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Reviewed: 01/12/07

Revenge is not that sweet.

Revengers of Vengeance from Micronet and Extreme Entertainment is a very bizarre game. Truth be told, I had no idea what sort of game it was before I bought it. The back of the box displays the game as some strange fighting/RPG hybrid, with a strange anime-like influence. The fact is, Revengers tries to do a lot of things, but ultimately falls short overall. Still, it’s an obscure Sega CD title that does have some interesting game play to offer.

There are three main game modes to play in. Tournament mode is your standard one on one 2D fighter. The arena of death mode is totally boring. You just watch the computer control both characters. The final and most interesting mode is called “the quest to destroy venum.” This is the touted RPG mode that players will spend the most time in.

It seems that the evil Venum (who looks like a terrible Dragon Ball Z reject) is out and about spreading his evil chaos. Enter the 10 revengers of vengeance to put a stop to him. What’s cool in this RPG mode is that each character has his/her own story and reason for trying to stop Venum. The characters themselves are also fairly varied, from the wolfman Barko, dwarf king Algos, Daktar the witch, and Fuchida the ninja. It’s a strange cast, but it does add to the weird charm of the game.

But charm can only take you so far. Even though there’s the standard fighting mode, a supposed RPG mode, there are also even some 2D shooting sections in the RPG mode! This is all quite nice, but how does it all play? And this is where Revengers falls apart. The game play is absolutely pathetic. It takes forever to get out your moves, and the fighting is slow and choppy. Basically, you’ll find that if your character can launch a projectile, you’ll most likely be using that move for the entire game. Controlling your character is painful.

So the fighting is terribly slow and clunky, but what about that RPG mode? Basically, there’s one main town, and there are various shops there that you can buy items to increase your stats. You can also work out at the gym to raise your stats (like your offense or defense or whatever). It’s no where near a true RPG game, it seemed more like any number of shareware games you can find on the internet. The 2D shooting sections were a nice touch, but ultimately they are too short and easy. It might have been a wiser move to smooth out the battle system, instead of putting a bunch of various modes of game play into the game.

But yet, even with all of these problems, Revengers still has some good points that kept me playing. The RPG mode is cool in that you have 365 game days to stop Venum, and training at the gym, or going out onto the world map to fight the other characters will take up game days. It actually takes a good few hours to level up your character, and get to the final fight with Venum. The sad part is, you have to play through a totally boring fighter, and you’re left at the end wondering why you just spent so much of your life playing such a dull game.

To be fair, the visuals are quite nice. Each character has their own animated intro and ending in the RPG mode, and the quality of the animation was very nice indeed (even though the animation itself was limited in parts). The in game graphics while not awe inspiring, were nice. The backgrounds to some of the levels in particular looked very nice indeed, even if there wasn’t too much animation happening in the background. Still, I was impressed with the amount of different animated cut scenes in the game.

The music is also surprisingly well done, and some of the characters had some great themes to go along with their incredibly dull battles. Sound effects for the most part were pretty lame though. Characters do have voices, so that was a plus.

With ten different endings to get in RPG mode, it’s possible that Revengers could keep you busy for quite some time. You could also of course go one on one against a friend in the main fighting mode, but how you could ever convince a friend to play such a slow and dull fighter is beyond me.

As a fighting game, Revengers fall flat on its face. As an RPG game, Revengers fall flat on its face. But overall, I found myself strangely attracted to the game. I just wanted to see what would happen next, and what the endings would be. It looks and sounds decent enough, and the 2D shooting sections were a neat little diversion from the main game play. I just feel the developers spent so much time stuffing things into the game, that they forgot to worry about the actual game play itself.

I would recommend this game only to gamers that want something a little bit different, but understand the actual game play is quite lame. Come on, how many fighting/RPG/shooter hybrids are there on the Sega CD? I give credit to the makers of this game for the thought, but the execution was just sadly off the mark. This should have been a much better game.

Rating: 5

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