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Walkthrough by RPG Fanatic

Vay Walkthrough

If you have any questions, e-mail me, or Page me. I promise to find an answer 
within 24 hours.

Part 1 of the Vay Walkthrough

Introduction: The game starts with Sandor about to marry Elin, when suddenly 
they are attacked by big metal monsters which Sandor later learns are Danek 

1. Lorath Castle: Go to the top right space in the room behind the throne 
room(go through one of the curtains) and go right to find a secret area.
Chests: 1500 gold, phoenix heart, and long sword.
After this, go south and west to the town of Jeffle.

2. Jeffle: Don't buy anything in the weapon shop, but in the armor shop, buy 
leather shield and quilted tunic(quilted tunic is up to you as you will find it 
in a chest in the next cave).
Chests: herbal extract(x2), exit stone, and leather band.
Head south to the cave of Pauth.

3. Pauth: Go through the cave until you come to a room with Pottle and Master 
Otto in it. Here Pottle will join your team and you will learn about the 
legendary armor.
Chests: herbal extract, quilted tunic, and exit stone.
Head west past the mountains and then north to the town of Smythe.

4. Smythe: In the armor shop, buy 2 plate epaulets, and a leather shield. In the 
weapon shop, buy flute blowgun. In the tool shop, buy leather boots for Pottle.
Leave and head northwest to Fort Gilan.

5. Fort Gilan: Learn about secret tunnel in Smythe by listening at one of the 
Chests: circlet.
Go back to Smythe.

6. Smythe: Talk to the person by the graveyard and then the blacksmith. He will 
tell you to kick one of the gravestones. Kick the first one from the right, 
second one up and it will open. This next part will be kind of hard.

7. Tunnel: You need to be at level 10 before you leave this place to fight the 
boss in Fort Gilan.
Chests: 367 gold, silver knife, and strange brew.

8. Fort Gilan: Boss-has between 850 and 910 hit points(use flame on him).
Chests: gnome sand, strange brew, 500 gold.
Weapon shop: short bow.
Armor shop: breast plate, 2 bronze shields, 3 filtration masks(yes 3!), mail 

9. Coryan: learn about someone named Sirufa in the cave to the north.
Weapon shop: battle axe(up to you because you find one in the Magmal island 
Armor shop: suede tunic, iron wrist.
Head north to the cave of Droust.

10. Droust Cave: Rachel joins your party here(don't worry about buying her 
anything but the filtration mask, as you will find the rest here).
Chests: iron wrist, 400 gold, mandacore, suede tunic, exit stone, strange brew.
Once you exit the cave, head north to Windspur.

11. Windspur: Chests: static sling, bashy's flute, sirufa's kiss, bronze shield, 
gnome sand.
Sirufa blows you across the water to an island where there is a Danek ship and 
Magmal Cave.

12. Magmal: Chests: mandacore, exit stone, battle axe, strange brew, static 
sling, sirufa's kiss.
Boss: Elemental: Has between 1378 and 1413 hit points.
Gain the first orb and are then taken back to Coryan where you are told to go 
back to Lorath Castle.

13. Lorath Castle: Talk to Otto here and learn the truth about Elin, and then 
head back to Coryan.

14. Coryan: Take the boat to Shadhook in the Kingdom of Kerzalt.

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Part 2 of the Vay Walkthrough

1. Shadhook: Weapon shop: long bow.
Armor shop: 2 scale armors, and silver mask.
Head east to Kerzalt Castle.

2. Kerzalt Castle: Just try to enter the main door and they will check your 
security credentials. P.J. also joins your team here.
Chests: silver knife, 2000 gold, jelignite, long bow, iron wrist, and herbal 
extract(keep the silver knife!!)
Head east and then south to the town of Hayhill.

3. Hayhill: Armor shop: iron helm.
Weapon shop: Silver axe, Silver knife.
Here you learn of Mt. Bole to the south. Head south and west to the cave of 
4. Raxaal: Go down the right and left staircases first in the second room.
Chests: Thors Shield(give to P.J.), silver axe, exit stone, angel's cross, and 
scaled tunic.
*This is a good place to gain levels.* You should be at level 20 when you fight 
this boss.
Boss: Vampyr: Have everybody equipped with silver weapons and just attack. Has 
between 3548 and 3608 hit points. Get the mysterious vizier of xaal.
Go back to the town to rest and then head south to Mt. Bole.

5. Mt. Bole: goto the staircase in the air and you will be floated up.
Chests: exit stone, sirufa's kiss, fire bomb, mandacore, elf's hat, and spirte 
Boss: Wind Elemental: You should be at at least level 22 when you fight him. 
Just attack. Has between 4739 and 4775 hit points. Obtain wind orb after you 
defeat him.
Head south to the town of Mortyr.

6. Mortyr:See Otto here. You learn that in order to obtain the water orb, that 
you must get the Wedge of Ice, Blanket of Fog, and the Watergear. You also learn 
that you must defeat the Danek base in order to get the Wedge of Ice.
Armor shop: 1 iron shield, 1 chrome gloves, 1 throne bracelet, 1 spiked armor, 1 
scaled tunic.
Weapon shop: 2 Hunter's bows, 1 hacksaw claw, 1 great sword.
Tool shop: 2 Power rings, 1 battle shoes, 1 decoder ring.
Head west to the Danek base(if you need to gain experience, exit out of the 
south exit of the town and wander around out there.)

7. Danek base: Chests: static sling, jelignite, chrome gloves, iron shield.
Boss: Gigatron-give P.J. the decoder ring right before you go up the stairs and 
then use lightning and attacks on the boss. Be at level 24 or 25 when you fight 
him. Has between 2889 and 3043 hit points.
Go back to Mortyr.

8. Mortyr: Talk to the mayor and get the Wedge of Ice. Talk to him again and he 
tells you that Otto went to Segazz.
Exit out of the south part of the town and go southwest to Segazz.

9. Segazz: Talk to Otto and learn where the watergear is. Talk to the elder and 
learn of the Dragon's Layre to the west.
Go west to the Dragon's Layre.

10. Layre: Chests: exit stone, Elves' bow, 3000 gold, knight shield, goddess' 
To get to the egg, go left, left, up(this is when you have a choice of 
directions for staircases.
When you get the egg, leave and go back to Segazz.

11. Segazz: Talk to Otto and he will hatch the egg.

12. Pegasus: Just walk in and take the gear.
Dragon takes you to the East Shrine.

13. E. Shrine: Leave and head north to Segazz.

14. Segazz: Here you learn that Otto crossed the bay to Cannisk.
Head back to the E. Shrine.

15. E. Shrine: Dragon takes you to the W. Shrine.

16. W. Shrine: Go into the town.

17. Cannisk: Armor shop: knight shield.
Weapon shop: Flame Edge, Elves' bow.
Leave and head northwest to the Ice Tower.

18. Ice Tower: Chests: sirufa's kiss, plymetal armor, lightmail, 4500 gold, fire 
bomb, exit stone, knight helm, silver shield.
Last chest is the blanket of fog. You also hear the statue move.
Boss: Arachylix-have Pottle and P.J. use Flame, have Sandor attack and Rachel 
heal. Has between 3064 and 3196 hit points.
Walk out and head to Cannisk to sleep and then go southwest from Cannisk to the 
Solon Temple.

19. Solon Temple: go in here and talk to Otto.
Go south to Aqunale.

20. Aquanale: ***Make sure you take ALL of Pottle's equipment from him before 
you leave this place.***
Chests: gnome sand, puppy's dance.
Grab the orb of water and you are then attacked by 4 Danek soldiers who are very 
***Make sure you unequip Pottle right after beating these Danek soldiers.
Go to Solon Temple after leaving Aquanale.

21. Solon Temple: talk to Otto and learn that the next orb is in Penan.
Head back to Segazz via the West Shrine.

22. Segazz: Talk to the chief and head back to the E. Shrine.

23. E. Shrine: Ride the dragon to the continent of Penan.

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Part 3 of the Vay Walkthrough

1. S. Shrine: go to the town of Hogshead.

2. Hogshead: Armor shop: nothing.
Weapon shop: ogre hatchet(for Rachel).
Leave the town and follow the path to the desert and find the town in the middle 
of the desert.

3. Vaygess: ***DO NOT look in the green chests by the guy that tells you not to 
as one of them will suck away all of your gold!!!***
Chests: (in weapon shop, go to upper right area that looks like a 
wall)jelignite, phoenix heart, (in casino)600? gold.
Weapon shop: Beast sword.
Armor shop: 2 battle dress's, 1 bard's hat, 1 battle mask, 1 moon bracelet, 1 
dragon wrist.
Leave and head to Penan castle.

4. Penan Castle: You learn that you must protect Rachel's home town of Treefall. 
You also learn that in order to pass through that you must get the Eye of 
Leave and head northwest to the cave.

5. Maytake Cave: *Be sure to gain some levels here.* I wandered around until I 
became level 30 before even entering this place.
Chests: bard's hat, 5100 gold, jeliginite, dragon claw.
Talk to the Maytake and he tells you to find someone who can sing, and Rachel 
suggests going to a tavern to look.
Leave and go back to Vaygess.

6. Vaygess: Go to the casino/tavern and you overhear a conversation. Go in and 
pay the man's tab(20,000 gold). Talk to the guy again and Lynx joins your team.
Go back to the Maytake cave.

7. Maytake cave: Go back to the Maytake and talk to him again. He doesn't like 
Lynx's singing, so you fight him.
Boss: Maytake- use attacks and flame. (3451-3605 hit points).
When you beat him, he gives you the Eye of Kaliff.
Go to Vaygess and rest and then head to Penan Castle.

8. Penan Castle: Lynx leaves when you try to enter the door.
Give the Eye of Kaliff to the King and he drops you into the sewers.

9. Sewers: You can't save here, so just wander around getting all of the 
treasure chests until you find the Boss.
Chests: strange brew, 2 mandacores, moon drops, herbal extract.
Lynx joins back up with you right before you begin the fight.
Boss: Ebony Dragon- use attacks and shock. (3218-3400 hit points.
After you beat the boss, leave.

10. Penan Castle: Lynx takes you into the throne room and revels his true 
identity to the King.
Rest at the inn in Vaygress before leaving the castle and heading east and then 
north to the town of Treefall.

11. Treefall: You will run into enemies in here. You need to head to the elder's 
house, which is at the very north end of Treefall.
Boss: Cmdr. Rosale-use flame(571-639) Ultragoyle-use flame and attacks(5670-
*You don't need to, but I went ahead and went through the tree of Sentenil and 
bought stuff in the town of Marl.*
After you win, Treefall is liberated and you learn the secret of Sentenil tree.
Armor shop: wizard's robe, raider's cap.
Weapon shop: 2? ice sickles, 1 wind sword, 1 great bow, 1 kaiser klaw.
Leave and head to Sentenil.

12. Sentenil: Go to the tree and walk on it.

13. Root Route: Go through here until you reach Firelake.

14. Firelake: Chests: goat's beard, lava ring, goddess' love, stardust, 
Boss: Igneus-use shock and attacks.(3907-4129 hit points).
After you win, you obtain the orb of fire. You also learn that Ardor is still 
***Unequip Rachel before you leave Root Route.***
Leave and make sure you have bought everything you need from Treefall and then 
head north through Sentenil tree to the continent of Marwick.

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Part 4 of the Vay Walkthrough

Follow the path to get to the town of Marl.

1. Marl: Tool shop: silver flute.
Weapon shop: Mystic rod.
Chests: jelignite, 8000 gold, turban of Altair.
Talk to the mayor and you learn that Otto has gone off to The Shrine of Toth to 
the east.
Leave and go east to the Shrine of Toth.

2. Toth: Talk to the person in front of the door and she will let you in.
Then, go in and talk to Otto, and he will show you what happened here three 
years ago.
You learn that Elin is the sacred women and her real name is Elynthia, and you 
learn that Sadoul is really Aldor.
You also learn that there is an underground labyrinth under the shrine.
Go to the statue and enter the stairs when it opens.

3. Below Toth: Chests: exit stone, hellborne axe, 9999 gold, strange brew, rune 
shield, rune wristlet, barrior stone, 10,000 gold, holy boots, rune armor.
You get the legendary armor at the end and then leave and head back to Marl(I 
used an exit stone).

4. Marl: Go see the mayor and he tells you to go to Marwick Castle, which is 
straight to the north.

5. Marwick Castle: **This is a good place to gain levels**
Chests: bashy's flute, static sling?, puppy's dance?, fire bomb?, mega spark, 
faerie cloud, phoenix heart.
Boss: 2 Iron Giants- attacks and shock(657-753 hit points each).
After you win, Sadoul kills Jeal and then tells you to meet him at Danek Castle 
if you want to battle him.
Sandor suggests that you go north to the port town of Penzance to find a boat.
Leave and go north and east to Penzance.

6. Penzance: Weapon shop: laser spear, wisdom staff.
Go into the tavern and help the girl.
Koban joins and tells you to go to Redcliff so he can take care of the Danek 
Leave and head north to Redcliff.

7. Redcliff: Go through until you reach the guns and blow them up.
Head to Exeter(it's through a cave), which is south, then west and then north.

8. Exeter: With Koban you are able to get in Exeter and Koban takes you to see 
Kinsey who will prepare a ship for you.
Chests: 12,000 gold, knight shield.
After you are done here, talk to Kinsey and she will take you on the boat to the 
continent of Bonarren.

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Part 5 of the Vay Walkthrough

On the way, your boat sinks and then Kinsey will join your team.
She suggests that you head south to the town of Hectare to look for another 

1. Hectare: Weapon shop: daisy crossbow, 3 limb lopper's.
Armor shop: 3 aura shield's, 2 aura guantlet, 1 royal mail, 1 aura helm.
Chests: 10,000 gold, 20,000 gold, 15,000 gold, 100 gold.
Leave and east along the path until you come to the Dock Zone.

2. Dock Zone: go into the boat (I was at level 47 before I entered).

3. Charnel: You are told to meet Betty June in the engine room.
Boss: Betty June- use attacks and shock (4678-5006 hit points).
After you win, Otto hypnotize's Betty June and makes her take you to Dunton on 
the Ossyk continent via her boat.

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Part 6 of the Vay Walkthrough

Before you get off the ship, Sandor insists that Otto stay on it for his safety.
Now leave and enter the town of Dunton.

1. Dunton: You don't really need anything here, but if you choose, you can board 
the ship and go back to Hectare for any supplies you still need.
Leave and follow the path to Danek Castle.

2. Danek Castle: Gain LOTS of levels here.
Chests: Jesse's helm, rhino glove, exit stone, mega spark, titan shield, odin's 
blade, fire bomb, static sling, goddess' love, phoenix heart, lava ring, 
stardust, titan armor.
Go in the 3rd door to the right from the entrance, then the middle door, then 
the middle door again and there is a shop.
Shop: 1 odin's blade, 1 titan armor, and as many sirufa's kisses as you can 
Go in the 3rd door to the right from the entrance, then the middle door, then 
the left door and there is the airplane(You will use this after getting the last 
Go in the 3rd door to the right from the entrance, then the middle door, then 
the right door and there is another Danek.

3. Danek: **Better place to gain experience than Danek Castle.**
You have to stay on the paths here, so just wander until you find the right way.
Chests: plasma whip, beam lance, dragon ring.
To get to the chests, go in these directions: straight at beginning instead of 
right, 3rd door from the right, 4th door from the right.
To get to Elin, go right at the beginning and then take the 2nd door from the 
right. Keep going until you reach the control room, and then go past the 
controls and into the back room where you are taken back to Danek Castle.
***Before entering this last door, unequip everything from Sandor and give the 
Plymetal armor, and the knight helm to Kinsey.***

4. Danek Castle: Here you find Elin, but she still doesn't remember Sandor. When 
she comes closer, the orbs react to her, and her memory comes back. She tells 
you that the last orb has been with her all along. As you are talking, Sadoul 
shows up, but just as Sandor challenges Sadoul to fight, Elin steps in and stops 
him. She says that she wants to talk to Sadoul. You then learn where Sadoul 
found his armor. Sadoul is also determined to kill Elin before you can get the 
last orb, but before he has the chance, Elin turns herself back into the orb of 
soul. You now have all 5 orbs together, and thus, the armor is rejuvenated. 
Sadoul then tells you to meet him at Draktyr, the island of the dragon, which is 
in the sky. You hear a noise and when you go to investigate you watch the island 
rise into the sky. After that Otto comes in and tells you to hurry and get to 
Sadoul before he becomes much stronger. To do this, you need to go back to the 
Head back to the airplane(if you don't know how to get there, look above.)
When I got on the airplane, my levels were 55, 55, 52, and 49, and I had 22 
Sirufa's kisses. I also had the best armor and weapons.
Board the plane, and they take you to Draktyr. You are dropped off in the 

5. Hangar: **You can't save here, nor can you get back.***
Exit the hangar and you are in Draktyr.

6. Draktyr: To the right- Chests: mandacore, fire bomb.
Go up, left, up, up, down, and down- Chests: static sling, fire bomb, mega 
spark, jelignite.
Go up, left, up, up, right, right, right, down, down, and up- Chests: mega 
spark, static sling.
Go up, left, up, up, right, right, right, down, down, left, up, up, down, and 
then up the stairs.
Go to the left or right, then in the door, and then go stand on the platform to 
be totally healed. Then head straight down.

What follows is the layout of this floor. An X means nothing there, A O means 
you start here and are warped here when you go in the wrong door, and A * means 
the right door.

X X X X X X X * X

After you go the right way, these are the directions for the next area.

Go up, down, left, up left, down left, 2nd from bottom- Chests: mandacore, 
phoenix heart, stardust, goddess' love.

Go up, down, left, up left, down left, top, up left, down right, middle- Sadoul.

I think I say at least one other chest, but I wasn't sure and when I went back I 
couldn't find one. If there was one, mail me the location and I will be sure to 
give you the credit.

My levels were 57, 57, 54, and 51 when I got to Sadoul.

Boss: Sadoul- use attacks and flame. (I think Sadoul had around 23,000 hit 

The ending is next, but I will let you discover it.

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