Game Trivia

  • All stages of Sonic CD have names composed of the same initials:

    Palmtree Panic
    Collision Chaos
    Tidal Tempest
    Quartz Quadrant
    Wacky Workbench
    Stardust Speedway
    Metallic Madness

    The same stages naming concept was used afterwards for Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis/Mega Drive, Saturn, PC).

    Contributed By: Bolandain.

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  • This game marks the first appearances of Metal Sonic and Amy Rose.

    Contributed By: Bolandain.

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  • The first Sonic game to be developed and released on a disc format.

    Contributed By: 91210user.

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  • The first boss is called EGG-HVC-D01. HVC-D01 is the model number of the Nintendo Famicom

    Contributed By: Quikmafs.

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  • Sonic speaks with the help of audio sampled into the disc format, making this the first time, players can hear Sonic say something, during gameplay for a Sonic game.

    Contributed By: 91210user.

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Famous Quote

  • Sonic: I'm outta here!

    Contributed By: nsplayer.

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