the
	flybot is not getting damaged, but soon he will explode into a little
	cloud of circuits.  Go to the right edge of the upper platform and
	climb up, but this time crouch since you don't have time to fire.  Draw
	your gun and roll back and forth until you manage to catch the flybot
	going away from you as you finish a roll.  Stand up and fire at the
	flybot, which should not be able to turn around fast enough if you do
	this right.  Again, just keeping blasting away.  Take the key when it's
	dead.  The doors will automatically open.  
E3 - Use the key on the lock and escort the VIP to the lift in D3.
D4 - Walk into the middle of the Research Center, where the VIP thanks you,
	pays you, and teleports you back to the Job Center.  Thanks!  (To
	teleport back at the end of all future missions, just put your gun away
	when you see the Mission Complete screen and receive payment).

Mission 3 - CY-B021, Where Are You?
A Cyborg has gone haywire and the City fears violence.  They want you to take
	him out, but they don't know where to find him, so they can only 
	give you a picture.

C1 - The man outside the Cyber Tower show (I never can figure out what that
	coin slot is for...) tells you he has seen that guy before in the Cafe
	if you show him the picture of CY-B021.  Go there.

**** UPDATE ****
Mark Armstrong, obviously a dedicated gamer, has alerted me to the raison d'etre
of the coin slot:

``Anyhow, I just noticed something - in your walkthrough, you mention that in
New Washington you have no idea what that coin slot is for. I thought I'd
tell you, because I'm the kind of guy who sort of kinda maybe obsesses about
that sort of thing if I can't figure out the use for something in a game: if
you select your credits and use them on the coin slot, then move one step
left and hit Y, you will get a sheet of instant photos of Conrad (and lose
two credits). I found no use for these whatsoever, and they in fact
disappeared from my inventory either in Cyber Tower or the level after, but
there you go.''

If anybody knows what these photos could be for, let me know!


B1 - The waiter tells you to get lost, but the guy on the end of the bar says 
	that CY-B021 has a friend in the police, go meet him at Restricted Area
	Number 1.  Although this may sound fishy, the cop won't attack you.
C3 - Talk to the cop, who tells you that CY-B021 wants to deal for his safety.
	Go meet him at the Cafe.
B1 - The guy you talked to is gone.  Get your gun out and crouch at the edge of
	the screen, then roll into A1.
A1 - Immediately turn and fire at the mutant who tries to ambush you.  The
	little panzy who tried to set you up begs you not to shoot him, and
	tells you the cop has the key to CY-B021's hideout.
C3 - Now the cop tries to attack you, but you should be able to waste him.  Take
	the key and return to the Cafe.
A1 - Use the key on the lock to open the floor.
A2 - Save, then go to the middle platform on the right edge of the screen.  Draw
	your gun and sneak onto the next screen, immediately getting ready to 
	fire (I would crouch too).
B2 - CY-B021 is here, and with a friend (two flashmen).  However, only CY-B021
	will attack because of where you are.  He will jump down, and you can
	shoot him.  DON'T MOVE.  He will flash off screen and then back, right
	back to where you can shoot him.  He will repeat this, but sometimes
	he walks back on instead of flashing; no big deal, he still walks far
	enough for you to shoot him.  He takes many hits, but when he is gone,
	go back to A2.
A2 - HOP over the little pit, then use The Drop to land facing right with your
	gun out.  Stand up immediately because that flybot is coming.  As soon
	as it appears, start blasting.  Kill it and go right.
B2 - Kill CY-B021's pal at your leisure, and you win the mission.

Mission 4 - Emergency at the New Washington Generator
This mission is very different.  You will be given a circuit board to replace
	the malfunctioning one in the Central Computer for the Generator.  
	You will only have ninety seconds to reach the Computer and fix it 
	(you can see your time remaining by pressing Select and then Y on the 
	Inventory screen) before the entire Generator blows up and takes New 
	Washington with it (but without a cool movie of this happening, which 
	saddens me). Trust me, this is not hard if you just relax.  Follow my 
	directions as closely as possible for maximum speed.

A1 - Take the teleporter to the Central Computer area.  Your time will begin
	when you arrive.

Central Computer
A1 - Walk over, climb up, then initiate a run.  Sustain this run all the way to
	C1, but as you enter that screen slow down.
C1 - Walk to the edge, then Hop over and Hop again, now start running.
D1 - Run to the switch, press it, roll left.  When you hit the ground, run
	again and get ready to roll.
C1 - Running Roll under the sparking wire, and then let go of the buttons as you
	go to the next screen to avoid hitting the wall.
B1 - Climb up the wall, Hop over the pit, start running but also immediately
	perform Running Roll.  Continue to A1.
A1 - Go down.
A2 - Run left, take that lift down, run right.
B2 - As you get to the edge, Running Jump and you should grab the far edge of
	the pit.  Climb up and run again but do not hold the directional.
C2 - Since you ARE NOT holding the directional, Conrad performs a Running Leap
	as soon as he gets on this screen.  Climb up to trip the sensor that 
	brings up the lift.  Climb down as soon as you hear it coming, then
	take the lift down.  (For the love of God, ignore the stone in the
C3 - Run right.
D3 - Make sure you have the Circuit selected, then go to Terminal C and press B.
	You may have to repeatedly tap B or move one space because sometimes
	you are not in the EXACT right spot or something.  When you fix the 
	computer, you will teleport back.

Mission 5 - Mutant Colony? I Eat Mutant Colonies for Breakfast...
This mission is a little tough if you are not very precise.  Apparently, 
	Restricted Area Number 3 has very bad security because it has become
 	overrun with those hideous mutants that plague the upper canopy of 
	the Titan Jungle. The City fears an attack of some sort (probably for 
	BRAINS!!! or is that zombies...?), so they want you to wipe the colony 
	out.  Funny how the lousy cops in this future world only want to shoot
 	at civilians and never protect the innocent.

A1 - Recharge and head to D2, the Restricted Area.  The door is open now, so go
	on in.
E2 - Save.  Use The Drop and your force field to take out both mutants.  If you
	take a hit, kill yourself and try again.  When you get it perfect, do
	a Running Leap back up to the Save and use it.  Now you won't have to
	repeat that little part if you die (and you will).  Climb down the LEFT
	side of the pit.
E3 - Hang, then drop.  As you recoil, use the force field to block shots, then
	get your gun out and shoot.  You need to use pretty much the same thing
	on the next mutant below, but you need to move faster since he will see
	you as you hang.  To do this, begin the climb down move, but then let 
	go of Y and press the Down button.  This will make Conrad just drop
	rather than spend any time hanging.  You should be able to block the
	shot then draw and fire.  Take the key on this platform, then go down.
E4 - Use The Drop to take out the left mutant, blocking the right mutant's shot
	with a force field.  Then turn and fire.  Go left.
D4 - Open the first door with the tripbeam, then use the key on the lock.  
C4 - Pick up the stone and drop it on the tripbeam to hold the floor panel open.
	This next move is tricky.  Climb up BUT IMMEDIATELY climb down.  You
	need to block the mutant's shot and avoid the bomb.  The bomb won't
	hurt you because you're climbing, but for some reason the mutant can
	hit you, so you must get a really good force field timed to block him.
	Now climb back up and kill the mutant easily.  Now crouch at the exact
	spot you need to roll onto the exact edge of the next screen.  From 
	here, get out your gun, roll, and get ready to fire.
B4 - Shoot the mutant.  Stand up and hop over the bomb, but HOLD Y AND UP.  This
	will make sure you grab the ledge.  Now climb up and kill the mutant as
	you should be used to by now.  Stand one space away from this bomb, and
	Hop over it.  Climb up to trip the beam, then climb down, Hop over the
	bomb, then HOP down to the area below.
B5 - Since you hopped, you won't fall to the mutant below, and you can use The
	Drop on him instead.  But if you trip the sentry gun sensor, you must
	simply roll down to take him out.  When he's dead, climb back up, and
	roll onto C5.
C5 - Just wait for the cop to fly up and use the usual cop strategy.  Climb
	down and take the key and credits.  Backtrack to the small area in the
	lower left of this screen (make sure to roll under the sentry gun since
	it will definitely be on by now).  Drop down.
C6 - Use the regular cop strategy again, no sweat.  Now go down and use the key,
	but watch out!  A flybot that was hiding comes at you.  Just duck and
	roll about until you have enough distance to stand up and shoot it.
	Teleport back with your wad of credits.

A1 - Save, then walk out of the Job Center.  The guy in B1 tells you a man named
	Jack is waiting for you (just in case you never talked to Jack, I guess)
	so go see him.

D1 - Pay Jack $1500 for the Papers, then take them to Cyber Tower.

D1 - Give the Papers to the man in front of the gate.  You will be immediately
	deposited into Cyber Tower.

Level 3 - Cyber Tower

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G         
   |        |  
1  |_V____##|        
   |  __[V==|   
2  |i_   _  |        
   | |##||  ____V_______z___  |         
3  | |==]_  __z_V_____zS____  | -->        E	    F        G
   |_b  |      __| ##|V]    [_|       
4  | _  __E____|_[_==|  ___   | -->     
   |__S_____||||||##|| _      _V_ _ _ ___ b| b  |        
5  |  _____*||||||##|| ___  V_|||b|b|b||| __ _  | -->        
   |___  |  |||##||_ __               ___   _E__|            G
6  || ___|  _i|==]_V_|__________              __| -->         
   |__   |##|||   ______    [_____b    |       __    |     |__i___|        
7  | |_  |##|||  ___S___zV   |  ___    |__    ____  _|_  ___V__|  | -->        
   |___##|==_]_______|______z| ___________V______V__[_]__|||||||__|
   |  _##|_         z|__                 start                    |         
8  |  [==_]    __  __   V__   ____V_b              ____        z__| -->         

I know what you're thinking: "Haven't I seen this movie?  Doesn't it turn out
that no one is ever supposed to win and when I do, I won't get the prize?"  
Well, yes and no.  Many movies have been structured around this plot, but in 
this case, the government of New Washington and the producers of Cyber Tower
are legit, and they will reward you with a ticket to Earth if you survive
eight floors of flybots and flashmen.  And there are LOTS of them.  LOTS.

This is my second-favorite looking level.  The whole thing is wrap-around and
looks pretty sleek.  It also gets more narrow as you go into higher levels, so
enjoy the small feeling of suspense, because this level is actually very easy.

Level 8

E8 - Rather abrupt, wasn't it?  Well, get ready to fight.  Head left first
D8 - Stay on the edge of this screen.  The flashman will get hit by the bomb
	and then when he comes down, he will keep flashing off screen and then
	back on like a dummy.  Take him down this way.
C8 - Kill flashman.
B8 - Walk in to this screen and shoot the flybot as it descends to you.  Then
	walk back to C8 and climb up, return to B8 and the other flybot will
	come up to this level and you can shoot it.
A8 - Kill the flybot, then PRESS THE SWITCH to open the opposite door.  If you
	don't you'll be one sad kid when you get to the other side.  Backtrack.
F8 - Kill the flybot, then climb up and shoot the flashman as he climbs up.  
	He'll play dead, but you can deal with that.  Go to G8.
G8 - Kill the two flybots here plus the one from A8 which enters from the right.
	If the flashman is here, kill him too and then go to A8 and up the lift.

Level 7

A7 - Climb up and go left to G7.
G7 - The flashman will walk away.  Use the switch to open the floor and then
	go lure him back into G7 and kill him.
F7 - Get out your gun and roll from the right trip beam to the one in the 
	middle of the small cage.  It opens the left door and closes the right.
	No big deal, just kill the flashman.
E7 - Kill yet another flashman.
D7 - Climb up.
C7 - Open the door and shoot the flashman down as he comes at you.  Now use The 
	Drop to be ready.  Keep shooting him, because he doesn't have room to 
	flash away!  Now kill the flybots, and go to B7 to save.
B7 - Save.
A7 - Go up.

Level 6

A6 - Go up and right into B6 to press the switch that opens the door.  If you
	don't, you'll have to backtrack A LOT.  Now come back, crouch and roll
	to the left under the sentry gun.  Walk all the way to the wall, then
	crouch and roll right.  You will stop right under the ledge.  As soon
	as the gun shoots, start the climb up and you should make it before 
	getting shot.  
E6 - Hop over the trap door to use the Energy Generator if you need to, then
	go down and kill your pal flashman.  He may have stalked off to the next
	screen.  If so, go and get him.
D6 - Kill whoever is here.
C6 - Hop over the trap doors and climb up to the ledge.
B6 - From up here, the flashman will come to get you.  Crouch on the edge, and
	as he is climbing up, you roll down.  Then you can get ready to fight
	him as he climbs down, or you can just quickly use the lift.

Level 5

B5 - Roll left under the passage.
A5 - Fight the flashman and flybot here, then climb up the ledge.  Crouch and
	roll to trip the beam.  This opens the floor panel and shoots the sentry
	gun, so you need to roll.  Climb up and save.  Now stand on the edge of
	the screen and HOP into the next one.
E5 - Because you are a genius and holding Y, you will hang from the first ledge
	instead of hitting the floor in a fatal fall.  DO NOT CLIMB UP.  Drop
	and hop over the bomb, then climb up to the next platform and do a
	Running Leap to go under the bomb and grab the ledge.  No sweat!
D5 - Shoot flashman.  He will flash toward you, but stand your ground.  What you
	want is for him to stop on one of those thin walls, then shoot him so 
	he falls into a pit and plays dead, effectively leaving you alone.  If 
	he flashes to close, you can try hitting him or hopping away, but you
	will probably take hits, no big deal.
C5 - Get down to the floor and fight the flashmen.  If any go off to the right,
	let them stay there.
B5 - Go up.

Level 4

B4 - Go right.
C4 - Climb up to trip the beam, then climb back down.  You want to fight the
	flashman on this longer section of floor.  The best thing is to use the
	screen edge strategy, but you should manage.  Kill the flybot, then use
	the switch to open the door and Run Leap to the ledge.
A4 - Wait for the flashmen.  One will get blown up, but the other you need to 
	shoot.  Just continuously fire and you should end up with both on the 
	ground playing dead.  Climb down and kill them.  Then climb up and go to
	B4 again.
B4 - Trip the beam on top to open the trap door.  Then go back around and RUN
	into the B4 again so that Conrad trips the beam and does a Running Leap
	over the bombs.  Climb up and take the lift.  Almost done!

Level 3

B3 - Nothing to say but kill everyone.  Some of the enemies will come for you,
	others will wait for you.  The flashmen take a zillion hits.  Just save
	when you are done and take the lift in A3.

Level 2

A2 - Wait for the flashman to come down and kill him, then the flybot.  Use the
	switch to open the door for the other flashman and then go down to the
	floor to fight him.  Proceed to the final floor.

Level 1

A1 - If you're expecting a fight of some sort, forget it.  Just roll back and
	forth a thousand times to get in all the hits you need on this last
	flashman.  He'll die and Conrad will win his ticket to Earth, courtesy
	of Titan Travel, which I guess is the show's sponsor.

Level 4 - Earth

Earth Streets

       A        B        C        D        E         
   |        ||||   |||___]==|||             
1  | | P_x___]P__##|   |  ##  |                  
   | |x_==__|||||==____]C_##__|_________________  
   |    ##_   |  |         _P_||P_         taxi |        
2  | P_ ##z__E|  |_  ___P_x_[P__z __x____i_     |         

C = checkpoint 

Paradise Club

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G         
   |    __    __ z  z|_zx_==i_[kz| _   |    |i_x__##|## ____V_E|  |         
1  |    _x          ||   |##_z__]_##   |    |    |==_==_____##*|  |         
                                                         |_z_ _ ##|         
2                                                        |##|_Sx##|         


Secret Base

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
   |##|    r___   __i|  __ _____x_     ||||||||||||  ____||||||||||||||||  |
1  |##V  __|zz|_  |##|__||^_iS_E|_  _| [____        z__b___b_  __b___z[__  |
   |##|_ _[___k]__|##| G_x_________==_i|||||___V___z_V___||||GG||||||||||__|
   |##|_ __[_   __|##|_i__  [__k_ |##  |  
1  |## _    |r__*i|##|* ____ *  |_]##  |         

r = roborat       ^ = trap door

So if Cyber Tower is the second-best looking level, which is the first?  Earth!
Yes, I think the Earth level looks absolutely sweet, and I'm so sad that half
of it is underground where we can't see Earth in its futuristic splendor.

Anyhow, there are two main areas, but I think of the second one as two smaller
areas anyway, for a total of three.  I think the idea here is that Conrad is 
looking for trouble, figuring that trouble and alien conspiracies go together.
However, there might be some subtle point in the game where "Paradise Club" is
mentioned, because that's where Conrad finds the trouble.

Earth Streets

C1 - Give your papers to the man at the checkpoint to open the door.
B1 - Take out this cop as usual.  If you shoot him off screen, he will come 
	back, unless he's dead, so wait a second or two OR listen carefully for
	return fire.  If you hear none, he's dead.  Now roll onto the next
	screen and roll back fast all the way right.  Shoot both the stunbot
	and the cop as the pursue you. 
A1 - Climb down, but don't hold Y or Down and you will go a little faster.  Then
	quickly walk to the lift and activate it down, but don't let up yet!
A2 - Turn and shoot the cop, blocking his return fire.  At the bottom, roll left
	and turn back to shoot the stunbot that it hiding behind the low wall.
	Then turn your attention to the cop, and finally to the flybots.  You
	may notice that sometimes the flybots hit each other.  This is a good
	thing, and actually my strategy in a few places.
B2 - Roll in, shoot the stunbot, then open the door and take out the cop.
C2 - Sneak in, shoot once, then go back.  In B2, a cop or two will follow.  
	When they stop coming, get to the edge B2 and run back into C2 and roll
	over to the right.  Stop, crouch, turn, draw, using your force field to
	block shots.  You should pass the stunbot that you can't see (unless his
	little arm deploys) and the cop.  Get them both, but beware of the third
	cop who may or may not have gone to the next screen.  If he comes back,
	you'll need to take some time to get him.
D2 - Crouch and take out the cop, then roll back to deal with the flybot in a 
	better area.  Then shoot the stunbot, then HOP over the pit (to avoid
	dealing with the flybot that is hiding down there).
E2 - Press the switch to call the taxi.  

Paradise Club

The taxi takes Conrad to the Paradise Club, presumably at Conrad's request.  
	This makes me think that we should have heard that name somewhere, but
	I am too lazy to go back and check all the cut scenes.  In any case, 
	Conrad wants to investigate this place, which is quite clearly a strip
	club, but since it is daylight, it's not open... or is it?

A1 - Save.  Go right and kill the low flybot.  Save again, then climb up.  Just
	keep climbing and the stunbot will not harm you.  Now from the left edge
	do a Running Jump and you will hang on the ledge in B1.
B1 - Climb up, then walk to the other edge and climb down.  Hang, then let go
	to land safely.  Why do this?  It is the only way to get the flybots'
	attention without getting hit.  It's wacky, yes, but whatever.  There
	are a couple ways to get their attention and then take a hit or two on
	the way down to the street, so if you don't like fancy, go ahead.
	Anyhow, kill the flybots, then climb back up to that ledge, shoot the
	glass above the door, then Running Jump to grab the edge and climb up
	to the opening.  
C1 - Roll in, shoot the stunbot, roll back to avoid the explosion.  Take out the
	flybot, then take the lift down and kill the other flybot.  
D1 - Trip the beam to open the door, kill the flashman and the flybot.  Use the
	lift (it is not quite noticeable at first, but easily marked on my map)
	to make a platform under that hanging light.  Now climb onto the light
	and shoot the glass.  Kill the flybot, then hop over and take the key.
	Climb down.
E1 - Kill all of these weenies.
F1 - Go through.
G1 - Use the key to open the door, then entice the flashman to come down to the
	floor.  You may have to go back to F1 to keep him moving.  Kill him,
	then the flybot.  Go up and left to E1 where a stunbot guards a switch.
	Kill it, then press the switch to deactivate the Green Death in front
	of the lift.  Go back to the lift, but roll from F1 to G1 to avoid the
	sentry gun.  Go down.
G2 - Kill the stunbot and flybot, then climb up to that light to activate the
	secret passage and call the lift.  Save and take the lift down.

Secret Base

Actually, this isn't the secret base just yet, but a well-guarded and booby-
	trapped passage to the Secret Base.  Why would a strip club have such
	excellent security?  Well, if there was an alien conspiracy being run
	from the basement of my strip club, I'd want to protect it too.  In any
	case, this is a difficult area.

A1 - Try to shoot the flashman as you descend.  He'll probably climb down and
	go off to B1.
A2 - Kill the flybot, climb up to A1.
A1 - Hop over the pit, then crouch and roll into B1 so that Conrad is just on
	the edge of the screen.  
B1 - The flashman will probably be here and you can kill him now.  DO NOT walk
	to the key during any of this.  When he's gone, take the key, which 
	opens the panel above you and lets out two flybots.  They are probably
	in A1, so go there and get them down.  What you want to do is roll like
	you are going to stand up and shoot them, but instead of shooting, 
	just wait for them to get close and then crouch.  What will happen if
	you do it just right is that one will try to zap you and the other will
	keep going... right into the zap!  Then the first will keep zapping
	and blow up the second.  Now you can deal with the remaining flybot.
	This opens the doors to the little cage you are in.
	An alternative strategy for the flybots is to let them hit you, then
	while you are invincible, stand up and try to get into the same space 
	as they are.  If you succeed, you acn pistol whip them without any
	danger.  This only works if they are in the same space though.
	Now go to A1.
A1 - Climb up to the ledge, then run to B1.
B1 - Use a Running Jump to get over to that switch.  Press it to open a secret
	door below.  Return to A2 by climbing down the right side of the pit.
A2 - You should be hanging over a ledge in front of a door.  Wait for Conrad to	
	stop swinging before you let go, then drop to open the door and go into
B2 - I don't know how to avoid taking a hit here, so just roll down and take a
	hit from the mouse and/or the sentry gun.  Whatever.  If you are low
	on shields you can go all the way down to the key lock, open the door,
	and then use the Energy Generator first.  In any case, once you are
	safely under the gun and the roborat is gone, press the switch and
	turn off the Green Death.  Now roll left, wait for the gun to stop,
	and make your way down to that lift.  Don't bother saving.  Take it up
	and proceed to C1.
C1 - Climb up, then walk one space.  Crouch and roll from here, and you will
	go through the first trap door, but not the second, so you can use the
	switch to turn off the Green Death, then save and use the Generator on
	the next screen.  When you're ready, fall through the trap door and
	kill the stunbot.  Go down.
C2 - Open the door with the switch, then use a Running Jump to get over there.
D2 - Grab the key and go back the way you came, then go into D1 (what I mean is
	don't go down into the area below; it's useless and there are some bots
	down there).
D1 - Use the key in the lock, kill that stunbot, then Save.  You need to do a 
	Running Jump to get over to the left side of the trap door.
E1 - When you're ready, come here and kill this flashman.
F1 - Kill the flashman and the two flybots, THEN GO BACK AND SAVE.  The next
	Before I begin, let me tell you that on Normal mode, this part is hard,
	but on Expert, it is very very very very hard.  You have to do
	everything perfectly to survive.  So my little walkthrough here is
	designed to get you through with only a second or two to spare.

	Okay... here we go.  Climb up onto the ledge, and start to run.  As soon
	as you do, a Green Death appears and starts to follow you.  What you
	need to do is start running, then do a Running Jump when you step on the
	bomb.  It won't get you.  Keep running into G1.
G1 - Again, do a Running Jump as soon as you step on the bomb, but this time, 
	let go of the buttons so that Conrad stops after his landing.  Walk one
 	space forward, then hop over the bomb then walk onto the next screen.  
	You need to do this sequence VERY FAST but without running.
H1 - Get your gun out and start shooting the flybot.  Instead of firing as fast
	as possible, what you need to do is shoot, wait for his shield to pass,
	then shoot again, etc.  This will increase the speed with which you hit
	the flybot greatly, and on Expert, he takes about fifteen hits so you
	need that time.  As soon as it blows up, crouch and roll right through
	the opening door.  If you were VERY fast, the Green Death will appear
	just as you are rolling away.  Anything slower means death.

	Anyway, once you make it through that hellish experience, you will see
	Conrad sneak through the air shafts until he spots some aliens and
	disguised aliens talking.  They are discussing how they have finally
	advanced human technology and civilization far enough to make a suitable
	world for their homeworld to conquer.  Thousands of alien warriors will
	teleport in and wipe out the human vermin, wait, who's that?  A human
	spy, eh?  Throw him in the dungeon and we'll take care of him later!

Level 5 - Earth Base

       A        B        C        D        E 
                     |xkV]        _V_      __[==|    
1                    |_  G__    __| _    ____|##|       
             ________|tqV| _____|  _G__xi[__ |##| 
            |jail|||||||||_E____|___ r_|z z| |##|
2           |_]____]VV____  ____i  | r_|z z| |##|   
   |        |      |||||||||      _____||||||||||
3  |      |_GG _ _ __]__   |x______[_A_[__A___  |

T = teleporter               q = telereceiver
t = telecontrol      g = gun
r = roborat

This is the shortest level, and it is super short.  The only problem is that if
you don't know what to do already, it can be a PAIN.  However, with this guide,
it will seem like a silly fifth level, especially after that ordeal you went
through in the Paradise Club.

Conrad is in the Prison of the Secret Base.  He wakes up, and two flashmen come
to kill him (perhaps they just want to rough Conrad up a bit so he'll talk?)
but Conrad has other plans...  Vive le Conrad!

B2 - Crouch and roll past the flashmen as they open the door to your cell. Keep
	rolling or run to the right until you fall off the first ledge in C2.
C2 - Your gun is in front of the save.  If you are fast enough, you can pick it
	up and get ready to shoot the flashmen before they get you, but
	otherwise, once you get your first shots in, this should be a cake walk.
	When they're dead, save, unless you one or no hits left, then I'd advise
	starting the level over.  
	Grab the key the flashmen dropped.  
D2 - Use the key on the keylock here and also press the switch there to open
	the door in the lower right.  Save again in C2. 
	Now wait for the roborat to be at the right-most side of its path, then
	start climbing.  It will stop under you, but if you keep climbing the
	explosion will miss.  As you climb up to the next ledge, the second
	roborat will be heading back, but you should be able to turn and Hop
	over to the other ledge before he stops to explode.  Climb up.
D1 - Stand on the edge and draw your gun after climbing up.  Stay here and do 
	not move.  The flashman will come down to you, and you can shoot him.
	But stay put.  Because you are on the very edge, he can not flash 
	behind you.  If he flashes at all, it will be either close enough for
	you to pistol whip him or far enough for you to shoot him.  STAY PUT 
	until he is dead.  If you're not on expert mode, there is no flashman
	so just walk past that moving Green Death to the space just to the
	right of it's lower right position.  From here, crouch, draw, and roll
	into E1.
E1 - Shoot the stunbot, then roll back into D1 to avoid the explosion.
D1 - Because you started from a safe spot, you will roll back to a safe spot.
	Now stand in that same spot, wait for the Green Death to move up to the
	ledge, then start climbing.  Keep going and then walk left quickly to
	beat the Green Death.  Now keep going left and down so you can
	recharge in the Energy Generator in C2.
C2 - Recharge, then go up to C1.
C1 - Stand right in front of where the Green Death appears, and wait for it to
	disappear (the flashman above is triggering it by walking around, so
	you should be able to time it really well).  Then sneak off the ledge
	so you perform The Drop and shoot the flashman.  He has no room to flash
	so he will die easily.  Pick up the telereceiver and the telecontrol.
	Carefully climb up past the Green Death, back to D1.
D1 - Climb up to the top ledge, then throw the telereceiver to the right; it 
	will land on the floor in E1, right where you need to use the key you
	are about to get.
C1 - This is easy.  When the Green Death turns off, walk forward and start a 
	climb.  When you get up, crouch and roll.  You will stop right on top
	of the key.  Pick it up, then use your telecontrol right away to zip
	to safety.  If you are smooth, you won't get hit by the stunbot or the
E1 - Use the key on the lock, then throw your telereceiver down the pit.  Now
	use your telecontrol to zip down.
E2 - As soon as you appear, flybots and a moving Green Death will come at you.
	Just run to the left, into D2 and falling into D3.  Stay there until
	you hear the Green Death moving in the screen above, then stop.  Now
	use your telecontrol to return to your telereceiver.
	The flybots are still here, so kill them, then take your telereceiver.
	Or you could just take the telereceiver and roll back down to D3.
D3 - Drop down onto the tripbeam to open the door holding the alien.  Kill him
	to open the next door.  (Don't go left, it's just a stunbot).
E3 - Kill the alien here, then drop down and shoot the stunbot, hopefully
	before the alien down here shoots at you or something.  Kill the alien
	and proceed.
C3 - Save here.  You don't need to worry about recharging your shields.  Leave
	your telereceiver on the floor next to the Save point.  Now go up and
	through the door.
B3 - What you want to do is lure the Green Deaths into C3.  All this takes is
	to teleport back.  They will appear (red for some reason) then head
	back into C3.  Go back up (LEAVE THE TELERECEIVER WHERE IT IS!) and
	follow them.
	Now that the Green Deaths are going to the left, you have the time you
	need to do this.  Hop over the first pit, then walk right so you fall
	directly over the flybot.  This is the key; by landing on top of him,
	he can't hit you.  Get out your gun and pistol whip him.  Teleport back.
	When you come back (watch out for the Green Deaths!).  Do the same 
	thing to the second flybot, although he is on the right side of his pit
	so you should walk left off of the same little ledge as before.  Again,
	teleport out.
	Now, the third flybot is too far for you to hop over before you get
	killed by the Green Death, but if you just fall down the first pit,
	then climb back up, the flybot will rise up.  Shoot him, but make sure
	to leave yourself time to put your gun away and teleport to safety from
	the Green Death.  It may take two trips like this to kill the last 
	When it's all clear, just pick your way past the Green Deaths to A3.
	You may be wondering if you can just run past all this.  You can, by
	throwing your telereceiver into the third pit, and then trying to climb
	out and into A3 before the flybots get you.  The problem with this is
	that they follow closely, and if you are not fast in A3, the flybots
	will zap you and you fall to your death off that cliff.  It's not a
	very precise method, but it does work if you try enough times.

A3 - Climb up to the top ledge so the Green Deaths don't get you from behind.
	Throw your telereceiver down or hang and drop from the ledge.  Stand
	under the teleporter and press Up.

	Conrad will be whisked away across the galaxy by this poweful machine
	and find himself in a strange hangar bay on an alien world.  This is
	the homeworld of the evil creatures that threaten Earth, and Conrad
	is looking to put a big ol' nasty fly in their ointment.

Level 6 - Alien Homeworld

        A        B        C        D        E        F        G         
                     |                ______A__   |___________   _|
1                    |start      ____     [_##|i__[     ||||||  _||
                                       |    ##|||         
2                                      |  __==|||         
             __________________________|___e__ *| 
            |##_ ___||__   |i ||||m         A __|       
3           |##|_A  --_]_M_]____]_G__     _A__ A|         
            |==  e   |  
4           |      __|               
   |E##_  |||___         _e            |||  ==| |    
5  ||##|____]_____E____A  ##_A__________i]_  _S_|       
   ||##|||||||||  ||||||  ##||||  ||  |||||  |||| 
                     |||  ##  |                      
6                    |  __==__|                        
    _________________|__[  _A_| 
   ||||||  _____  _  || __%_  |                    
7  |  -_]__b_______  ||_    _A|                         

e = eyeball		M = Man
% = space cayote        m = mechanical mouse

You've made it to the alien homeworld!  They won't let you just wander around
upsetting their plans for the conquest of Earth, so it's time to be vigilant.
You can't save for a while, so this level can be frustrating, but I have found
some shortcuts, so let's do this thing.

After teleporting in, Conrad steps outside of the hangar onto this mysterious
and hostile world...

C1 - Go right.
D1 - Kill the alien, then go up and right.
E1 - Kill this alien as well (both of them take many hits), then press the
	switch below to open the door.  Go right to G1 to recharge your shields
	if you lost any. Then backtrack to the newly opened door and take the
	lift down to E2.

You have two choices from here, so I will now split up:

E2 - As the eye turns away, drop down and crouch to avoid getting shot, then
	roll down the hole.
E3 - There are three aliens here.  IGNORE THEM and get down to the next screen
	as fast as possible.  
D3 - If you moved very fast, the aliens will not be following you.  Climb up
	to the top ledge and grab the mouse.  You will activate the Green Death
	in front of the door when you do, but it's okay.  Take the mouse down
	to the area below and leave it there.  It will trip the wire to open
	the door, and then the one to close it.  When it's open, throw your
	telereceiver through, then teleport to it, bypassing the Green Death.
C3 - Climb up, press the switch, then carefully climb down (wait for Conrad to
	stop swinging before letting go).  In the lower area, shoot the door to
	open it.  Then press the switch over there.  An alien appears and shoots
	the guy that was hanging out there.  It will come down for you, so kill
	it.  Then go up, get the atomic charge (YEEEHAA!!) from the dying guy.
	Now comes a TOUGH part.  Roll under the passage to B3.
B3 - Immediately head for the upper ledge.  DO NOT STOP.  If you are very lucky,
	the alien will morph and unmorph on the middle ledge.  If he does, trip
	the far wire to call up the lift, then TELEPORT over to avoid tripping
	the other switch (which sends the lift down), and take the lift down.
	If the alien follows you up to the ledge, you must crouch on the very
	edge and use the roll back and forth technique to kill him.  You can't
	teleport to the lift while it is in motion (since the receiver will also
	be in motion), so forget about trying to ignore the alien if he comes at
	you.  This part is very tough, but perserverance will triumph.
	If you have to kill the alien, go ahead and pick up the diary and read 
	it.  It is the diary of Phillip Howard Clark, the guy who gave you the
	atomic charge, and it will tell you all about the master and auxiliary
	brains that control the planet.

The advantage to this strategy is that you can backtrack to recharge shields. 
The disadvantage is the time it takes, which can be frustrating.

E2 - Leave your telereceiver on the ledge, then drop down and roll right down
	the hole to E3.
E3 - Immediately head for the floor, then go left.  
D3 - Wait for the aliens to come for you, then go back right.  You should leave
	one or two behind, allowing you to divide and conquer.  These aliens
	take fewer hits than the first two, but it is hard to fight multiple
	aliens at once.  The best thing to do is to wait for them to be close
	to each other so that they will stand up at nearly the same time, 
	allowing you to shoot both and keep them close.  When they split up, 
	you usually end up getting hit as they unmorph next to you.
	If you ever get close to dying, teleport away, take the lift up, charge
	your shields, and come back to E2.  The aliens will probably come up	
	the ledge into this screen, so fight them on the lower floor.  They
	may get hit by the autogun.  Go down and finish off any aliens that
	are still left, leaving your telereceiver in the same spot in case of
	more hits.
	Anyway, after killing all of them, pick up the stone in the corner of 
	E3 and drop it on the tripwire in D3 that opens the door.  The little 
	mouse will keep the Green Death deactivated.
C3 - Same as in Strategy 1, except that when you are done, if you took any hits
	you can backtrack to recharge.
B3 - Again, same as in Strategy 1, but if you leave your telereceiver anywhere
	in C3 or before, you can still backtrack and recharge.  Take the diary
	if you kill the alien.

Now you should be heading down to B4.

B4 - Throw the receiver down to the right ledge and teleport.  Use The Drop to
	surprise the space cayote, kill him, then use the switch to open the
	hatch.  Fall down.
B5 - Charge your shields if you need to.
C5 - That alien will come for you pretty quick, so go back to B5 and fight him.
	The other one will just morph and unmorph.  You CAN hit him, but it is
	really tedious to try.  I would just leave him until later, but you can
	stand there and shoot at him forever if you want. 
	Throw the telereceiver down and teleport.
C6 - Kill the alien, then go down the hole (the door here will close in the
	next section of the game and not reopen), making sure to use The Drop.
C7 - Shoot the cayote, then go down and kill the alien.  THEN SAVE!!! YAHOO!
B7 - Ignore the stone, go left but use the top ledge to avoid a bomb on the
	next screen.
A7 - Roll under the passage, kill the alien (no sweat because your save is so
	close!) and head right.
B7 - Pick up the key, then stand under the teleporter to get out of this area.
	Head back to C7 and save, then backtrack up to C5.
C5 - With the lift up now, you can shoot the alien a little easier, but if this
	is still too hard, throw your telereceiver left, teleport, then Running
	Leap to the ledge under the eyeball, jump down and go into D5 to fight
	the alien.
D5 - Nothing, just go right.
E5 - Use the key to open the door and advance to the last level.

Level 7 - Alien Homeworld Continued

Upper Base

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H         
                              | |___==______   _*_   _||||___r____|
1                             |_[   ##||||||  _||_##_|  [S__GGG_==|
                              |||_____-__E|A_i||| ##| _|||||||||##|
                                                | ##|__  |  __[i##|         
2                                               | ##|__##|_%##bb  |         
                                        ________|_##|  ##|__==||  | 
                                       |  _bb     ##|  ==|@   b   |       
3                                      |  _||   __==|____|_A_e____|         
                                       |  _||_______[AA_i|||||  ||| 
                                       |__  |mm |            |  | 
4                                      |__A_##_A|            |  |      
    ___________________________________|||||##|||____________|  |__________
   |E==_  |||___         _e            |||  ==|     ___              |  ## |
5  ||##|____]_____E_____  ##____________i]_  _S______||______________[__== |
   ||##|||||||||  ||||||  ##||||  ||  |||||  |||||||||||||||     ||_____||_| 
                     |||  ##  |             
6                    |  __==__|               
                     |__[  ___|

m = exploding mouse       r = roborat
@ = auxiliary brain	  e = eyeball

Inner Core

       A        B        C        D        E        F      
   |##|    _|__    __|_   |##B___  |m##|              
1  |##|    _|__ && __|___ |##||||_  |##|                 
2                             |        |        |        |         

&& = master brain	m = exploding mouse
B = bomb dropper	$ = central core shaft

Okay, here it is, the final stretch.  This level is not hard if you do a lot of
backtracking, saving, and recharging.  Also, even if you didn't pick up the
diary in the previous level you will have it now, so take a look. 

E5 - Running Jump to the ledge, go up.
E4 - Kill these two aliens.  Be wary of that middle wall; if you roll too close
	you will stand up and lose precious time.  After you kill them, go back
	down, left to B5 for recharging, then save in E5, then go back up.
	Leave your telereceiver here.
E3 - Climb up, then run and leap from the edge to avoid bombs and land safely 
	on the next screen.
F3 - Go up all the way to F1.
F1 - Press the switch to stop the autogun, which ALSO sends down the lift, but
	it doesn't matter because of the teleporter.  Go into E1.
E1 - Climb down and press the switch, then teleport to E4.  Ignore the alien.
E4 - Again, recharge, save, and come back here.  Leave the telereceiver and go
	to E3.
E3 - The aliens from the next screen will come for you, so climb down the ledge
	and hang for a second (you won't be able to see Conrad, so really wait)
	and then drop down.  Roll around and kill the aliens as they come down
	to get you.  Teleport away, recharge, save, and come back to F3.
F3 - One of the aliens will drop a key.  Use it on the switch to open the hatch
	and climb up to the lift.  Take it up.
F2 - Go up.
F1 - The door is open from the switch in E1, so save and go to G1.
G1 - Walk past the first Green Death as the mouse deactivates it, then throw 
	the telereceiver to the right and teleport past the other two.  Go down.
G2 - Use one of the keys you have to open the door (maybe they all work... I 
	always get it right on my first try), then use The Drop on the space
	cayote.  He won't hit you if you land on top of him, so roll right to 
	fall down on a lift.  Stand on the LEFT edge of the lift, and send it
	up.  Immediately draw and crouch so that you can hit the space cayote
	as soon as the lift stops.  The lift will trigger the bombs, but they
	are too far away to hit you.  When all danger is gone, throw your
	telereceiver down into G3.

Immediately crouch to fight the alien.  Pay attention to the bomb dropper on 
	the ceiling.  After you kill the alien, head to the right and stand up.
	Use your force field to block the fire from the autogun on the left, 
	and just fire as much as possible.  As the auxiliary brain's shield
	oscillates, you will hit it.  When it becomes a pile of sludge, the
	bombs stop and the autogun deactivates.  Throw your telereceiver down
	the new hole and teleport into G5.

G5 - Go left and save in E5.  Then go all the way left to A5.
A5 - The door is now open.  DO NOT TAKE THE LIFT UP.  Instead, climb up onto the
	wall.  You want the lift down if you intend to win the game "right."
	Charge your shields if you need it.  Take the farther lift down.

After a short and ominous animation, Conrad has finally reached the planet core.
He is close to the end of his journey...

A1 - Save!  Go right.

You have to shoot the brain six times, alternating which side you shoot from,
	and you have to kill the aliens that spawn to protect the brain.  What
	I do is go up to the left ledge, LEAVE MY TELERECEIVER, shoot the brain
	and go down.  Now you should kill ALL aliens before going to the right
	ledge.  More will spawn, but not too fast, and they always take one hit.
	Anyway, after you shoot, always go down and fight the aliens that have
	spawned, and you can teleport to the left edge instead of climb, which
	shaves off a lot of time.
	After you kill the brain, aliens stop spawning, so when there are no
	more, you're done.  Take your telereceiver and go to C1.

C1 - Trip the wire here to open the door back to A1.  Backtrack to the Upper 
	Base, recharge in A5, go back down to the Inner Core, and save.  In
	fact, after killing any further aliens, you will want to do this exact
	same thing.
	The switch calls down the lift, take it up and proceed right to avoid
	the bomb dropper.
D1 - Go up to the ledge and trip the wire.  An alien shoots at you, but can't
	hit you through the wall, so he comes in to fight you.  Don't wait for
	him, immediately take the lift back down and fight him on the floor 
	where there is room.  DO NOT stand at the rightmost part of the floor
	because when you roll back, Conrad will stand up (because he rolled too
	close to the wall).  Stand one space away from the wall before crouching
	and you will have just enough room on both sides of the floor to fight
	the alien.  Take his key when you kill him, and open the door.  Go down.
D2 - Go right.
E2 - Kill these two aliens.
F2 - You have two options.  Either backtrack ALL THE WAY to H5 of the Upper Base
	and leave your telereceiver there, or suck it up and be a man.
	Either way, run onto the first green death and jump.  You will not be
	killed by either.  Go over to the right, where "an inner voice" tells
	you to leave the atomic charge here.  Do so, then press the switch to 
	send it down to the core of the planet.

	Now, if you are tired of playing, you will have left your telereceiver
	in H5 and you can teleport back (where the door is now open).  Go to
	the right edge and take the hidden lift up to win the game.
	If you are ready for one last challenge (which ramps up the climax since
	you already killed the master brain and spent a bunch of time doing 
	lame stuff since), run left onto the Green Death and jump.  If you do it
	just like before, you will not die (you can also leave your telereceiver
	on the left side of the screen and just teleport... this will not feel
	like "cheating" at all).
	Now run like the dickens!  The key idea here is to NOT jump at all the
	ledges on the way.  You can either hold the directional button to 
	suppress the Leap action or you can roll while you run to avoid the 
	leaping action.  But as you run onto C5 of the Upper Base, you DO want
	to leap, so only hold Y, then keep holding it while pressing up to do
	two hops to get to the other side.
	Make sure to use a Running JUMP in E5 so that Conrad jumps over the pit
	instead of leaping for the ledge.  You may grab the edge of the pit
	instead of making it all the way, but that's okay, just climb up and 
	keep going.
	When you get to H5, head to the far right and take the hidden lift up
	to win the game!

There is a touching ending, then the credits roll while all the cut scenes from
the game replay (even lame ones like the recharge sequence).  Enjoy the list
of game developers with French names rather than Japanese for a change, and 
bask in your Expert Flashback Player Status.

VII. Passwords

Easy Difficulty:
New Washington - JWLYX
Cyber Tower - RSVP
Earth - DXCPT
Earth Base - SLMN
Alien Homeworld - ZTHRK
Alien Homeworld Continued - CRLQXZ

Normal Difficulty:
New Washington - BGSFM
Cyber Tower - PRWG
Earth - WNPQVX
Earth Base - NMRYL
Alien Homeworld - SNTHN
Alien Homeworld Continued - KLZHT

Expert Difficulty:
New Washington - JNGLQ
Cyber Tower - HNYTM
Earth - KVNF
Earth Base - DWNGH
Alien Homeworld - STBRM
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VIII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Copyright 2005, Mike Jenista

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