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    FAQ/Walkthrough by adam3k3

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/28/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                 Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse     
                      For SEGA CD, Genesis, SNES, and Play Station
                                    Version 1.00
                                   By Adam Cooper
                          Email: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com  
                           Website: http://adamcooper.me                          
                     This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Cooper
                            Last Revision July 28th, 2013
    Table of Contents
    1. About this Guide......................................[100]
     1-1. Availability...................................[110]
     2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
     3-1. Searching the Guide............................[130]
     4-1. Version History................................[140]
    2. Introduction..........................................[200]
    3. Game Info.............................................[300]
    4. The Basics............................................[400]
    5. Walkthrough...........................................[500]
     1-5. Steamboat Willie...............................[510]
     2-5. The Mad Doctor.................................[520]
     3-5. Moose Hunters..................................[530]
     4-5. Lonesome Ghosts................................[540]
     5-5. Mickey and the Beanstalk.......................[550]
     6-5. The Prince and the Pauper......................[560]
    6. Hidden................................................[600]
     1-6. Areas..........................................[610]
     2-6. Stages.........................................[620]
     3-6. Cheat Codes....................................[630]
    7. Version Differences...................................[700]
    8. Closing...............................................[800]
     1-8. Contacts.......................................[810] 
     2-8. Special Thanks.................................[820]
      100: About this Guide   \
    '-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'
    The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 
    my website [1], GameFaqs [2] and IGN [3].
    [1] http://adam3k3.tumblr.com/faqs
    [2] http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Adam3k3/contributions/faqs
    [3] http://www.ign.com/blogs/adam3k3
    '-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'
    This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
    the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.
    This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
    its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
    your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
    work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
    clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
    availability section.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    [3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0
    '-- 130: Searching the Guide -------------------------------------------------'
    Press "CTRL+F" to Search the FAQ. Copy, paste the code to the desired section 
    from the tables of content into the search bar and click Find.
    '-- 140: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'
    Version 1.00 July 28th, 2013
    Finished the FAQ with both the main walkthrough as well as all the hidden 
    extras. Update me via my email, Twitter or website should anything be added. 
    See Contacts. 
      200: Introduction       \
    Mickey Mania is a 2D platformer first released on Sega Genesis, Sega CD and 
    SNES, later ported to the PlayStation with enhanced graphics. Although there 
    are a few notable differences between the ports, the enital game is the same
    with a few exceptions that will be noted in the walkthrough.
    I own all SEGA and the PlayStation version and although this walkthrough was 
    written for the SEGA CD, it can be used across all versions.
      300: Game Info          \
    Mickey Mania is a platformer in which players control Mickey Mouse as he 
    visits various locations based on his past cartoons, ranging from his debut 
    in Steamboat Willie to the more recent The Prince and the Pauper. Mickey can 
    attack enemies by either jumping on them or by using a limited supply of 
    marbles, which are collected throughout the stage. 
    Mickey can take up to five hits, represented by the fingers he holds up on his 
    hand, which can be replenished by collecting stars, whilst extra lives can be 
    gained by finding Mickey hats. Stages offer a variety of challenges such as 
    puzzles the player must solve, escaping from a rampaging moose and fleeing from
    a flaming staircase.
    The game can be found eBay as well as Amazon for a reasonable price. Go for 
    the PlayStation version if you want the most updated and enhanced version or 
    the Genesis version for the classic. 
      400: The Basics         \
    As mentioned earlier, this is a simple but challenging 2D platformer where 
    you move from the start of the stage to its finish collecting lives and few 
    more things explained below.
    Marbles: Although you can hit most enemies by jumping on them, using marbles 
    can be both better and safer. Collecte them across the stages and throw at 
    enemies. A Gold bag will appear on the top right of the screen showing you 
    how many are left to use once you collect them or use.
    Stars: Stars add hit points, you can mix them at 5 the most as shown by 
    Mickey’s hand top left of the screen. Each time you take a hit, a finger 
    disappears. When all hits are used you will lose a live.
    Mickey Hat: Adds an extra live. When all are finished, its game over.
    Checkpoint Rocket: Walk past it to activate a stage checkpoint. You will
    restart from this point should you die.
    Difficulty: Easy, Normal or Hard.
    Tries: Three, Four or Five.
    Throw: Set the throw button.
    Jump: Set the jump button.
    Sound Test: Play game’s music and sound effects.
    Help Screen: Explains basics.
    While in game;
    Press and hold up for the camera to slightly move up.
    Press and hold down to crouch and the camera to slightly move down.
      500: Walkthrough        \
    The Walkthrough will be a straightforward process unless needed or recommended 
    to collect the extras. For hidden paths and stages, see the Hidden section of 
    this FAQ.
    '-- 510: Steamboat Willie ----------------------------------------------------'
    From the start of the stage, wait till the coming music symbols goes below 
    then immediately jump on top of the bottle so the cork closes the mouth of 
    the gowt preventing it from attacking you by singing. Make your way toward 
    the crates and jump on top. The cheminees will blow smoke so wait for the 
    right moment to move forward. 
    Now jump on top of the cat and drop down the new hole. Keep walking to the 
    left while collecting the two stars and push the crates. Make your way past 
    the cheminees again and avoid the hole moving forward. The next section will 
    have birds popping out of the crates, avoid them as you can't hit them and 
    jumping on them will get you hit.
    After that, jump on the top crate and wait for the crane to lift you to the 
    otherside. Don't worry, if you fall you will be taken back to the crates 
    undamaged. When on the other side, move forward to finish section one.
    Collect the 3 Marbles at the start of the section and carefully time your 
    jump between the two demolition balls collecting the star in the middle 
    along with the 3 other marbles. Keep walking forward without stopping as 
    the walkway will fall. You can jump on top of the first bird to get on top 
    of the house and collect the star to the left or simply continue walking 
    across the rope. The birds take up to 3 hits via marbles.
    Walk forward till you reach your first checkpoint rocket, jump on top of the 
    sprint next to it and launch yourself to the top left of the house. Keep 
    jumping to the left till you reach a sign, jump on it and again to the top 
    right walking past the bells. Make sure to ring them and keep jumping forward 
    ringing the other set. The Walkway below is now unlocked, keep moving forward 
    till you reach a wall made of crates. 
    Wait till Pete comes near you and tries to attack, attack back by jumping or 
    throwing marbles. When he goes down, jump on him and make your way on top of 
    the crates. 
    The Next section involves moving forward while watching for falling crates. 
    Kill the first bird and carefully move forward. When on the other side, jump 
    on the crane again and wait for it to move you to the other side. Now, keep 
    jumping from crate to crate as they fall until you're on top. Move forward 
    to face the stage boss.
    There are total of 4 mechanical wheels, you need to destroy them. The upper 
    crates will be dropping bombs, marbles and springs. Keep hitting the bottom 
    wheels with marbles, while dodging the bombs. When done, keep jumping on the 
    dropped springs and throw the marbles at the remaining two on top left and 
    right to finish the stage.
    '-- 520: The Mad Doctor ------------------------------------------------------'
    From the start, keep walking forward while watching out for the flying bats 
    above until you reach the checkpoint. Continue walking forward and a skeleton 
    will drop down, hit him with a marble or wait for him to selfdistract. In any 
    case, watch out for his bones as they fly out. 
    Collect the marbles and walk forward. Another skeleton will drop by, deal with 
    him and continue to the hanging knifes with skeleton head ahead. Approach it 
    slowly and the knifes will fall with a skeleton dropping down. Continue 
    walking forward as you face skeletons and knifes till you reach a stairs. 
    Deal with the skeleton and continue walking to finish the first section.
    Walk forward past the checkpoint and throw the marbles at both the swinging 
    spider skeleton and the flying bat. Once done, jump on the rope once it 
    reaches and you will automatically grab it. Jump off once you’re on the other 
    side and continue walking. This time fire sparks will fly out of the fireplace 
    so watch out as you deal with another swinging spider. Note that the fireplace 
    itself cannot hurt you; it’s just the sparks that dose. 
    You can grab the star to the upper left or jump to the other side. Watch out 
    for sire sparks as you land and continue forward deafening another spider and 
    grabbing on to the rope. Keep walking and dealing with bats till you reach a 
    big pipe. Enter it to clear the second part of the stage.
    This part requires precise timings so pay attention. You will be on a hospital 
    moving bed, crouch till you pass the three spinning blades then jump as the 
    bed is about to fall down. If done correctly you will end up on another moving 
    bed. Again, jump the spikes and prepare to change bed. Crouch the blades and 
    the first spikes, jump before the second spikes. Jump again to change bed. 
    Jump the three blades then jump yet again to another bed. 
    This part can be little tricky, jump before the first blade, crouch, and 
    jump again to end the part.
    This next part is not found in the SNES version and requires timing your jumps.
    Keep moving down throwing marbles at the bats without stopping. Watch out for 
    rolling barrels behind you. Jump them off and continue moving. Another thing 
    to watch out for is the shaking ground that will fall seconds later once you 
    walk on it. You will walk by stars so don’t worry much. When you reach the 
    bottom door, the part will be over.
    Walk forward and deal with the skeleton either by marbles or jumping. Take 
    care of the bat and jump into the rope. Jump off on top of the skeleton 
    grabbing the star and into the next rope. Repeat the same twice until you 
    reach a checkpoint. Take care of the bat and the skeleton and walk forward. 
    Deal with a couple skeletons and bats and continue forward to the next part.
    The Next part is the elevator. You will have to dodge the skeletons bones. 
    The best way is to stand in the middle and wait till the elevator fully 
    reaches the skeleton floor before you throw marbles. When you reach the 
    top, walk forward after dealing with the skeleton.
    Note: This part contains a secret area, see Hidden section for more 
    The Final part of the stage. Move forward to solve a very simple riddle. You 
    will need to push the glass bellow the three wooden things with the skeleton, 
    jump on top of each to drop a chemical in to the glass. Do this for all three 
    while dodging the bats and push the glass into the heater next to the door. 
    Jump to the upper right and stand on top of the switch for a few seconds until 
    the chemical explodes and blows the door.
    Boss time. Grab the stars if needed but leave some for later in case you get 
    hit. Run to the far left and throw marbles at the Mad Doctor. He will start 
    throwing chemicals at you so watch out. You can also jump at him but this will 
    leave you open for hits. Hit him a couple of times and he will be defeated. 
    Congratulations, you saved pluto.
    '-- 530: Moose Hunters -------------------------------------------------------'
    This stage is simple yet requires timing your jumps as well as watching for 
    the falling rocks. Whenever Pluto suddenly freezes, a moose will be coming 
    for the direction that Pluto is pointing at.
    Walk forward and stop before the first tree as two branches will fall down. 
    Continue walking to the mini cave ahead with the falling rocks. Be careful 
    as a branch will fall right after you clear past the rocks. Another mini cave 
    with a branch after rocks scenario. Walk a little more and the first moose 
    will be running from the left. Jump and continue.
    Continue walking dodging the branches mosses. After a few rocks, mosses, and 
    branches you will come across a checkpoint. Continue walking little more and 
    you will clear the section.
    The next section requires attention. You will be chased by a moose in 3D like 
    environment. If he catches you, you will die. Collect apples to speed up 
    dodging rocks that will trip you, slowing you down as well as water which will 
    not trip you but still slow you down a bit.
    The apples will mostly be easy to collect but can be tricky in some parts. 
    An apple can be on the far left or right side of the screen so pay attention. 
    Don’t jump unless you have to and try dodging the rocks running to the sides.
    '-- 540: Lonesome Ghosts -----------------------------------------------------'
    Walk forward and try falling in the middle of the second fall grabbing the two 
    stars or time your jump and make it to the 3rd walkway and fall down grabbing 
    Mickey hats or stars. Wait a while on the raft and you will reach the section’s
    Continue making your way forward until you reach a metal set of stairs with a 
    wooden box before them. Stop exactly near the box as a ghost will appear. 
    You can’t hit them so just wait for him to disappear and quickly jump on the 
    stairs. As you’re about to make it to the top, the stairs will flat out 
    resulting you to slide down. Quickly walk back up to the end with another 
    ghost appearing.  
    Make your way to the right side metal bar and ether balance yourself to jump 
    to the right grabbing the upper star or the right side to continue. Another 
    set of stairs with another ghost appearing. When on top, jump to the right 
    side bar and balance it to give you some height enabling you to jump to the 
    far right side walkway. Make your way up to another ghost.
    Jump on the bar and grab the upper right sided star before continuing. Now 
    carefully balance yourself and jump to the left. You will land on another bar 
    with a ghost appearing, wait for him to disappear while constantly jumping to 
    avoid losing balance. As soon as his gone, quickly balance the bar and jump up 
    the stairs.
    Make your way up then start jumping from one bar to the righter until you 
    reach the right sided walkthrough with stairs. Make your way up and keep 
    walking dodging the two bats till the checkpoint. Wait for the till the 
    irons to fall down and quickly move across them before they get thrown 
    back up. Continue walking grabbing the marbles and dodging the three bats.
    You will reach a dead end with jumpable irons. Time your jumps right before 
    they close and make your way to the top. This part requires you to be extra 
    careful as falling down will result in you starting the stage at the beginning.
    Ahead is a walkway that will fall once you step on it with ghost appearing. 
    Wait for the first ghost to appear and walk past him just enough to see the 
    next one. Keep jumping brick by brick till he disappears. Repeat again till 
    you reach the end door steps to clear the section.
    This Section is little glitch so you need to be fast and may even take some 
    necessary hits. Walk forward collecting the marbles and jump on the barrel 
    before the water stage rises. Wait for the ghost to drive away then continue 
    walking on the barrel till you reach another barrel with a ghost before it, 
    wait and immediately jump on it. Quickly walk forward ignoring the marbles 
    and instead of waiting for the ghost ahead to drive off, jump over him on to 
    the next barrel and continue walking jumping when necessary as the ghost will 
    drive past you. 
    Continue walking to your last ghost and over jump him to reach the end. Wait 
    for the ghost to drive by and the water stage will rise down enabling you to 
    progress forward. 
    If you’re having trouble timing this, just walk past the last two ghosts and 
    take the hits as this part is very time sensitive and requires precise timings.
    Walk forward to the checkpoint and make your way up the stairs dodging the 
    ghosts that appear. Grab the star and jump into the rope landing on the other 
    side. Walk forward till the ghosts start appearing, they will walk toward you 
    while throwing hats so watch out. Jump over the first ghost and walk forward 
    watching for the hat behind you till you reach a lap table. You need to push 
    it to the end of the hall. 
    Keep pushing it while stopping for the appearing ghosts and wait for to throw 
    their hats and disappear. Continue pushing and don’t forget to watch out for 
    the hats from the ghosts behind you. 
    You will reach a wooden stairs, jump on the table so you can reach them. Make 
    your way up and grab the star before making it to the other side using the 
    rope. Continue walking till you reach a wooden bridge like, as soon as you 
    walk on it, it will fall. A set of ghosts will keep appearing and disappear 
    as the bridge keeps rising up and down. Wait for each ghost and keep moving 
    till the end door with another Mickey. Grab the star before entering the door 
    to finish this stage.
    '-- 550: Mickey and the Beanstalk --------------------------------------------'
    Grab the marble and hit the middle butterfly then jump on the other. Continue 
    to the walkway above. Dodge the seeds from the upcoming flowers as well as the 
    bugs which you can use to jump on and grab the star. Push the apple ahead while
    continually avoiding the seeds. Jump on the apple at the end of the way to 
    reach higher ground.
    Push the flowerpot to the falling water, once the flower grow, push it back 
    and use it to reach he left sided mushroom. Keep jumping to the right killing 
    or avoiding the butterflies till you reach a checkpoint. Jump down on the leaf 
    and stay on it avoiding the dragonfly till you reach the next one. Repeat this 
    until you reach the ground. Keep walking jumping off the bugs at the bottom to 
    clear section one.
    Walk forward avoiding the bug. Avoid the again but don’t keep walking as the 
    upper egg will fall once you get close with two bugs jumping out of it which 
    can hurt you. Continue moving forward jumping on the bug and getting the star. 
    Continue walking up to a bug and four eggs ahead. Carefully time your movement 
    and continue walk till you see a closed dropdown. 
    Continue moving up while watching for the falling eggs until you reach the 
    upper stage with bugs and smaller ones that parachute down. Avoid them all 
    continuing forward to a dead end with a switch. Walk over it and head all 
    the way back to the dropdown that was closed before and is now open. Drop 
    down and grab the left star above the switch turning on the lights. 
    A spider will be revealed, quickly walk away and keep walking till you reach 
    a ladybug. Jump on it and stand still as it carries you away to the end of the 
    You will be outside again, continue walking avoiding the butterfly to a switch 
    like flower. Jump on it and a plant will grow enabling you to reach higher 
    ground. Repeat this process with the next couple of switches while killing or 
    avoid the butterflies till you reach a ground with a bug and an entrance to a 
    dark place. Continue walking to a checkpoint.
    Ahead is a huge plant that you will need to climb up killing or avoiding the 
    butterflies. Grab the star to the right using the buy if you must and carefully
    climb up watching out for butterflies and avoiding slipping. Climb up to clear 
    the section.
    This final section is easy. Keep moving forward avoid dragonflies, bugs and 
    butterflies. Continue till you reach a jelly in a plate. Push it to the right 
    side until you are able to jump on top using it. Continue walking past the bugs
    that toss a lemon on each other till you reach the stage’s end.
    PlayStation Exclusive part:
    This part is the same as the one at the end of Moose Hunter, except this time 
    you’re running away from Willie the Giant. Collect apples to increase your 
    speed and dodge mushrooms and water.
    '-- 560: The Prince and the Pauper -------------------------------------------'
    Head forward until you come across a wooden box. push it back the way you came 
    and use it to climb up to the wooden platform. This part is easy but requires 
    practice. Jump on the kandels platform and start walking left and right with 
    the moments to match the movement of the platform. Ex; walk to the far left as
    the platform swings left. 
    Be prepared to jump to the other platform as soon as you gather enough speed 
    and the platform swings to its furthest to the right. Repeat the process for 
    the upcoming ones until you reach the stairs which will lead you up to a 
    You will notice that its a dead end. Incorrect. Just before the entrance to 
    this area around the stairs ending is a switch that you need to touch. 
    Activate it by jumping and the next area will light up revealing books with 
    a jumpable spring in between. Jump and take care of the knife thrower using 
    marbles. You can also grab the star to the far left. 
    He will be killed after three hits. Carefully jump to his place and take care 
    of the archer jump down grabbing marbles and into the magical platform. The 
    platform will go down as you stand on it, use it to get down killing the knife
    Now head back on top, jump on the first magical platform and jump again to 
    the right until the upper archer is visible. Do this again as you are throwing
    marbles at him until he is killed. Now jump yet again on the first magical 
    platform and wait till the other one reaches a bit high. Jump on the books and 
    into the the 2nd one enabling you to reach upper walkway by jumping.
    Jump down collecting marbles and into the spring on top of the books killing 
    the knife thrower. On the other side is an archer along with a knife thrower 
    so drop down carefully while throwing marbles and up again using the spring 
    until the area is cleared. Walk ahead and drop down to another archer, take 
    care of him and continue moving forward down the stairs grabbing the star on 
    your way down. Continue walking to the left killing the archer and avoiding 
    the falling pots. 
    A knife thrower will appear, walk behind him when he's walking to the left 
    and a bunch archers will appear. You don't have enough marbles so keep 
    jumping on their heads until you reach a door.
    This part is easy but still, be careful not to lose any hits or lives. Jump 
    on the table with the black jar. Push it to the right and use it to reach the 
    upper platform with the archer. Kill him and make your way to his platform then
    to the next one after taking care of another archer. Now jump to the last 
    platform with a switch above it. Activate it and drop down.
    Now walk forward while watching for both fireplaces sparks and the burning 
    pipes with a checkpoint in between. Watch out for the pipes as they are one 
    hit one kill. Take care of the knife thrower ahead and enter the pipe by 
    jumping in it.
    As soon as this part starts, you will fall into a room with air pump and a toy 
    duck. Keep jumping to blow air into the duck until its afloat. You must jump 
    full jumps by hold the jump button till Mickey reaches maximum height for this 
    to work. Jump on the duck as soon as its ready and wait till you reach a good 
    height then jump to the right side on the walkway.
    Walk forward and slide down to meet another knife thrower, take care of him 
    and continue moving forward. Ahead will be two more throwers with a third one 
    on top, kill or avoid them till you reach a set of web chains with a metal 
    platform. Jump on it and ride it avoiding the spikes until you land on the 
    other side with two enemies. Kill or avoid them and continue walking grabbing 
    a star at the end with another set of chains and a ridable platform.
    Ride it again jumping and avoiding the moving spikes till you land on the 
    other side with an archer and a checkpoint. Keep moving forward. Grab all 
    the marbles and avoid the knife thrower until you reach a fire with jumpable 
    platforms. Watch out for the sparks and move fast as the platforms fall after 
    a short while. Two enemies await on the other side. Move forward to reach 
    another fire with platforms. This time, the sparks are harder to dodge though. 
    Two enemies await on the other side. Keep moving. Yet another fire with 
    platforms. Jump it off and try to grab the star at the end. Again, two 
    enemies await. Take care or dodge them and slide down. Keep dropping down 
    fast as the walls will start to close trapping you. 
    When you reach the bottom, keep moving forward. Two enemies await. Continue 
    moving past the sliding chains. Time your movements and wait a few seconds to 
    learn there timings. Take care of the archer ahead and push the rock on the 
    right on top of the ground switch in between the skeleton and the door. 
    A platform will appear. Jump on the platform then again on the upper one.
    The platform will move into the spikes. Time your jump into the upper right
    platform then jump again to the one beside it. This will give you some time 
    as the platforms disappear. By the this time the moving platform will pass 
    by. Jump on it and immediately into the upper on and to the upper walkway to 
    clear the section by standing near the other Mickey.
    This tower section is the same as the one in Mad Doctor’s, only this time you 
    will need to move up avoiding the falling spikes and watching your steps as 
    the walkway will keep falling with fire bellow you rising as well. Keep moving 
    and jumping the same time. Avoid staying at the same spot as you will fall. 
    Take a hit if necessary but keep moving. This part is short so brace yourself.
    Arguably, the hardest part of the whole game. The part is hard but still 
    passable. As soon as you're in control, grab the marbles and jump while 
    hitting the knife thrower. Enemies take one hit so it should soften things 
    up a bit. Again, take a hit if necessary but keep moving as the fire below 
    is rising up very fast. One important tip is that you keep hitting your 
    enemies the same time as you jump up from platform to platform.
    After reaching the top. grab the three stars and continue moving forward to 
    the checkpoint. Take care of the archer and grabon into the chain rope. Jump 
    out on top of the enemy head and keep doing this till you reach the end. Try 
    to kill off the archer at the other side before continuing. This is easy as 
    the enemies behind you will most probably not reach you so all you have to do 
    is throw a marble then dodge the arrow and again. Continue walking and killing
    the two enemies ahead until you reach another chain rope.
    Keep jumping from rope to rope until you reach the walkway. Continue walk and 
    killing off the enemies until you reach another fire with enemies in between 
    the walkways. Keep jumping on their heads until you reach the final enemy with
    the part end behind him.
    Time to face Pete. This boss is a joke. You will basically need to move from 
    side to side grabbing a magic pen that will summon Mickeys from the previous 
    stages. Each time a Mickey gets summoned, Pete takes a hit. Repeat until he's 
    From the start, head to the left and keep walking jumping fire and grabbing 
    the rope on your way till you reach a set of crates with a star and the magic
    pen on top. Now grab the marbles and either kill or jump on top of the enemies 
    heads  as you keep on moving to the far right side to another magic pen at the
    end. Keep repeating this till the end. Don't forget, you will get a star each
    time you make it to the left side pen so take some hits if you must and keep
    Face Pete again for the last time. Its abit harder than the first fight but 
    still easy compared to previous parts of the game.
    The basic idea is to let him jump on the movable spikes. As soon as the fight 
    starts, dodge his sword throw and prepare to walk to the right below his jump.
    Be careful as a set of spikes will fall from the top. Push the movable spikes 
    a bit to the left and he should land on top when jumping at you. You can now 
    grab the stars using his sword to get to the top one or simply repeat what you 
    first did by going under him to the other side and pushing the new movable 
    spikes to his next position.
    After a few hits, two switches will appear on both sides of the walls. The 
    falling spikes will be little harder to dodge as well. What you need to do 
    is move to whatever side has the wrecking ball next to the switch and activate
    it by reaching to the switch using Pete’s soward once it hits the wall. 
    Immediately walk under his jump to the other side and repeat. After six hits, 
    he will be defeated. 
    Congratulations, you have completed the game.
      600: Hidden             \
    '-- 610: Areas ---------------------------------------------------------------'
    Mad Doctor’s secret area.
    Reach the top end on the elevator part then exit and reenter the elevator. 
    You will be taken even further to a secret part. Walk out and continue moving 
    dropping down not far ahead. Continue moving in the dark until you see couple 
    of stars. Keep jumping to their locations and into the upper platform with the 
    Mickey hat at the top to meet up with Mad Doctor’s Mickey.
    Steamboat Willie (SNES Exclusive)
    You can access the hidden stage warp found exclusively on SNES version. Try 
    to hit the walking cat and land before the hole on to the left before a rain 
    drop to access stage warp.
    Mad Doctor (SNES Exclusive)
    On the part with the moving bed, throw a marble at the 4 spinning blades to 
    access stage warp.
    '-- 620: Stages --------------------------------------------------------------'
    The Band Concert
    This secret stage is only accessible from Mickey and the Beanstalk’s stage. 
    On the part with butterflies and pushable switches that grow the plants, try 
    getting to the top without killing the butterflies on the 2nd platform as 
    you're making your way up. Just before the entrance to the dark room ahead, 
    wait for the bug to fly then jump on it and try to touch the upper right 
    switch near the wall.
    If done correctly, go back and time your jumps on the butterflies to reach 
    the upper left walkway. The dark butterfly can take up to two hits so jump 
    carefully. You can also jump on top of the upper butterfly but you may take 
    a hit in the process. You will see some stars, Mickey hat and a question mark. 
    Grab it to access the secret Band Concert stage.
    The stage is simple, keep jumping and making your way on top while dodging 
    objects trapped in the hurricane.
    '-- 630: Cheat Codes ---------------------------------------------------------'
    Level Select
    Go inside the Sound Test menu and set the Music to “Continue”, FX to “Appear” 
    and speech to “Take That”. Now go down and hold left on Exit until you hear a 
    ring sound. Go back to the main menu and click on start to access the level 
    select screen.
    Infinite Lives (Genesis)
    Hold A+B+C+Right when the SEGA logo appears. Keep holding them while 
    navigating until the start of the first level. Let go of them all and 
    you will receive infinite lives.
      700: Version Differences\
    There are a few noticeable differences across all versions listed below. 
    - Band Concert stage is missing from SNES version.
    - SNES version missing some effects and Pluto appearances.
    - Loading screen in between stages in SNES version.
    - The tower stage missing from SNES version.
    - Ending extended in Mad Doctor’s final on Sega CD and PlayStation versions.
    - Mickey dialogs through the game on Sega Cd and PlayStation versions.
    - Extended part in the final stage on Sega Cd and PlayStation versions.
    - Stage Warp in the SNES version.
    - Different/lack of music in SNES version. 
    - Remade graphics on the PlayStation version.
    - Willie the Giant part on PlayStation version.
    - Difficulty increase on PlayStation version.
      800: Closing            \
    '-- 810: Contacts ------------------------------------------------------------'
    I may be contacted any time via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
    sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
    corrections, requests or anything else.
    E-mail: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com
    Twitter: @Adam3k3
    Website: http://adamcooper.me
    '-- 820: Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------'
    . Wikipedia: Some game info.
    . IGN.com: For the cheats.
    . Listed websites for accepting my FAQs.
    . You for reading this FAQ.
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