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High intensity CD-ROM system for Genesis
Welcome To The Next Level

Add the world of CD-ROM Gaming to your Sega Genesis

Hooks into your television set or video monitor, plays sounds through your TV or stereo.

One 16-bit processor in Genesis, another in SEGA CD, adds up to awesome game-playing power.

Precision CD-ROM laserdrive, faster and more accurate than audio CD systems.

One SEGA CD holds 500 megabytes - more sound, more graphics, more game play than any cartridge.

Built-in lithium battery to save games you want to finish later.

True audiophile sound quality, plays music CD's, CD+Graphics discs, and Sega CD games

Enjoy all the great Genesis carts with revved-up stero sound.

Sega Genesis is the hottest videogame machine, SEGA-CD turns it into a high intensity CD-ROM entertainment system.

Attaches quickly and easily to your Sega Genesis to create the world's hottest game system.

Exciting new action, role-playing graphic adventure, simulation, sports, arcade, strategy games and more.

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